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Friday, July 22, 2016

"John Lee Hooker For President"

A Trump Family Reunion !

More of the Trump Family !

Invitations sent out to the Republican National Convention - no shit !

Just a few links to hold ya'll over until I can return to the drug war events and tons more executions in Baja did anyone watch the Donald? Earlier in the day my friend and I were talking and she asked what I thought about the plagiarism of Trump's wife and the original Michelle Obama speech.  I said , "Oh those hillbillies...", to which she replied, "...that is exactly what they are, rich hillbillies !"  She told me the story of when she was younger and her mother worked at the exclusive private school in NYC where the Trump kids would show up in a limousine.  She said: "... in my old neighborhood (the Bronx) the lower middle class Irish and Italians love him." I said, "..but the Clintons are hillbillies too !" Anyway, she is working on new original Jill Stein bumper stickers, but these may not be available until after her trip down to Florida to visit her family. Yep folks, it is on the Republican Platform to build a wall separating the U.S. from Mexico.

  But the other news is that Presidente Pena Nieto flew into Washington D.C. to meet with Obama and discuss more weapons and black hawk purchases and to find out if it was true that Americans just do not trust sorry, I meant to discuss the Hillary strategy which will be the same as the Obama strategy however with more intense militarization not only in Mexico but worldwide..

I'll make this short and sweet...

A longish interview, but worth listening to:

Robert Scheer: Americans Shouldn't Settle for Candidates 'Who Have Created this Tremendous Mess'

This one was up a few days ago  on Democracy Now !:

Cornel West: Why I endorse the Green Party's Jill Stein Over 'Neoliberal Disaster' Hillary Clinton


Well, Jill might have a little competition ..... at least in spirit..... be back in a few days......

A note that this is not racist, it is a selection from Ry Cooder's anti-establishment CD released back  in 2011, "Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down" which rips the establishment.  Speaking of racist, I was going to put a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker on my car and Mike said "...don't do that - you might get shot in San Diego."  Well, maybe.  But what was shocking to me (why I was shocked I don't really know) was the Mexican national in town who said, "Oh the need to see how they live in Compton - drugs and guns."  So, the Black Lives Matter movement is not exactly popular down here with many folks.  I wonder how they have reacted to the Republican Party's Platform ?