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Thursday, May 11, 2023

No We Did Not Watch Trump - Look at what the GOP Has Up Their Sleeves - Posse Comitatus - Trouble on the Scenic Highway and Now My Foot Is Screwed Up

This is slightly late, more problemas aqui. I stepped on a piece of broken glass down in the garage and my foot went beserk and became infected. To make a long story  short, I was prescribed a fluoroquinoline antibiotic which really made me sick and my blood sugar dropping way too low (50-60's) for the last four days. I have stopped taking it and am getting something else tomorrow, but feeling better.

Although it is too late to stop CNN granting Trump free air space to lie, here is the petition from Move On and you can still sign it, if nothing else to let CNN know you did not approve. Of course, neither of us watched it, how disgusting.

I'm going to try to copy and paste the email which may not work, but maybe it will, also a couple of reports from AP:

 ~ From AP:

House GOP Points to Migration Surge as Lawmakers Advance Asylum Restrictions, Border Wall

By, Stephen Groves (today)

Biden Would Veto House GOP Bill on Border Enforcement

By Colleen Long & Stephen Groves 05/08/23


 I've been reading some misinformation which people against sending the 1,500 troops to the Border areas have been spreading. One representative from Texas was visibly upset and said,"I saw this the last time, those US soldiers were pointing rifles at the migrants !" And, she said that twice. Nope, didn't happen. Due to our Posse Comitatus laws, the troops sent to the Border are unarmed.

However noted this late afternoon on Avenida International alongside the Tijuana River Channel, either Mexican Army or National Guard Troops have been deployed and they have been posted between Avenida International and the River Channel...and these guys are heavily armed.  

Just a note - careful as you go if you are headed down to Ensenada on the Scenic Highway. Carumba !

Over and out for now, we're all feeling uneasy over this situation here so adding a little tune to lighten things up a bit.

Take care y'all



Sign the petition to tell CNN: Stop giving free airtime to Donald Trump!

Dear MoveOn member,
In a few hours, CNN is scheduled to give an exclusive, prime-time platform to Donald Trump the day after a jury concluded that he sexually abused E. Jean Carroll.1

CNN: Stop giving Donald Trump—a seditionist, QAnon conspiracy theorist, spreader of disinformation, and abusive sexual predator—free airtime on cable news! 

Carroll showed incredible bravery in coming forward with her story and demanding accountability from a powerful man with a history of using his platform to attack anyone who stands up to him. Now, a jury has affirmed what we've known for a long time—that Trump is a predatory sexual abuser and liar.
But CNN's conduct has been the opposite of brave. They've catered to Trump in hopes of boosting their ratings.2 They have a long history of airing his lies unchecked and giving him space on their valuable platform to spew his toxic hate and vitriol.3 Following the verdict, CNN should recognize it's craven and unacceptable to honor and elevate him, which they are doing by putting him on the air.
Carroll's case is unique in winning a judgment against Trump. But it is part of a broader pattern. More than a dozen other people have made claims of assault against Trump.4 And he's famously admitted on tape to doing actions exactly like those he did to Carroll. So why is CNN continuing to advantage him by giving him free air time?
Trump's most MAGA supporters might continue to back him regardless of what he does. But there's no excuse whatsoever for CNN to give him this kind of sweetheart arrangement.
This is a critical moment in defining how the media will treat Trump in his bid to retake the White House after a $5 million judgment against him for sexual assault and ahead of further criminal charges that might come against him in the coming months.
Please make your voice heard and tell CNN to stop this outrageous action.
Thanks for all you do.

–Maria Schafer, MoveOn member