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Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Rolling Stones & The Ukrainian Choir In Vienna - 149 Executions In Tijuana So Far this Month of May, Bringing the Yearly Total Up To 752 In the City.

The truth is I simply am not getting the Tijuana homicidios dolosos (execution) numbers for this month of May from Zeta  . Which gives us pause. However, El Sol de Tijuana still seems to be covering this aspect of the Mexican Drug War.

But we do know this: AMLO's six year term is already the most violent in the history of Mexico:

 ~ From Zeta: Yea! I sort of fixed the paste thing for y'all !

Con 156 Mil Asesinatos, Sexenio de AMLO Ya Es El Mas Violento de la Historia en Mexico

Por, Carlos Alvarez Acevedo 05/26/23 

 AMLO's six-year term is already the most violent in the history of Mexico

 " According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) and the daily report of the Secretariat for Citizen Security and Protection (SSPC), from December 2018 to May 24, In 2023, 156,136 intentional homicides were registered in Mexico, which would make the current six-year term, that of the Government headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrado, the most violent in the history of Mexico.

 An analysis carried out by the newspaper El Universal, published on May 25, 2023, indicates that during the entire Administration of Enrique Peña Nieto there were 156,066 victims of intentional homicide, while in the governments of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Vicente Fox Quesada , 120,463 and 60,280 murders were committed, respectively.

 The aforementioned newspaper indicates that the Government headed by the Tabasco politician accumulates other records in terms of insecurity, including the most violent years, 2020, 2019, 2021 and 2022; as well as the highest number of months with more than 3,000 murders and the most violent days on record, among others.

 Regarding the annual figures, the year 2020 is considered the most violent of all historical records, with 36,773 murders; It is followed by 2019, with 36,661 intentional homicides; 2021, with 35 thousand 700; and, 2022; with 31 thousand 944.

 Likewise, so far from January to May 24, 2023, there have been 11,967 intentional homicides, according to statistical data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System -made up of different federal, state and municipal authorities- and of the daily report of the SSPC.

 In addition to the above, the López Obrador Administration has accumulated the highest number of months with more than 3,000 murders. October 2020 tops the list, with 3,347 cases; followed by December 2019, with 3,309; December 2020, with 3,207; October 2019, with 3,198; and March 2021, with 3,186. Regarding the most violent days recorded in all of Mexican history, since records have been recorded, December 1, 2019 leads the list with 127 murders; followed by May 24, 2022, with 118 intentional homicides; on June 7, 2020, with 117; and on July 4, 2021, with 115. 


 The non-governmental organization Causa en Común assured, on May 23, 2023, that from January 1 to May 21 of this year, at least 191 massacres were registered in Mexico, for which it urged that forceful actions be taken to combat the violence. 

 The NGO explained in its report 'Gallery of horror: atrocities and high-impact events recorded in the media', that only so far in May 2023, the media had recorded 30 massacres in the country. The two most recent occurred a weekend earlier, in Veracruz and Baja California.

 "As with the rest of the entities, there is an indeterminate number of atrocities that were not registered by the press,"he said, however, the non-governmental organization, whose president is María Elena Morera Mitre. According to Common Cause, the states that recorded the most victims were Veracruz, with at least 716; Chiapas, with 473; Chihuahua, with 290; Nuevo León, with 284; and Guanajuato, with at least 222.

 Meanwhile, those entities with the fewest number of victims were: Campeche, with 9; Durango and Coahuila, with 10 each; Aguascalientes, with 15 and Querétaro, with 17. As for the states that stood out for the number of "massacres", they were: Zacatecas, with 19; Guanajuato, with 18; Chihuahua, with 15; Veracruz, with 11; and Morelos, with 10." ~~~~~~~~


Adding this:

"En Mexico el Crimen Organizado Controla el 40% Del Paiz"; Raul Tola

Por, Enrique Mendoza   05/27/2

"In Mexico, organized crime controls 40% of the country": Raúl Tola

 Guadalajara, Jalisco.- On the penultimate day of activities of the V Vargas Llosa Biennial that takes place in various facilities of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), Saturday May 27, the dialogue table entitled "War and the guerrilla: Europe and America in the mirror", in which Giovanna Pollarolo, Carlos Granés, Raúl Tola, director of the Vargas Llosa Chair, and Rosa María Palacios as moderator of the table participated in which some data on the conflicts in Europe and Latin America and their literary works thrown away as a product of violence.

 For example, when making use of his voice, Raúl Tola, director of the Vargas Llosa Chair, expressed that "It is true that the history of Europe, that the current situation in Europe is marked by wars, that is, by conflicts between two countries or between several countries, but the current situation in Latin America is not marked by conflicts between different nations, but by conflicts between brothers; that is, violence in Latin America is generated within the countries”.

 “In Ibero-America we kill each other between brothers, basically; and I say Ibero-America because I believe that this phenomenon extends to Spain as well, which is still living -I believe- the consequences of the Civil War, there is still a debate about the Spanish Civil War, much more is being written now than before about the Civil War Spanish, especially from 'Soldados de Salamina' by Javier Cercas, and then Almudena Grandes has written a lot and there is a great literature on the Spanish Civil War”.

 Tola spoke in Room 2 of the Santander Performing Arts Group in the presence of by Mario Varga Llosa, Marisol Schulz, writers participating in the V Vargas Llosa Biennial and the general public, especially young people.

 Then, the director of the Vargas Llosa Chair broke down the contemporary violence in Peru, Colombia in Mexico, as well as some of his literary works that also reflect their respective violence: “We Peruvians have the phenomenon of Sendero Luminoso, and there is a literature -I think it is still incipient- on this phenomenon..., which includes titles such as 'Red April' (by Santiago Roncagliolo). In the case of Colombia, of course, the violence is also internal, it is a violence that has been rooted for 50 years, until the Peace Accords, and that has thus generated novels such as 'Rosario Tijeras' (Jorge Franco), 'El I forget what we will be' (Héctor Abad Faciolince) or 'The Virgin of the Hitmen' (Fernando Vallejo), and all this literature on drug trafficking, on the guerrillas, on the paramilitaries”.

 Thus came the inevitable moment to also address the violence of organized crime in Mexico: "In the case of Mexico, organized crime, which controls 40 percent of the country, has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in recent years and has produced novels such as 'Los trabajos del reino' (Yuri Herrera), and there is a great deal of literature about also drug trafficking and the violence generated by organized crime.”

 Then he made an interesting quantitative comparison between the millions of victims in World War I and II, in relation to Latin American countries: "We have, it seems to me, in Latin America a reality very marked by this form of conflict, this form that although it does not have the atrocious, horrifying numbers of World War II, between 50, 60 million deaths as I listed yesterday Jesus Ruiz Mantilla; or by the First World War, close to 40 million deaths; You (Rosa María Palacios, moderator of the table) have mentioned the figure, for example from the Truth Commission of Peru, which reached 65,000 deaths. I believe that, let's say, it is another form of violence, a form of violence that does not make anyone proud, in the sense that there are clearly no winners and losers within these processes, because we have been killing each other among brothers," he lamented. 

 The V Vargas Llosa Biennial takes place from Thursday, May 25 to Saturday, May 28 at the Santander Performing Arts Complex, the Enrique Díaz de León Paraninfo, and the University Center for Economic-Administrative Sciences of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG). To follow some details of the V Vargas Llosa Biennial, social networks such as Twitter are available: Cátedra Vargas Llosa (@CVargasLlosa), FIL Guadalajara (@FILGuadalajara), University of Guadalajara (@udg_oficial), Semanario ZETA (@ZETAtijuana)" 


Update/edit 05/27:

Zeta to the rescue...I was probably impatient, but I did start to worry, you know how it is down here. At the moment, Tijuana stands at 149 homicidos dolosos (executions) this month of May, giving a YTD total in TIJ of 752 dead.

 ~ From Zeta:

En Tijuana Matan a Hombre en Ataque y Abandonan Restos de Mujer en Tambo

Por, Ana Kerena Ortiz 05/27/23

end edit.


Meanwhile, Paris only has three more days of antibiotics which I roll up in liverworst balls to give her, the canned organic pumpkin ( about 2 heaping tablespoons per day) and yogurt are helping her tummy and poopie. I know that is a weird thing to mention but just in case you have doggies on antibiotics you know already the antibiotics can be problematic to the pup, and that organic pumpkin plus the yogurt is a lifesaver. Paris actually has a favorite yogurt from down here, it's Oikos the cranberry flavor which is heavenly. Hopefully a baby bath by the end of next week for the little Princess will make everyone feel better.

I just found this from last summer: The Rolling Stones & The Ukrainian Choir ( actually two choirs) in Vienna, and here is a quick update on the carnage.

Have a nice Memorial Weekend y'all.

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