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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Meandering Blog: John McCain

For the next couple of days I'm going to try to catch up - with spurts of topics from John McCain, NAFTA (which is still an unknown as far as human & environmental rights and Canada as a participant), AMLO's renege on his campaign promise to pull the Military off the streets and problems convincing the victims and the families of victims of the drug war that they need to turn the other cheek, present contamination @ SADM, Playa Blanca & Baja Malibu, immigration, and of course the recent drug war stats & outrageous violence in our region - which now includes the body of a  beheaded dog left behind in the middle of the  public street in the Zona Centro of Tijuana blood running down the pavement with a narco message  next to which was placed his/her bloody decapitated head in a cooler a top a bridge which made me physically ill.

In fact, it made me so sick I did not want to even look at anymore policiaca reports days afterwards (not to mention the 160+ murders/executions this last month in TIJ, but give us a innocent doggie fuck that shit). In between subjects I have to jump up and tend to more projects which is difficult because of my knee, however taking the Schwartz Turmeric-Curcumin 2X a day really does help.


Did you ever get the sense that nothing is really ever going to change in the USA? That feeling hit me all weekend after the death of John McCain, particularly with the barrage of pro McCain reports from the US corporate/MSM media.  Even Zeta reported the news, but as with the other more radical-progressive news sources down here left out the most important aspects of the story.  This is by far the best report, and don't confuse the issues presented as the reasons why Trump hated him so much:

From Democracy Now ! - 08/27/18

Obit Omit: What the Media Leaves Out of John McCain's Record of Militarism and Misogyny 


Update/edit 08/28/18:

Change of plans due to other pressing events:  I will return to the aforementioned topics, let's just dedicate this one to John McCain.

Here are just some reports related to John McCain, and I am uploading the comments sections which might interest you - plus many responders give additional links:

From Consortium News:

The Other Side of John McCain - 08/27/18
by, Max Blumenthal


From The Intercept:  (More on McCain by Jon Schwartz at the end of this report)

A Little Known Story About John McCain and His Fantasies of Benevolent U.S. Foreign Policy
By, Jon Schwartz - 08/27/18

Hold the Plaudits, John McCain's 2008 Campaign Paved the Way For Donald Trump
By, Mehdi Hasan - 08/27/18 


I'll be back.