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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Something to Look Forward to This Sunday Evening: The Simpsons ! - Mexico Did Participate in The March For Science/Earth Day - From 04/01 - 04/25/17 There Have Been 106 Executions in Tijuana, YTD Total = 438 in Tijuana - James Tyler Yeager: Did Anyone Know About The Two Murders In SADM or Proximity Of Elderly Americans Because We Didn't and Neither Did Our Neighbors - UPDATE 04/30: JAMES TYLER YEAGAR HAS BEEN RELEASED - ADDING COVERAGE FROM 05/01 EL MEXICANO

Mike fixed the cable which Paris chewed up, but still we only receive two TV stations (nothing new there) so we are going to go to neighbor's house to watch this Sunday night:

USA Today - with the clips !

The 6 Most Savage Jokes From 'Simpsons' Trump 'Toon

by, Jayme Deerwester

Adding this link for recent events, great Korean  and other specific sections.  More progressive links on the sidebar.

Democracy Now !


We need a few laughs, although nothing is funny either here or in the States.

courtesy El Mexicano

I need to mention that locally there have not been any reports on "The Wall" being basically dead in the water due to no funding, or the 9th Circuit Court saving the "Sanctuary Cities" from the Trump ax,  nor did Earth Day or "The March on Science"  receive wide coverage with the exceptions of El Mexicano and El Vigia where 2K people showed up to participate in the activities, an impressive number  (didn't have a chance to check La Jornada).  El Vigia noted that the US Consulate of Tijuana supported the event - ah US guys, don't tell Trump, he'll send ya'll to Siberia.

Here is an interactive of the Mexican States involved with the March for Science/Earth Day. 


The Grim Updates

As of this morning, the official count for executions in Tijuana alone for this month of April is 106 which brings the city's total up to 438 violent homicides since the beginning of the year:

Matan a 2 En Hechos Distintos
 por, Angel F. Gonzalez

Although in 2016 and earlier this year I remarked it seemed more violent during the early years of the drug war in our region - and this same opinion has been expressed by Academics in the USA - I don't believe that is an accurate assessment anymore.

These killings are taking place in public, in front of businesses, tourist areas, during daylight, on the Scenic Highway, bodies dumped in front of schools and for the world to see burned to a crisp in the river channel, molotov cocktails being thrown at police units, and officials are not only being threatened through narco-mantas, but they are being shot and killed.

Perhaps the shock and awe which we experienced back in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, etc isn't there anymore since we have been conditioned to  the violence; we have either become accustomed to the massive killings or feel more comfortable remaining in a state of denial.

In Ensenada, Governor Kiko noted the increase in high impact crimes is due to fight for territory between the Sinaloa, CJNG and CAF cartels.  We all know that the dope comes in by air, land and sea to Ensenada where it is unloaded and transported north to the USA.  When this report was written on 04/21/17, Ensenada just since the beginning of this year has had 50 executions, 12 of these this month of April.  Since that report, there have been two more.

The Governor also indicated  the violence in Ensenada could also be a reaction to the government forces implementing actions to combat organized crime and as we speak the forces are shoring up in Ensenada, with an emphasis on the San Quintin area.  Still, many others feel there is simply not enough government coordination or protection for the public:


"Inseguridad Nacional"

por, Juan Manuel Hernandez Niebla
Presidente del Consejo Ciudadano de Seguridad Publica de Estado

"National Insecurity"

"He who does not favor the one who is in danger, helps to kill him" - Seneca

" According to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, March had the highest number of intentional homicides in the sexennium with 2 thousand 2010.

Similarly, the National Public Safety Survey published by INEGI reveals that over 70% of the adult population considers that living in their city is insecure, and that the situation over the next 12 months will continue to be the same or will worsen.

According to the same survey, the places where the population is most insecure are when they are at ATMs, public transportation, banks, or during their journey in the streets they usually use.

Finally, in the opinions of Mexicans, the navy and the army are considered as the most trustworthy corporations in the fight against insecurity, unfortunately leaving the state and municipal police in the last places.

With these compelling figures, Mexico seems to be losing its fight against insecurity.

It is almost 10 years of this struggle over two sexenios where unfortunately images and news paint some regions of our country as war zones, in the hands of organized crime.

To date, there is no clear strategy in any of the three powers of the union to reverse it.

Firstly, the executive branch has not been able to generate a reliable police, depending on the army and navy to perform functions clearly the responsibility of a civilian police force.

The gendarmerie, which was visualized with a unique police structure similar to the Colombian national police, is today a dispersed police, with no specific mission, with a number of of elements far below what is required.

The PGR as an articulated arm in the administration and the administration of justice has aso failed, as evidenced by the high impunity in federal justice which exists.

In crime prevention, Mexico seems to be losing the fight against addictions, which together with poverty, inequality and the breakdown of the family nucleus makes out youth a breeding ground for organized crime.

In this context, the federal crime prevention strategy is not yet understood when an investment of $ 114 billion pesos was announced in the first year of this six year term, an amount which was eliminated to zero for the 2017 budget.

As for the Congress, security reforms are still pending, such as the approval of the law of single command or mixed command, as well as the law of internal security.

We undoubtedly have a Congress that is falling behind the great challenges that the country presents, not only in security but also in other equally important issues such as the fight against corruption.

In relation to the judicial power, it is a large black hole where no achievements or results are known.

Currently, a conjunctural  issue such as the new criminal justice system not only does not work, but also pays off for the rampant impunity that our country suffers.

In the understanding that there can be no economic or social development without security, this must be the fundamental issue for the country."


BTW, you can go here to get a better perspective on the executions, arrests, seizures, and people killed or wounded by gunfire here - only today, another person wounded by gunfire, daylight, in the parking lot of the Crysler Dealership on avenida Padre Kino.....

Frontera Policia


The case of James Tyler Yeager and SADM  or Proximity Murders :

courtesy El Mexicano

As far as the gringo arrested in SADM carrying a rather large weapon and suspected of several violent robberies here, Real Del Mar and other areas, more information here.

Update/edit 04/28:  Three days late on this story, but no one we know here at SADM ever even heard about the two murders at SADM or in this area committed as recently as this past February by the gringo suspect James Tyer Yeagar.  So, once again we were obviously kept in the dark, what other things aren't we being told or are not reported (like violent crimes against gringos, even if they are committed by another gringo) which we assume is another measure to not scare away the gringo touristas and potential home buyers.

Apparently James Tyler Yeagar is a US ex-Military and veteran of Afghanistan, specialty was sniping.  He has been described in these articles as a schizophrenic and drug addict.  He ran with a group involved in several violent car and home robberies and is suspected of the murders of two Americans at SADM or in this area.  These articles are unclear if Yeagar actually lived here at SADM.

El Mexicano

Capturan a Ex-Marino de EU Que Asesino a 2 Abuelitos en San Antonio del Mar

por, Said Betanzos

I'll try to pull up the printed edition - if it doesn't come up, go to El Mexicano ediciones impresa dated 04/25/17:

Capturan a un ex Marino de los EU

por, Said Betanzos

And Zeta's coverage, which does not mention the murders of the two Americans either here at SADM or nearby.  In the Mexican reports, robberies attributed to Yeagar also occurred in Real Del Mar across the road, but I could find no mention of that locale in any of the US reports.  Possibly because Real Del Mar is considered to be a sacred cow. Nor was there any mention of Baja Malibu.  Another point is that one US report mistakenly identifies SADM as having many American residents.  Well not anymore.  The majority of residents now are Mexican Nationals and renters.

We have friends here who are members of the HOA and never once did they mention to us this rash of break-ins or this guy lurking around (not that this would have come as a surprise but at least we could have been more vigilant), did the HOA know?

 As far as the posters posted by concerned neighbors, none were posted at the North end gate.  There were no hand out sheets offered to any of us who use that gate, so we were unawares. There were no posters at all in the North end and we were never informed of any danger from the guards.

 This was incredibly bad communication and considering that there are single elderly women and elderly gentlemen who live alone within a four block radius of us who knew nothing about this at all until it hit the Mexican press, it was irresponsible. Our next door neighbors knew nothing about the break-ins, a few houses down a young couple - he works in Ensenada and stays down there, she is home alone with a new baby and a two year old, they knew nothing about the break-ins.  Another couple we know in the North section had spent two weeks down in Cabo with their relatives, leaving their young niece to watch the house, alone. They did not know about the break ins. Had they known, it is doubtful they would have had their young niece alone watching the house. What if something happened to any of these people, most of whom can barely protect themselves?  Obviously, the North end was left out of the loop, unless you are a drinker and picked up the information at the local bar. In that case, god knows you would not have shared it with anyone outside your drunken cabal.

I'll add this - in our experience here with break-ins, particularly during the earlier period (2007 - 2015) of the drug war, everyone was vigilant and considerate enough to share information throughout SADM, and not just limit the information to certain sections of SADM. Of course, most of those gringos that were here then have fled.

 Further, the thieves would generally come in off the Highway or up through the Baranca. How did this guy get in? Past the guards or off the Highway (where there is zero security) or through the Baranca (again, no security).  If he was luckless enough to come up the Baranca then at this point he needs to get tetanus, polio, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccinations due to the raw sewage coming from Tijuana, through Real del Mar and through our Barranca. The smell is pungent.

Hopefully, the next time around - and of course there will always be a next time, and after that a next time, and after that a next time ad infinitum ( maybe not with a ex-Military gringo but you never know) information will be shared with all residents at SADM so they are aware and better prepared to deal with the conditions we are actually living in.

So, it's fair to say that we really cannot add the recent murders of the two elderly Americans (either here at SADM or somewhere in Baja California) to the grand total of violent homicides so far this year, especially since neither of these were reported by the local agencies prior to the El Mexicano report. What's up with that?

Mike says:  "C'mon, get real, they never tell us half the story anyway."

Oh well, La-dee-dah, La-dee-dah, La-lah....


Cae Norteamericano Con Arma y Cartuchos

end edit.

UPDATE/EDIT 04/30/2017:

Frontera reports this evening around 7:30pm that after a hearing this weekend, James Tyler Yeagar who Mexican investigators have determined is a part of a crime group dedicated to differing crimes in the area of Real del Mar including the 02/27/17 incident at Punta Bandera where stolen vehicles, documents and counterfeit money were located plus suspected of participating in homicides which have occurred in the area has been released.  The Judge in this case ruled that Yeagar's rights had been violated due to the fact he was not immediately provided with a translator after his arrest at SADM for armed robbery earlier in the week.


Liberan a presundo ladron estadounidense

Okay, we are watching the University City events unfold like the rest of you, horrible.

May Day is tomorrow, tons of anti-Trump marches slated throughout the nation; the People's Climate March on Saturday was fantastico across the USA !

Take care.  (;

end edit.



As a foreigner living here you cannot criticize the government or the Mexican Constitution or Laws.  So, we can't talk about that aspect of the Yeagar case.  I read last night or maybe it was this morning on the social media someone said regarding this case, "What does this have to do with the drug war?"  I nearly fell off my seat.  Ah, like everything.  Criminal groups or gangs such as the one described that Yaegar was part of are often tentacles of organized crime (cartels) engaging in a myriad of activities to make money: extortion, weapons trafficking, kidnapping, human smuggling, car theft, bank robberies, murder, violent robberies, etc. Sometimes, they are protected by the police.

So was this local gang scared off by all of the publicity? Are they still operational ? We don't know.  According to El Mexicano, there were other neighborhoods involved other than SADM in the quest to nail Yaegar, I imagine all of these folks are feeling like they had the wind knocked out of them and I am sorry for their utter disappointment.

Here are the headlines from today's El Mexicano:

Bottom of front page:

Libre, 'Gringo' Asesino de Dos Sexagenarios  
por, Said Betanzos Arzola

Page 4-a -towards the bottom, report continued:

Libre, 'Gringo' Asesino de Dos Sexagenarios 
por, Said Betanzos Arzola

Weird you say ?  No shit, it's downright spooky.

Later, incredibly busy here still painting. Screens are fixed, Paris is upset because Mike made this lattice guard on them. Well, one, still have two to go.

end edit.


Have a nice weekend.