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Friday, December 15, 2017

Finally: SADM, Baja Malibu and Playa Blanca Beaches Shut Down Due to Contamination - Updates Ley de Seguridad

Late on these updates, we had to go to Immigration in Tijuana and it took forever.  Finally, it is official SADM, Baja Malibu and Playa Blanca beaches have been officially shut down due to the fecal contamination:


Cierran Playas de San Antonio del Mar, No Estan Aptas Para Recreacion Acuatica

"Following the Protocol of the Clean Beaches Committee of Tijuana, which presides over the XXII City Council, the municipal government informs the public that the beaches of San Antonio del Mar, Playa Blanca and Baja MalibĂș are not suitable for aquatic recreation, so that uses of direct contact are not recommended, due to out-of-norm values ​​that have been constantly presented.

It is important to mention that according to guidelines, the beaches must remain with precautionary closure and will not be opened until the conditions that gave rise to the determination of the risk have ceased, and will be carried out in a length of 370 linear meters.

The Institute of Public Health Services of Baja California, through the Directorate of Protection against Sanitary Risks, and in accordance with the sanitary surveillance of beaches in coordination with the Beaches Technical Committee, has determined that they have been placed under sanitary surveillance.

It is important to mention that through this committee the control actions are implemented to reestablish the suitable conditions for their recreation and they do not represent a sanitary risk.

These actions include a comprehensive work among government entities such as the International Boundary and Water Commission between Mexico and the United States, the State Public Services Commission of Tijuana, the Navy Secretariat of Mexico, Isesalud, the Municipality and the Commission. Nacional del Agua who are part of the Clean Beaches Committee of Tijuana, in order to prevent and preserve public health.

Isesalud reminds citizens that the criteria for considering a risky beach are based on the amount of Enterococci NMP / 100 ml of beach water according to the following parameters:


For its part, the XXII City Council through the Municipal Fire Department, will be duly signaled to indicate the recommendations and warnings to visitors, in coordination with Aquatic Rescue.

We remind the population to visit the other beaches that are suitable and do not offer health risks, such as La Mojonera beach and Parque MĂ©xico beach in Tijuana beaches.

The purpose of providing information to the population about the risks to which it is exposed is to prevent harm to their health, for which we thank the population for their support in addressing the recommendations issued and we urge them to remain vigilant to the communications issued. .

It is worth mentioning that the signage of a beach not suitable for recreational use may be lifted or modified as soon as the water quality conditions, which gave rise to it, are restored and evidenced by an extraordinary sampling program.

I guess the million dollar questions are is where will the untreated  and raw sewage which has been 
dumped from Tijuana and flowing through the barancas in Real del Mar, here at SADM and Punta Bandera be diverted to - and if Baja Malibu will modernize their dark ages so-called sewage treatment ? And, will the sewage simply be diverted for a period of time to another neighborhood so the beaches can be reopened and when those newly affected neighborhoods complain, re-diverted back here ? Meanwhile of course, the seals, fish and dolphins have all fled for their lives.  Smart move.

Credit for these closures needs to go to Marguerite, Zeta Tijuana and the many concerned Mexican citizens who took the risk and stuck their necks out years ago despite heavy opposition and never stopped exposing and protesting this situation. 


Late Update Ley de Seguridad:

telsur - with related reports
I need to mention that Carlos Alvarez of Zeta has been judiciously covering this subject almost daily; you can catch his reports on Noticias del Dia.


I'll be back with the execution stats, we are over 45 this month in TIJ alone, attacks on officials and another kidnapping in Rosarito Beach.