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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Surf's Up Lake Michigan ! - Steve Bannon - Adding Info On Haiti Don't Miss AP's Pictorial On Port au Prince Shocking - Latest TIJ Execution Stats

  It looks cold and choppy - storm surf we used to call it, I guess my question is, what do these guys do the rest of the year ?

  ~ From The Chicago Tribune  - 09/23/21


 Surf's Up In Lake Michigan 


Brrrrr !




Here, Paris had her stitches out this afternoon and I am still a mess. Two areas where I received the chemical shots(there were four big areas) became infected and last night I had to take 50mg of Tramadol  & antibiotics which sent me to the moon. Nothing hurt after that. I'm still waiting for the Bob Woodward book (Peril) which I ordered and attempting to keep up with the news.




They are saying the agents were not actually "whipping" the migrants, but these cowboys were knocking them down and aggressive to the max, brutal & uncalled for.



Biden as you know is getting hit from all sides regarding the  Haitian migrants. I did a bit of reading and found out that the UN  is attempting to gather together 190 million dollars for aid, the US has sent an additional 32 million and we have a ship down there treating the injured.  Mexico has also been quite generous with extra aid this time around. Mike said that everyday people on the streets will probably not get most of the aid because of the gangs and the corruption, with the wealthiest people grabbing the loot. Where do you put 14K people during a pandemic? 

edit Adding Info On Haiti :

Thought I should add some factoids on Haiti - took a heavy duty tylenol & after this, taking a nap so I can make the Basque chicken - Mike picked up the serrano ham from Spain in town, using that & serrano chiles and stuffed green olives.

Okay, I first read this in Osbourne's newsletter which you cannot copy & paste. Luckily I found it on the internets, worth the read:


 ~ From Foreign Policy: 


 The View From Haiti


Latin America Brief

A one-stop weekly digest of politics, economics, technology, and culture in Latin America. Delivered Friday.
By , the writer of Foreign Policy’s weekly Latin America Brief. 


Welcome to Foreign Policy’s Latin America Brief.


"The highlights this week: Haitians react to mass deportations from the U.S.-Mexico border, Latin American leaders slam vaccine inequity at the United Nations General Assembly, and the decade-old regional forum CELAC withers.

‘America Has Lost Its Humanity’

On Wednesday, a few days after images circulated of horse-mounted U.S. Border Patrol agents confronting Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas—some appearing to brandish their reins like whips—Haiti’s largest newspaper, Le Nouvelliste, ran a front-page cartoon depicting the U.S. ambassador and the top U.N. envoy to the country at the moment the events unfolded. In the drawing, the two officials sit on the back of a prostrate Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry, whose arms are bound to his sides with rope.

The Border Patrol agents were corralling the migrants as part of efforts to expel them from the United States by the hundreds. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the United States has conducted 12 deportation flights to Haiti since Sept. 19, which carried a total of more than 1,400 migrants. U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on Tuesday warned that the U.S. expulsions might have violated international law.

In a Tuesday editorial, Le Nouvelliste slammed not only what it described as cruel U.S. deportations but also a feeble response from Henry’s government. Henry was installed with support from U.S. and other international backers after the July assassination of then-President Jovenel Moïse.

The newspaper wrote that the Haitian government did not immediately delegate legal assistance for the Haitians in Del Rio. Nor did Henry himself seem to strongly object to the deportations: In a short Sept. 18 Twitter thread, the Haitian prime minister wrote that he “shares [migrants’] suffering while saying welcome home.”

“America has lost its humanity and Haitian diplomacy its usefulness,” read the Nouvelliste editorial. On Wednesday, U.S. Special Envoy for Haiti Daniel Foote, a career foreign service official, similarly cited both the deportations and Washington’s support for Henry as part of its “deeply flawed” Haiti policy in a blistering resignation letter.

“I will not be associated with the United States inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti, a country where American officials are confined to secure compounds because of the danger posed by armed gangs in control of daily life,” Foote wrote.

The chaotic expulsions unleashed a slew of criticism in Haiti and elsewhere in Latin America about U.S. immigration policy under President Joe Biden and highlighted tensions—both current and historical—in U.S.-Haiti relations.

The role of racism. Title 42, the rule the Biden administration used to deport the Haitians, was imposed by the Trump administration in March 2020 as part of an ostensible effort to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The measure effectively allows U.S. authorities to block people from applying for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden has moved to abolish some Trump-era immigration policies, such as the program known as Remain in Mexico, but his administration has maintained Title 42, while waiving it for unaccompanied children and some migrant families without issuing clear criteria on which families can expect such waivers. Enforcement has varied based on the nationality of migrants and the part of the border they approach.

In a victory for migrant rights groups that have long argued Title 42 is illegal, a U.S. federal judge on Sept. 16 ruled it could no longer be used to expel migrants, effective Sept. 30. The Biden administration has appealed the ruling.

In the meantime, Customs and Border Protection invoked Title 42 after thousands of mostly Haitian migrants entered Texas last week—prompting criticism that the administration’s actions were “rooted in racism,” as the Haitian social entrepreneur Daphné Bourgoin wrote on Twitter. The Mexican historian León Krauze called the Haitian migrants “victims of abuses and racism.”

U.S. policy problems. Many Haitians have suggested that U.S. immigration policy should take into account Washington’s role in perpetuating the instability and violence that cause people to flee Haiti.

A story in Haiti’s AyiboPost looked at the flow of U.S. guns to Haiti and how those weapons arm the country’s deadly gangs. It cited a new Center for American Progress report on how weak U.S. gun laws contribute to violent crime abroad.   

Some Haitians pointed to what they called weak leadership by Haitian heads of state whom Washington helped prop up, such as Moïse and Henry. Emmanuela Douyon, the director of the nongovernmental organization Policité, tweeted, “If America doesn’t want Haitian migrants at the borders then America needs to change its policies towards Haiti and stop supporting a cruel regime.”

Hemisphere-wide strains. Many of the Haitian migrants camping in southern Texas this week did not come directly from Haiti but rather left the country after its devastating 2010 earthquake and lived abroad for years in countries such as Brazil and Chile. In 2018, Chile eliminated a pathway to work permits for Haitian migrants, spurring many to move again.

The economic hardship of the pandemic also prompted many Haitians to migrate once COVID-19 travel restrictions began to ease this year. In June, Panamanian Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes wrote in Foreign Policy about the dangers a growing number of migrants—many of them Haitian—face as they trek northward through the Darién Gap jungle crossing between Colombia and Panama.

The Biden administration has said it aims to improve migration management. The steps the White House could take to do so are straightforward and include increasing capacities for evaluating asylum claims, the Washington Office on Latin America’s Maureen Meyer and Adam Isacson recently wrote.

Meanwhile, much of Washington’s migration cooperation with Latin American governments has focused on physically blocking migrants from reaching the United States. An alternative would be to engage in dialogue with regional governments about how all countries, including the United States, can offer more legal pathways for migration to better reflect the realities of a new era of Latin Americans on the move."


 But I am not sure about the US losing its humanity - take a look at all the aid we have been sending Haiti - additionally, it is my understanding that the "thousands'"allowed to enter the US from Del Rio were unaccompanied children, whole families, pregnant women. At least Biden was not separating families and we are all aware that no longer will Mexico take back unaccompanied children, they do not have the resources to take care of them - yet this was not mentioned at all in the MSM. C'mon you guys.

Check out the aid: 

 ~ From the White House Briefing Room: 

 FACT SHEET: U.S. Assistance to Haiti

 Not to mention an additional 32 million:, etcetera:

  ~ From NPR:

The US Is Pledging Aid To Haiti But The Success Of Past Efforts Has Been Mixed 



 Latest From Today (09/25/21):

  ~ From AP News:

Texas Border Crossing where Migrants Make Camp to Reopen 

- today

end edit. Other than Mike says Haiti is a "lost cause".

Update 09/26: Don't Miss AP's Current Pictorial On Port Au Prince. Even though Mike says Haiti is a lost cause, what I am wondering is how do you fix this ? It seems that all the tea from China (i.e. monetary and other aid) just is not working:

How Do You Fix This ?

  ~ From AP:


  Haitians Returning To A Homeland That's Far From Welcoming




 end edit.





 Meanwhile look at this creep:

 ~ From CNN:

 Steve Bannon Was Knee-Deep In January 6

Updated 12:19 PM ET, Thu September 23, 2021




More of everything here:

  Democracy Now!|Democracy Now!




Yesterday, there were 8 executions in TIJ bringing the month of September up to 94 and YTD for TIJ to 1,473 executed.  At this point, Baja California stands at 2,285 executions.

All the news here; 

Zeta Tijuana 


Update/edit 09/25:  We are now up to 109 executions this month in TIJ, bringing the YTD tally in TIJ  to 1,490 executed.

 end edit.


I feel really bad for Gabby Petito, but so many red him hearing "voices"...why did she stay with him? Apparently now the FBI has issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie. (The Daily Mail  an incredible conservative gossip rag always seems to get the scoop). Adding this: I despise Fox News & the Daily Mail however the MSM so far has not reported this: Dog the Bounty Hunter is hot on the trail of Laundrie. We never did watch the Dog's show, except for once catching a glimpse, and it was bizarre. But there you have it. Yet, I agree with the Dog, Laundrie is not in the reserve - he never was.


Over & Out...down for a nap with Paris and Totsie. 


I remember we would swoon when this came on the radio...we were just gremmies.. teenie boppers in the spring of 1963, and I had a Velzy.

Take care y'all