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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Seventh Day Of Protests Against PEMEX - Frontera Reports Critical Situation in Rosarito Beach - Rosarito Beach Is On Lock Down - More attacks on Maggie from the Gringo Real Estate Idiots

Courtesy Frontera

At 10:00 AM Frontera has several reports on the situation in Rosarito Beach regarding the protests against the privatization and huge price increase of gasoline at the Pemex Storage & Distribution Terminal which they deem critical.  Although the number of people involved is not in the thousands (at the most at this point maybe 100+), there has been a verbal clash between the protestors and police with some protestors removed from the site at the north end of Rosarito by anti-riot police to Blvd. Benito Juarez with rocks thrown afterwards. One photographer from Frontera was prohibited from taking pictures, this was Frontera Photojournalist Jesus Bustamente who was sprayed with pepper spray directly in his eyes for taking pictures of the police beating a man.

Animal Politico covered the assault of Jesus Bustamente and also of reporters Laura Sanchez Rey, correspondent for El Universal and her husband Alonzo Perez of Animal Politico and Univision who were also assaulted by police:

Gendarmes Agredan a 3 Reporteros Durante Desalojo de Planta de Pemex en Tijuana

Video from Frontera where assaults took place:


Mike went into town around 9:30AM, will see what he has to say when he returns.

Meanwhile, here are the initial reports with more pictures, also reports on sidebar:


Policias y Manifestantes Tienen enfrentamiento Verbal En Rosarito


Se Mantiene Tension en Rosarito 


Mike's Update:  Rosarito Beach is basically on lock down with no access on the recently opened north end, nor is there access over the bridge leading into colonia Constitucion. There is access by the dairy, in order to exit Rosarito you are diverted by police to the Scenic Highway by Popotla. Fire truck parked in the large Calimax parking lot. Benito Juarez by Calimax was blockaded  by protestors at this point and not police, unknown if the police have taken over this section granting no access to the Terminal or Pabellon Mall. This lock down is verified by Frontera with added information of helicopter overhead.  Earlier this morning Mike saw at least two dozen vehicles parked on the Scenic Highway, with people walking towards the Terminal and many people walking in town south to the Terminal, an unusual and abnormal amount of people.  He estimates that at least two hundred were headed towards the Terminal. He said that there were people buying gas at the Pemex stations in town, seemingly unconcerned.


All reports from Frontera, one from Animal Politico:

 - Noon:  Animal Politico has the video within their article of the truck smashing into the police line in Rosarito Beach injuring several officers, two seriously:

7 Policias Federales Atropellados y al Menos 40 Detenidos: El Saldo de las Protestas en Rosarito

 - Noon:  In Tijuana at least two thousand people have gathered at the glorieta a Cuahtemoc in protest, many of these are headed over to El Chaparral and the POE at San Ysidro.

Se concentran Mas de 2 Mil Personas en Glorieta a Cuauhtemoc

 - 1:00pm:  Here they are at El Chaparral, with the intent of  controlling the crossing and allowing the free flow of traffic from the United States into Mexico:

Marcha Llega a El Chaparral, Deja Paso a Automoviles

 - 1:02pm:  Frontera reports that after the police intervention since last Monday,  less than15 people have been wounded and 33 arrested:

Al Menos 15 Heridos y 33 Detenidos En Rosarito 

 - 4:42pm:  According to this report, police of different corporations were used to "dissolve" the demonstration in Rosarito Beach in what the author calls a "violent operative".  Although the exact numbers are not available for today's protests, many people were left injured and arrested. This report states 300 people participated in today's protest.

Policias Disuelven Manifestacion en Rosarito

 - 7:00pm:  The El Chaparral  crossing is closed.  Protesters report about a half an hour after their arrival vehicles were being turned back, some have taken film of vehicles attempting to turn around on the freeway.  Vehicles crossing from the USA into Mexico are being diverted to the Otay crossing.

Cruce de EU a Mexico Por El Chaparral Es Cerrado

 - 7:42pm:  Federal, State and Municipal police continue to rid the Rosarito area of peaceful protesters. this following the first wave of confrontation between the demonstrators and the grenadiers which left dozens wounded and arrested.  Reporter states that the protests have been peaceful and people are more intent than ever to continue their protest despite the arrests.

Autoridades Continuan Desalojando a Manifestantes en Rosarito

 - 8:30pm:  Around 8:00pm a convoy of State and Municipal police arrived to reinforce the Rosarito Pemex Terminal.  Businesses and Commercial Plazas (shopping malls) located at the north end of town are shut down.  Federal forces including armored vehicles, K-9's, Gendarmes and overhead helicopter are guarding the perimeter.  Dozens of patrols from different corporations are guarding both the free and toll roads.

Policias de la PEP Llegan a Reforzar Centro de Pemex en Rosarito

 - 9:00pm:  There is mounting tension for potential renewed confrontation in Rosarito.  A group of 40 people have stated they are ready to block the access to the Pemex Terminal which is now guarded by the Granaderos. But, as you can see by all of the heavy reinforcements, these people are outnumbered.

Crece Tension Por Posible Enfrentamiento

 - 9:00pm:  No gas in Tijuana.  Hundreds of vehicles line up to cross into the USA for fuel, the line stretches all the way back to the General Hospital.  These lines actually started last Thursday.  Earlier it was reported that 90% of gas stations have been shut down in Tijuana due to lack of fuel.  The same problem is also happening in Tecate and Rosarito, so far Ensenada has gas.  Unknown when this situation will be resolved.

Centenas Hacen Fila Para Cruzar a EU

 - 9:57pm:  Pemex "pipas" are ready to leave the Rosarito Terminal en route to Tijuana with gas.  Protesters are attempting to access the area to blockade the trucks despite the heavy police presence.  This reports states there have been more arrests and violent incidents reported on Blvd. Benito Juarez which leads to the Tijuana exit.

Pipas de Pemex Listas Para Salir de la Estacion de Rosarito

 - 12:12am:  We are hearing sirens coming from the Scenic Highway, unsure if this is a convoy accompanying the pipas (gas trucks) headed for Tijuana. Signing off here, tune in to Frontera for more reports and updates.

 - From Telesur, in English: (this was a much earlier report from this morning, videos within the link)

Telesur - 01/07/2016

Mexico Gas Protest, Looting Leave 6 Dead, 1,500 Arrested


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