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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another Historical First: March 2017 Ends with 120 Executions in TIJ - Links to Turmoil in Ensenada - Holy Guardian Angel

Over the weekend we were sad to hear from yet another gringo neighbor who has lived here at SADM for over twenty five years and wants to sell and leave.  So at this moment just in a two block radius around us there are seven homes for sale (where the gringo owners have left) and four more occupied by gringos and Mexicans who want out because of the insecurity and pollution and ocean contamination in our area. They have other complaints too, but since I cannot criticize the Mexican government I can't list them. Those are just the ones where we actually know the people, there are probably more.

You would not have thought there was a problem in Rosarito Beach, it was packed with Mexican Nationals and Mexican Americans having a good time last weekend oblivious to the bloodshed throughout Baja California. The experts are predicting at least 300,000 foreigners and nationals alike will be making Baja California their preferred destination during Spring Break or Semana Santa - this despite all of the executions, the two beaches in Ensenada which have been closed down permanently  due to contamination and the turbulence of narco trafficking in all those areas you might remember south of Ensenada as being so innocently pristine long ago.

Our surreal conditions include the fact that March of 2017 ended with 120 executions in Tijuana making the total for the three month period of January, February and March at 331 dead in Tijuana alone.  This represents an historical high number and a sixty percent increase compared to the same time period last year.  This feverish pace has already extended into the present month of April, I am counting since the first day of April seventeen executed and five wounded in Tijuana, two more in Rosarito Beach ( one of these was the Uber driver transporting and shot in front of  SDSU students from Papas & Beer to the Marino Tower Condos, I did not see this reported on Frontera, I might have missed it. ) and yet another in San Quintin, Ensenada.


Aumentan Homicidios 60% en Tijuana
por, Luis Gerardo Andrade


Zeta reports from January the 1st up to March the 28th, there have been 332 (different number than Frontera) executions in Tijuana, elaborates on the narco-mantas (since this report there have been even more narco-mantas), the threats made to the authorities of all levels, the morphing of  some elements of the CJNG to the CTNG (Cartel Tijuana Nueva Generacion), the Arellanos are out of the picture so it is believed in this conflict, and the expansion of the CJNG.  The question or at least one of the questions is will these warring  groups lay down their arms during Semana Santa? Possibly, here today gone tomorrow but always back again always. Analysts, according to this report are expecting the violence to escalate. Presently, there are Military patrols and checkpoints throughout Ensenada.

La Expansion y Las Amenzas del CJNG


courtesy Zeta


Here you can browse the police reports and get a better idea of the clandestine airfields where some the dope comes in, abandoned aircraft, executions, attacks on the Military and Police:


Zeta|Category Ensenada 



More reports from Zeta:

Jornada Violenta en Ensenada
 por, Lorena Lamas

More on the attack on police and shoot out on the Transpennisular down by El Rosario. Note narco-manta's disclosure which has been confirmed by the PGJE of a possible relationship between the police and the drug dealers.  Gosh, makes one feel really secure:

En el Valle de Ensenada narcomenudistas contra policias 

SEDENA's chopper is attacked, fired on and shot at:

 Aeronave Militar sufre Agresion al Interceptar Avioneta Ilicita en Ensenada

This was from back on March 10, 2017; the official tally for executions for the month of March are not in yet:

Otro muerto, ahora en Camalu; van 25 durante el ano en Ensenada

Maneadero in February, 2017 with Ensenada totals from last year, 2016 (which were high):

Narcoviolencia en Maneadero 
por, Juan Carlos Dominquez


Those were just some examples. Still feel like spending Spring Break down here? Well, at least carry some Holy Water with you.

I'll be back with more focus on dipshit Trump.

Paris is terribly precious, she had a bathers yesterday before the water was cut, we have one more day of no water but the pila is getting us through. She did keep me up until 3:00am chasing a mouse outside, thanks Paris...the great huntress. (: