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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Boycott Chiquita Bananas - The August 2018 Stats Tijuana: Frontera Reports 221 Intentional Homicides YTD TIJ = 1,657 Dead - Zeta Reports On The Wounded In Our Region - Baja Malibu, Playa Blanca & SADM Beaches Still Officially Shut Down Due to Contamination

 Before we get started here, a news,  who and what else does Chiquita finance?  We always buy the organic bananas but they are just marked "organic" and I'm not sure where they are from.  Anyway, boycott Chiquita everyone.....didn't Chiquita do the very same thing at least twice before?

From Telesur: 09/01/18

Colombia: Chiquita Brands Charged With Financing, Supporting Paramilitaries


  - There have been two different reports on the number of executions/murders in Tijuana for the month of August - so it is likely in a few days we will do a revision of these totals:

Zeta reported that August closed with 212 intentional homicides:

Zeta - Daily News

Agosto Cierra con 212 Homicidios Dolosos
Por Manuel Ayala
09/01/18 - 4:07pm

Frontera reports a higher number of 221 violent deaths in Tijuana to give the city a YTD total of 1,657 dead:

Frontera - Policiaca

Aumenta a 221 Homicidios al Cierre de Mes
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez
09/01/18 - 8:17am

 - The Wounded

A long report from Zeta covering the numbers of wounded or injured people left behind in the drug war this year in Tijuana who are also referred to as the "walking dead" by the authorities because sooner or later since they are marked, they will probably be dead too, and compares these figures to 2017.  So, clearly the violence is not clean, it is messy.

Some highlights pasted for you:

"With 731 victims, the number of people injured by firearms increased by 30 percent compared to last year; between 70 and 80% of these crimes are related to the sale of drugs at retail. According to the version of the police, it is usual that these injured are victims of subsequent attacks until they are killed. The only case with sentence in 2018 had a penalty of three years for shooting a policeman"

"Comparing the number of injured by firearms from 2017 to 2018, in January the number grew from 47 to 94; February, from 41 to 64; March, from 51 to 71; in April it dropped from 89 to 83; in May, it again rose from 89 to 92; in June, from 87 to 116; in July, from 91 to 127. It is expected the closing of August, which in 22 days of elapsed, added 84 injured."

Lesionados: "Hombres Muertos Caminado"
Por, Rosaririo Mosso Castro

 - The Official Numbers:

For reference to the official numbers (August not included yet) go to this link, scroll to and click Incidencia Delictiva then scroll and click Estadistica Estatal y Municipal:


The increase in drug related violence in our neighborhood and Rosarito Beach has raised a few eyebrows and left neighbors wondering if the fuse igniting more bloodshed in Rosarito Beach has been lit and what we should be preparing ourselves for or if these occurrences in the past few days are just another blip on the radar.

Most recently:

 -  09/01/18:

Zeta reports:

"Tres horas más tarde, a las 10:33 horas, fue encontrado el cuerpo de un hombre con disparos de arma de fuego y envuelto en una cobija, sobre el kilómetro 16+100, de la carretera Tijuana-San Miguel, bajo el puente de acceso a Baja Malibu."

The problem here is that it is unclear if the author meant to say the Scenic Highway, and there is no bridge access to Baja Malibu just south of us, the access is from the Scenic Highway. Unless the encobijado was found in the old tunnel under the Highway which connects lower BM to Middle BM ? Still, there it is and as you can see, we are rolling into September at a high clip:

Reportan Once Homicidios En Las Ultimas Horas en Tijuana
Por, Julieta Aragon

 - In colonia Ampliacion Rosarito Beach, one man kidnapped and his vehicle stolen by armed men, and a taxi cab driver shot and wounded in Primo Tapia, Rosarito Beach:

 Hombre Fue Privado de la Libertad y Otro Lesionado en Distintos Hechos en Rosarito
Por, Carmen Guiterrez 

 - August 31:

 - Frontera reports an armed attack inside of the seafood restaurant "Mahajua" in colonia Plan Libertador of Rosarito Beach by gunmen leaving two men injured, one of them seriously:

Ataque Armado al Interior de Restaurante de Mariscos en Rosarito
Por, Carmen Guiterrez 

  - Frontera reports in colonia Constitucion of Rosarito Beach, a shoot out (according to witnesses) between gunmen in two vehicles leaves one man shot dead in the head in a vacant lot.  Next, the General Hospital in Rosarito reports the arrival of one man shot three times in chest area; he had been dropped off by a yellow pick up truck which matches the description of one of the vehicles involved in the shoot out on the street.

Matan a Hombre en Terreno Baldio de Rosarito
Por, Carmen Gutierrez

 - Frontera reports across the road from us, the body of a man located inside of a blue pick up truck at Real Del Mar off of Blvd. Real del Mar, shot to death. Reuban reports he was outside working on his house when he heard the gunshots.

Encuentran a Hombre Sin Vida Dentro de Pickup en Real Del Mar

So, within about an eight mile radius of us there has been a lot activity. 

 - The Beach Contamination: 

The beaches of Baja Malibu, Playa Blanca & SADM are still officially closed due to contamination.
So, don't go in the water.  This report will give you a link from the PFEA of the health conditions of the beaches ; and I wanted to add that we are grateful for Frontera providing this information to the public:


Revisa el Nivel de Contaminacion de las Playas de Tijuana
Por, Esther Hernandez


Next up hopefully, a look at Mexican opinions on the Military in the streets.