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Monday, July 18, 2016

Bad Moon Rising Over The World - TIJ Municipal Police Officer and Pregnant Wife Gunned Down - Another attack on a Police Official this Afternoon in TIJ


Across the United States racial tensions mount, eight Police Officers gunned down, anti-police violence protests continue.  Worldwide in Nice, France  terrorist attack leaves at least 84 dead, today another terrorist attack aboard a train in Germany, and in Turkey a failed military coup against the authoritarian President (who is supported by the U.S.) leaves close to 300 dead, thousands arrested with the worst expected results still to come.

UPDATE/EDIT 07/19:  In Kansas City another Police Officer shot and killed while investigating report(s) of gunfire.  end edit. 

What does any of this have to do with Mexico ?  Put simply, everything.  Continuing with the neo-lib or fascist courses offered to us by Clinton and Trump (although many would argue that the U.S. is already a fascist state) means no change (the "drug-war" will continue) or aggressive isolationism. Both cases will promote further deterioration of any type of "normal" relationship between the two countries with U.S. political insiders and corporations in control standing to make billions of dollars and wrecking havoc on the Mexican environment.


Let's take a look where our U.S. leaders have led us, starting with racial injustice in the U.S.:

The Guardian

Obama Has Failed Victims of Racism and Police Brutality
by, Cornell West

Democracy Now ! Note more video interview on sidebar, esp. Nina Turner.

Cornel West: Justice and Accountability are Necessary to End Tension Over Killings by Police



Without a Serious Middle East Peace Effort, Hatred Will Only Grow 
by, Uri Avnery for Counterpunch

A Gandhian Response to Attacks on the West
 by, Juan Cole


Local Drug War Violence

If you haven't been able to figure it out yet, I have been at this from around 2006 to demonstrate the absolute futility of the U.S. backed drug war and the grotesque toll it has taken on just one little section of Mexico where we live.  If you don't want to read about it, then don't, just leave. But do keep in mind that we cannot blame the non-return of the gringo (white-eyes) tourists on the drug war related violence alone; the white-eyed gringos do not trust or believe the Mexican authorities and they have not forgotten the 43 missing students as just one example of atrocities committed in Mexico against its citizens.

Since the 4th of July weekend there have been at least 26 more executions throughout Baja California  - not just in Tijuana - including more burned bodies and last night the execution of Tijuana Municipal Police officer Carlos Calderon and his pregnant wife on Blvd. Federico Benitez.  His wife died later in the hospital.

In the Zona Centro of Tijuana this afternoon a Ministerial Municipal Police Officer attacked, stabbed and wounded by a man on the street. the attacker was arrested in this case.

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