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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Will DOJ Appeal The "Special Master" Ruling ?! - The Nightmare Continues -

The Nightmare Continues


 This is bizarre: I initially finished this blog early this morning around 3:00am. We had experienced a short lived blackout last night around 9:00pm. Around noonish today, I knew I had some more material to add, which I did and then whamo, the blog completely vanished.

Mike thinks it is because of the heat - he said all the computers at work are terribly slow, sites would not come up or they were locked down. Right now with Telnor, I am only getting 23 Mbps for downloads, so I am at a crawl.

And the heat doesn't stop, tomorrow we may be looking at 100+ degrees here; everyone is burned out and exhausted. Rain has hit BCS due to Hurricane Kay (see last blog), and we might get some rain here, strong easterly winds for sure are predicted which are going to be hot winds.

To make a long story short, I finally went to bed early this morning just depressed and wrung out over the latest development (s) in the Trump document saga. I'm not going to retype everything , but here are a few links for y'all. This NBC report hit me hard. After all, I was the one who said it didn't matter about the "Special Master" ruling, Trump would be indicted anyway.

 ~ From NBC:

Judges Order For Trump Special Master Is Deeply Flawed, Legal Experts Say 







More legal advisors say thumbs down to Judge Aileen, and this is just the tip of the iceberg - do you think Judge Aileen Cannon gives a shit ?

 ~ From The Hill 

Florida Judge Throws Trump, DOJ a Curveball With Special Master Decision


 by Morgan Chalfant and Rebecca Beitsch - 09/07/22 6:00 AM ET



To wrap it up, here's our pal - and I'm not going to retype or paste, because I don't know if the electricity is going to go out again - but, within the report, there is a link to the WAPO Report :

 ~ From Truthout:

Trump's Top-Secret Document Hoard Included Nuclear Weapons Data




Gads, what do I think Trump did to celebrate his bought off delay-stall tactic ? Well, I think he went out and purchased thousands of Big Macs, fried chicken, diet pepsis and crappy pizzas. Due to his unrestrained compulsion, he has already eaten over a hundred greasy hamburgers and containers of french fries today. You never know....I doubt if he drinks green tea and I cannot imagine him doing push-ups, he's a dork. Just sayin' - seems he's primed himself for a massive stroke.


How Much Do You Think Aileen Got ?


More Memes coming up...if it's not too hot !!!