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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

You Have To Watch "Dream Horse" ! - GESI STATS - Cuidado En Ensenada - Local TIJ Execution Stats - Clips For You Of Romesh From BBC

 I'm still alive...but I can barely walk. My appointment with the orthopedic specialist isn't for another almost two weeks, and this is horrible.  But hopefully we will be able to set up knee replacement surgery within the next couple of months. For pain, I'm taking heavy duty Tylenol which is supposed to last eight hours, but for me, it only lasts if I'm lucky two hours. So, my house is a disaster, can't go up and down the stairs without screaming and I'm lucky if I can get dinner together and then there are the cats.

 So far, we've had eight feral cats spade with their shots. Five of those stayed on, the others left. A neighbor is also trying to take care of the cats, but she really can not even afford cat food.  If you are a cat person you already know that Walmart doesn't even have cat food due to a shortage. So, I've been buying it from Amazon and if you are thinking of doing this, hurry up before they raise the prices even more..

There are hundreds of these feral cats here, and  I can't keep up.  Dr. Silva charges a hundred dollars for females, eighty dollars for males for their "fix" and shots. But of course you have to trap them. Last night there were twenty here for some chow, and it really is sad, they are starving. I'm just afraid someone is going to start shooting them or poisoning them same way they would do with the stray dogs who hang out at the garbage dump in Punta Banda.  BTW, the ones who stayed are absolute darlings and so sweet. Paris is not thrilled about any of this.


What happened to the drug war?

It's still happening  and it is bad all around us. Go here for current information and later I'll give you some more links with current stats, dunno when I can make it back here.


Zeta Tijuana 


Okay it is later. Here is the official state site for the stats which covers all of the Municipalities. You may notice the stats here come up a tad shy from what we read and hear on the Mexican News. Generally, however, they somehow catch up with the rest of us, but it is always a good source. Currently Zeta reports in Tijuana this month of July there have been 148 executions bringing the YTD total to 1,164 dead.



 Dos asesinatos en Tijuana


Destacados miércoles, 28 julio, 2021 11:27 AM


"When he was aboard a Jetta vehicle, black color, a man, until now unidentified, was wounded by a bullet and his car hit the chain link fence of a house located in the vicinity of the Hacienda Linda Vista neighborhood, in Tijuana, the afternoon of Tuesday, July 27.

According to information provided to ZETA by the police forces, it indicates that around 3:00 p.m. the emergency center was informed that a car had collided with a fence and a male person was injured, apparently by firearm projectile.

Municipal Police officers and paramedics from the Red Cross arrived at the site, and they saw a man with a robust complexion and dark complexion, with a wound on his left leg as well as reddish-brown spots on various parts of the body. According to a companion of the injured, who was allegedly lying in the back seat, they were driving through Vista Hermosa and Bugambilias streets when he heard that the driver began to argue with a person who was aboard a gray Cherokee truck, without having more details. Following the information provided by the witnesses, the police officers conducted a tour of the area, locating a unit with similar characteristics, abandoned meters later.

Two hours later on La Joyita and El Mexicano streets in the Tres de Octubre neighborhood, it was reported that a Honda Odissey wagon, gray color, California license plates, had several bullet wounds in the body and apparently there was an injured person inside .

Police elements corroborated the report pointing out that inside the unit there was a male person, with a light brown complexion, and who was wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans, a black cap and with gunshot wounds to the head. abdomen and left arm, however the paramedics determined that the victim still had vital signs for which she was transferred to clinic 20 of the IMSS, where she finally died.

It should be noted that seven 45-caliber weapon casings were found at the crime scene.

In neither of the two cases are detained persons reported.

So far in July there have been 159 intentional homicides."




 ~ From GESI:

Estadistica Estatal y Municipal


Check out  what has been happening down in Ensenada, particularly if you are considering going down there:

 ~ From Zeta:

Noroeste de Ensenada, Foco Rojo de Robos Violentos


Edición Impresa:   ~ lunes, 26 julio, 2021 12:00


"According to police reports, in the first six months of this year, at least 346 people were victims of robbery with violence, the majority perpetrated by armed hand. The crime is concentrated in 13 neighborhoods and the delegations of Maneadero and Valle de Guadalupe

Passersby, merchants, employees of supermarkets and drivers, reported to the Control, Command, Communication and Computing Center (C4) at least 27 robberies with violence perpetrated during June and until July 21 in Ensenada.

“The problem is that the assaults are more and more frequent and with firearms. They are already more aggressive! ”, Warned an agent of the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) in Ensenada, who is investigating the crime of robbery.

In his opinion, the assaults are "daily bread" for the police group, in addition to the fact that they do not have an identified criminal gang.

Violent robberies have been consecutive in the last two months, so much so that on July 4 alone there were three: at 10:00 a.m., in the Valle de Valle de Guadalupe, a man who was driving a Ford Explorer vehicle was threatened by two subjects, who stripped him of the unit. At 8:25 p.m., in the streets of September 16 and Panama of the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood, two subjects threatened another driver to take away the Chevrolet Ionix model 2021 vehicle , his cell phone and 800 pesos in cash. Two hours later, on Mexico Street in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, a thousand pesos were stolen from an employee of an Oxxo store .

On July 7, the series of violent assaults was repeated, and at 2:00 p.m., in another Oxxo store on Avenida Esmeralda, cash was stolen. On Diamante and Reforma streets, they also robbed the Don Cruz Seeds and Cereals business , taking 8 thousand pesos in cash; and a few hours later, at the Ensenada pharmacy on Cortez and Mexico streets, they took 600 pesos.

ZETA interviewed an employee of a self-service store located on First and Ruiz streets, who mentioned that he did not feel safe, as he had been the victim of an armed robbery. To avoid security problems, he has preferred to replace the money from products that some subjects steal, instead of reporting to the Municipal Police.

"I'm not afraid, that's why we have the door open day and night, to go out and we don't leave much money in the box," said the 20-year-old.

On the part of the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DSPM), the actions implemented have not been sufficient to stop the crime of robbery or inhibit it according to the statistics of the State Attorney General's Office.

On June 11, the operational deputy director of the Security Directorate, José Luis Peralta, assured that they are working in coordination with the three levels of government to reduce the problem of robberies and assaults in the port.

At that time he spoke of implementing weekly operations, with information from C4 to develop "what they call the top colonies" -more insecure-, while the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) would be in charge of the strategy.

According to police reports, the red light of robberies and assaults is concentrated in neighborhoods of the Maneadero delegation, Oriente Circuit, Nueva Ensenada, Airport, Aviation, Terrazas del Gallo, Mission, Costa Azul, Libertad, Nueva Reforma, Arcoíris, Zona Centro, Valle Dorado, Popular 89 and the Wine Route in the Valle de Guadalupe.



According to statistics, as of June 30, 2021, 131 businesses had suffered an assault, 93 of these with violence.

As for vehicles, 688 were stolen, of which 37 were violently stolen; They also attacked 300 houses and, in 13 of these cases, the subjects resorted to violence. There were also 137 assaults on public roads and in 117 there was violence.

There is another concept in the statistics of the prosecution that is called "other robberies", with 366 cases, in 86 there was violence. In total, 346 people have been victims of robbery with violence.

On Thursday, July 1, agent Rafael Orozco Vargas, who served as coordinator of the Homicide Unit in the Mexicali Regional Prosecutor's Office, assumed the title of the Ensenada Regional Prosecutor's Office, replacing Víctor Miguel Guerra Enríquez.

Although one of the strongest problems in the port is the homicide rate, which according to GESI statistics reached 215 in the first six months of 2021, these cases are handled by the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Life.

Orozco Vargas is charged with implementing actions to reduce the incidence of robberies.

ZETA requested information from the regional prosecutor's office to learn about progress in the matter, however, they denied the information.



Ensenada merchants demanded that the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur), Rafael Chávez Montaño, advocate for the union before the police authorities.

 The leader of the vendors in the port has a group of lawyers within Canaco, with experience in public service, who lead the meetings with those responsible for security, although he acknowledged: “The problem is overtaking us. I'm not going to tell you how to do it -the work-, but I can demand that the government give results ”, since the affiliates are pressuring the leader of the Chamber to also give results.

“We merchants need security to work, the thief will always look for merchants. First he is going to blackmail him, he is going to ask for a flat and, if they do not pay him, they are going to assault him, ”said Chávez.

The Canaco leader mentioned that there are business employees who refuse to report criminals when a robbery is recorded, because sooner or later they go free and return in search of revenge.

For his part, in his protest, the recently appointed president of the Ensenada Business Coordinating Council (CCEE), Orlando Fabiel López Acosta, said that to achieve economic and social development, peace and tranquility are needed.

“In this vein, we are immersed in a serious problem, due to the phenomenon of insecurity that we face, which although it is true, is not an exclusive problem of the Municipality and the State, it affects everyone. Organized businessmen do a respectful but energetic exhortation to our governments to act effectively ”, he said.

And he offered to work in conjunction with the three orders of government to find a solution to the serious problem of thefts, "the business sector is not an enemy of the government, on the contrary, we can be its best allies, therefore we offer our experience and our capacity sincerely and honestly to help them successfully carry out the task that citizens have conferred on them through the democratic vote, both to the current authorities and to those who will soon begin their administration ”, as Mayor Armando Ayala Robles refuses to hold a closed-door meeting with the CCEE."





 Well, finally some mandates for people to get the vaccine - I still don't understand why the whole freakin country isn't under mandate - they did mandate the  smallpox vaccine with only a couple of lawsuits, and this is worse ! Not to mention that we are probably going to be experiencing more pandemics not so far down the line. Yea, I know, there are many folks who believe that it would be a good thing to just eliminate the human race and give the earth back to nature...but I'm not quite ready for that one yet.

And, what about the Lambada Variant ?

 ~ From CNN:

Biden Will Announce Vaccination Requirements Across Federal Government On Thursday 

Updated 6:12 PM ET, Tue July 27, 2021





 Clips of Romesh from BBC: ROMESH !


Okay, so we've been watching a lot of Ramish I mean Romesh, I adore him and it was a big switch from Mr. Inbetween...but you have to watch this one: 

 I'm not really a horse person, but I loved everything about this movie...some critics said it was too unrealistic for today's times even though it is based on a true story, but it pulled my heartstrings. We're going to finish it tonight. Watch it, you won't regret it, I know that sounds corny but so what !

Headed for a dead sea mineral knee soak and then a nap... 



Over & Out for now....

Sunday, September 13, 2020

A Few Things We Can Count On From the Trump Indoor Rally Today In Nevada: He and Most Of His Cultists Will Not Be Wearing Masks Or Practising Social Distancing, He Will Lie About Everything, and He Will Not Be Talking About the Environment - Tijuana Month of September = 58 Executions; YTD Total For Tijuana = 1,412 Dead; Ensenada High Numbers of Executions - UPDATE 09/14: Execution Numbers Increase - Current BC COVID19 Stats -Willy Nelson !

I should have added (but I thought the title was getting kind of long) he might even reveal that he thinks Joe Biden is taking drugs.

 Of course, he won't be speaking about the Republicans who are blocking the Virus Aide and millions of Americans are unemployed, broke, hungry, losing their homes or rentals and scared to death. But then again he could mention  he received the Bay of Pigs award.

One thing we know for certain, people will be crammed in like sardines to the inside event, most not wearing masks and not a soul practising social distancing.

  ~ From CNN:

 Trump To Hold First Entirely Indoor Rally In nearly Three Months

Updated 1:25 AM ET, Mon September 14, 2020


This BTW was from last week, and if you listened to the Trump speech, comparing himself to FDR and Churchhill  as we did, you probably  were astounded-left speechless as we were to say the least. Goes to show Trump knows nothing about history, not one thing, bombastic ! 

Trump Twists History of Churchill and FDR To Cover Up Pandemic Denialism

Updated 7:35 AM ET, Fri September 11, 2020

"Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – It is astonishing to me that we still have 287 million gasoline vehicles on our roads and that 20 percent of our electricity comes from burning dirty coal. We just go on blithely pumping over 5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, a powerful and dangerous heat-trapping gas, into the atmosphere annually. It is like setting off atomic bombs in the atmosphere. We know this. And yet as a society we are virtually paralyzed. Our Neanderthal-in-chief actually promotes coal burning, and the Republican Party is a Siamese twin with Big Oil.

The presidential candidates aren’t even talking about it much, and it was an issue largely excluded by the corporate press and the party machines from the primary debates.

While individuals with the resources can cut down on their carbon footprints with solar panels and electric cars (they are a good combination), the problem can’t be tackled effectively without government action. And there, the United States has failed. It has been made to fail by Big Carbon and greedy politicians and ignorant journalists and an apathetic public that apparently doesn’t care if their children or grandchildren face a choice of being burned up or drowning.

If you go back and look at the predictions of climate scientists about 2020, you’ll see that they gave a range, of best- and worst-case scenarios. In every instance, it is the worst case scenario that has come to pass. Even the most jaded and alarmed scientists in 2000 were not pessimistic enough.

Mother Nature is trying to tell us something but we are not listening.

Diana Leonard and Andrew Freedman at WaPo write, “These wildfires are what is known as a compound disaster, in which more than one extreme event takes place at the same time, across a varied geography. While climate scientists have been warning that compound disasters are an inevitable result of human-caused climate change, a spate of simultaneously burning, rapidly expanding fires spanning the entire West Coast was not expected for several more decades if greenhouse gas emissions remain high.”

1. 3.1 million acres of California have been scorched this year by wildfires, the largest number in recorded history, and thousands of homes have been destroyed. Some 200,000 are going without electricity in a bid to stop more fires. Christina Walker at CNN reports that California wildfires have increased 8x in size since 1970, and the number of acres burned is up 500%.

CNN quotes Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA and the National Center for Atmospheric Research: “climate change has not just made the extreme heat waves that coincided with the fires worse. The bigger effect is the more subtle, long-term warming,” he said. “That couple of degrees of (average) warming over decades … you don’t notice it as much, but it’s still there lurking in the background, sucking extra moisture out of the vegetation and the soil.”

A study has just demonstrated that the number of extreme-danger fire days has doubled since 1980 in California because of global heating.

2. Wildfires have burned a million acres in Oregon, and Timothy Bella, Marisa Iati and Hannah Knowles at WaPo report that state officials are worried about a “mass fatality incident” that will overwhelm local health care facilities. Fully 10 percent of the state’s population, some 500,000 people, have been ordered evacuated.

3. Joseph O’Sullivan reports at the Seattle Times that Washington state has seen over 600,000 acres burned. It is also part of the expanding Compound Disaster. This is the most acreage burnt in recorded history except for 2015. Governor Jay Inslee, in keeping with the spirit of Compound Disaster, is trying to provide shelter to some of the 500,000 fleeing Oregonians.

4. Nature is not disconnected from human society or from the economy, as Trump and his ilk imagine. Jeff Dukes writes in the Chicago Tribune about the effect of global heating on the Midwest:

    “In the Midwest, we regularly see crops ruined by droughts or floods. We expect wetter springs, bigger downpours and more variable precipitation during hotter summers to crash yields more often. The agricultural banks that many farmers depend on for credit are typically small and disproportionately exposed to these regional extreme weather events.”

The Midwest is facing the opposite problem from the West, of increased downpours and crop damage. What we seldom stop to think about is the rolling farm bankruptcies it will produce and hence the rolling bank failures.

5. Hurricane Laura visited devastation on Louisiana and struck up to Arkansas. It landed as nearly a Category 4 Hurricane, and if it had hit more populous areas it would have been an even bigger disaster. Sarah Gibbons at National Geographic lays out the dangers of such enormous storms. They are causing coastal erosion, literally just taking away the state’s land. As the icecaps melt, the Gulf of Mexico is rising (and the water is heating, so it expands). That sea level rise is exacerbating the sinking of the Delta because levees no longer let the Mississippi lay down silt.

Hot sea water and extra moisture in the air from heat-driven evaporation is fueling super-hurricanes in the Gulf that are more powerful and cause more downpours than anything in recorded history. This heating is from us driving our cars and burning our coal and other ways we generate heat-trapping gases."


Local Drug War & COVID Stats:


Before I get so far behind, here are some stats:



58 executions so far this month of September in Tijuana, leaving a YTD total of 1,412 dead. Check  out Noticias del Dia for more reports on all of these.

 ~ From Zeta:

Ola de Violencia en Tijuana: 10 Homicidios en Las Ultimas Horas, Suman 1,412 en 2020

Por, Julieta Aragon 

"From 5 a.m. on Saturday, September 12 to noon this Sunday, in Tijuana there were ten homicides. With this, they add 58 murders so far in September, and in the accumulated of 2020, 1,412.

In the most recent violent events, the multi-homicide of three men stands out during the early hours of this September 13, when in the first minutes of the day, officials of the State Investigation Agency located the three bodies on the old highway to Tecate, on one side from number 105, in the Colonia Vivienda Magisterial 37, in the Los Pinos delegation. The victims - who remain unidentified - have gunshot wounds.

At noon today, in the same district of Los Pinos, a man was shot to death while walking on the main avenue of the Puerta Plata subdivision, located on one side of Bulevard 2000.

Municipal police officers and Red Cross rescuers arrived at the scene and attended to the victim, but the victim no longer had vital signs and the man was declared dead at the scene. The area was cordoned off waiting for agents of the State Attorney General's Office to carry out the corresponding proceedings.

Regarding the homicides reported on Saturday, September 12, at the stroke of midnight, Valentín Reyes Rosa and Alberto Audeves Mercado were found dead inside a house in the private San Jorge, in the Villa del Álamo subdivision, in the delegation The pines. Both bodies show traces of strangulation.

At 11:40 p.m. yesterday, the assassination of J. Nicolás Martínez Monroy, 55, was reported. The corpse of the man -which showed gunshots- was found inside a green and cream public transport vehicle on Mixtla street, in front of number 14912, in the Sánchez Taboada Produtsa neighborhood, in the Sánchez Taboada delegation .

Hours before, at 6:30 p.m., officials of the State Investigation Agency located a gray truck, parked on Constitución avenue, between Second and Third streets, in front of number 616, in the Zona Centro neighborhood, in the Centro delegation .

In the passenger seat was Geovany Zepeda, 32, whose body had gunshot wounds to the neck and chest.

Minutes earlier, on Avenida Ferrocarril -on one side of the train tracks-, in the Zermeño Mérida neighborhood, in the Los Pinos delegation, the body of a man, between 20 and 25 years old, was found. The body had a head wound and 3 more to the thorax produced by a firearm projectile. So far the identity of the victim is unknown.

In the early hours of Saturday, at 5:25 a.m., the body of a man, between 45 and 50 years old, was found on the free highway Mexicali-Tijuana, at kilometer 159 + 100, in the Presa Rural delegation The body had two injuries to the head and one more to the thorax, caused by a firearm."


UPDATE/edit 09/14:

The execution numbers according to Zeta have increased. I'm adding this because maybe you might be thinking, well, it is just more people being shot. No, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as cruelty Is concerned...and it happens all of time, it is savage here up and down the coast:

Dejan Cabeza Humana En Cubeta, Cuerpo En Tambo y Narcomensaje En La Altamira: 

 "The violence in Tijuana continues. This morning of Monday, September 14, the severed head of a person was found inside a plastic bucket, a body inside a tambo, as well as a drug message. The discovery occurred in the vicinity of the Altamira neighborhood.

With this fact, the number of intentional homicides rises to 63 victims in September, and 1,416 so far in 2020.

Information obtained by ZETA, refers that around 06:29 hours it was reported that in Lucrecia Toriz Street and Second Street at the height of the stairs that lead to a private university there was a black and white plastic drum, which was he managed to appreciate the lower extremities, which were tied with a piece of black cloth, wrapped in a brown and beige blanket.

In addition, 20 meters from the first site, a white plastic bucket was found, and inside a human head. On one side was a piece of canvas with a legend that read: “ALINIENSE BALL OF DOGS FROM INDEPE TO VAN A RODAR CHOMPAS. YOU FOLLOW YOUR LUIZ GÁMEZ OR THE (LUISILLO) ATORALE BY DAY CRISTALON IN ONE. ATT EL KINDER NG ”.

In other violent events, four murders were recorded on Sunday, September 13.

The first occurred at 6:10 a.m. at an address at number 96 Lázaro Cárdenas street, Alfonso Garzón neighborhood, where a 20-year-old male who went by the name of Yamil Ramos Ramírez was murdered.

Later, another young man identified, Gerardo García Mora, 24, was found dead on Titanio Street in the Puerta de Plata neighborhood. The victim had reddish-brown spots.

Also on Sunday on Abedul Street in front of the address of Lot 11, Block 27, Valle Imperial neighborhood, a male was found dead with visible traces of violence, until now unidentified. Two casings were found at the site.

Finally, at 9:40 p.m., a young man between the ages of 25 and 30 was shot to death when he was on Hacienda las Arboledas Street, in the Terrazas del Valle II section.

In none of the cases are detained persons reported."


end edit.




You wouldn't know Ensenada  is more or less a battleground, not only in the drug war related deaths but the COVID debacle by reading the reports of tourists flocking to the Municipality. Marco Flores writes that a YTD tally would exceed 265 deaths in Ensenada by execution.  Here is the link to Ensenada from Zeta; you can scroll through - don't miss the two gringos down in San Quintin at El Socorro.  Back in the early 80's Socorro used to be one of our favorite places to camp & surf.

 ~ From Zeta:



Sospechan que Restos Encontrados en Fosa de SQ sean de Pareja Norteamericana 

Por, Lorena Lamas 

"The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) suspects that the North American couple who is missing in Baja California are inside a grave in the town of El Socorrito in San Quintín, south of Ensenada.

They are a retired couple identified by the media from San Diego, California, as Ian Hirschsohn, 78, of Solana Beach and Kathy Harvey, 73, of Tierrasanta.

Both traveled frequently to the area where they rented a home, although they intended to return to the United States on August 31. Relatives of the couple had no further news of them so they notified the police corporations.

The San Diego Police Department confirmed on Friday that the bodies were found, however, according to Ensenada officials working on the case, they reported that they are not sure because they have three days trying to extract the remains from a grave, or well, six meters deep.

Since the discovery last Thursday, September 3, a delegation was formed between agents and rescue elements from the Civil Protection Directorate, as well as volunteers.

On Saturday night the rescuers deserted the operation due to the risk, on Saturday morning they began the work but so far they have not been able to extract the remains.

El Socorrito is located about four kilometers from the Transpeninsular highway, and the closest to the place of the discovery is a rehabilitation center for addicts."


The COVID-19 Stats:

 ~ From Zeta:

 Muertes Por COVID-19 Suman 3 Mil 304 en BC

Por, Julieta Aragon  - 09/13/20



"The number of deaths caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) amounted to 3,330 in Baja California, with which the entity remains in fifth place nationally. More than half of the deaths (58.8%) from March to September 12, 2020 were registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

While 37.4% in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health and 3.75% in the rest of institutions, said the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, this Sunday during the message of Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez, on Facebook.

In the last report (of September 12) the entity reported 20 new deaths: 12 in Tijuana, 3 in Ensenada, 3 in Mexicali, and 2 in Tecate.

Regarding the number of accumulated cases of coronavirus, in Baja California there are 18 thousand 324. Of which, the Ministry of Health registered 7 thousand 108; IMSS, 9,753; IMSS Wellbeing 209; ISSSTE, 440; ISSSTECALI, 662; Sedena, 37; Semar, 47 and private hospitals, 68.

According to the official, 24 new cases were reported on September 12. Fifteen in Ensenada, to add 2 thousand 905. Eight in Mexicali, bringing the total to 8 thousand 778 accumulated. Five in Tijuana, to reach 5,841 accumulated cases of coronavirus. Rosarito one, with a total of 323. While Tecate had no new cases, although it registers 477 accumulated cases.

As of yesterday's cut, active cases in the entity decreased from 675 to 601. Tijuana went from having 317 cases to 278, which left the top 20 municipalities with the most active cases, ranking 25th.

Mexicali also decreased the number of active cases, from 144 to 125. Ensenada, went from 162 to 157. Tecate dropped 10 active cases, from 26 to 16. Rosarito also reduced one active case, bringing it to 25.

Pérez Rico added that hospital occupancy is 28.16% in the SSA; 73.68% in Social Security; 87% in the ISSSTE; 63.82% in the ISSSTECALI; and 21.36% in Sedena."


UPDATE/edit: 09/14

Current COVID-19 stats:


Perez Rico Reporta Solo 17 casos Nuevo COVID19 en BC

Por, Uriel Saucedo 


"The city of Tijuana in Baja California reported 229 active cases of COVID-19, on the morning of Monday, September 14, the highest figure in the five municipalities, which together accumulate 501 patients with the active SARS-CoV-2 virus . Of the accumulated cases since the beginning of the pandemic, there are 18 thousand 341 and three thousand 319 deaths, reported the head of the Ministry of Health (SS), Alonso Pérez Rico.

Although active cases decreased by 100 cases compared to the previous day, the state remains above 500 patients with the active virus. Tijuana reports 229, Mexicali 103, Ensenada 100, Playas de Rosarito 24, Tecate 11 and the towns of San Quintín and San Felipe have 32 and two cases respectively.

In contrast to the more than 100 new cases to COVID-19 registered in recent days, this Monday there were only 17 new cases. Tijuana (5,851 confirmed) accumulated 10 cases; Ensenada (2 thousand 364) added three cases; Mexicali (8 thousand 484) accumulated two cases; Tecate (478) had a new case as well as the town of San Quintín (545). Only Playas de Rosarito (323) and the town of San Felipe (296) remained without incident.

Of the confirmed accumulated, 387 are people ranging from 0 to 20 years old, but the group with the most cases is that of people 30 to 34 years old who report 2,274 COVID patients. Of the patients that are still alive, 14,848 have been outpatients and 173 have been hospitalized, 3,319 have lost their lives.

Pérez Rico reported that of the 15 recent deaths, Tijuana had the highest number, with 7 deaths reaching 1,352 deaths; Mexicali accumulated 1,498 with five deceased persons; Tecate with two reached 103 deaths and Ensenada with one case rose to 327 deaths. The localities without increases are Playas de Rosarito, which maintains 18 deaths, the town of San Quintín has 19 and San Felipe has two.

By age groups, the highest number of deaths has occurred in people aged 64 to 69, 427 to date; It is followed by the groups of 60 to 64 years that register 414 deaths and that of 55 to 59 years has 413 deaths. Those recovered are 10,380 in the entire state.

In the SS, hospital occupancy is 28 percent with 110 beds occupied and 60 ventilators in use. The General Hospital of Mexicali is at 29 percent occupancy; the General de Tijuana at 32 percent and the General Hospital of Ensenada at 24 percent occupancy.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) is 74 percent occupied in the state with 149 hospitalized patients and 29 connected to a ventilator. Mexicali has an occupation of 78 percent in the General Hospital of Zone 30; Tijuana is 73 percent in the Regional Hospital 1 and Ensenada works at 73 percent occupancy in the General Hospital of Zone 8."


end edit.





I saw this report a few days back and thought it might work on the blog...but I was torn, especially after viewing the Ensenada report from Zeta (above) and of course the drug violence which surrounds us in Tijuana.

However , I am a Jimmy Carter fan... and I needed a tune for the blog.

Here then,

 ~ From the Hill via MSN:

"Jimmy Carter Says His Son Smoked Pot With Willie Nelson On White House Roof"

By, John Bowden -

"Former President Jimmy Carter reveals in a new documentary that his son James Earl "Chip" Carter sat on the roof of the White House and smoked marijuana with country music legend Willie Nelson.

People magazine reports that Carter made the admission in a new documentary, "Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President." Carter confirmed the anecdote described in Nelson's autobiography, though Nelson had hid the identity of Carter's son in the book in which he referred to his companion as a "servant" in the White House.

"When Willie Nelson wrote his autobiography, he confessed that he smoked pot in the White House one night when he was spending the night with me," Carter says, according to People. "And he says that his companion that shared the pot with him was one of the servants in the White House. That is not exactly true - it actually was one of my sons, which he didn't want to categorize as a pot-smoker like him."

Carter famously made political alliances with many well-known musicians during his White House tenure, including Nelson and the Allman Brothers. In the documentary, he reportedly also dismissed criticism of his meetings with musical groups, pointing to the influence such groups had over their fans.

"I was doing what I really believed, and the response I think from the followers of those musicians was much more influential than the people who thought [of] that being inappropriate for a president," Carter says, according to People.

Nelson is an outspoken advocate for left-leaning causes and in 2018 supported former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D) in his Senate bid against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)."


Rolling Stone covered this same material back in 2019:

"Sixty-five years after he smoked his first joint, Willie Nelson is America’s most legendary stoner and a walking testament to the power of weed. It may have even saved his life" 



Monday, August 17, 2020

Yes !!! We Felt It !!! - More On the Great Trump US Post Office Scam Of the Century - Bernie & Michelle Obama Shine At The DNC

Courtesy Zeta 
Early this morning - around 2:17am I was down here with Paris & Rubio reading when suddenly everything just shook, and it seemed like it lasted  for at least two minutes, maybe more.  The screen on the desk just wobbled to the point I put my hands on the base to steady it.  Earthquake ! But where?  I went to the USGS site and saw nothing...maybe the heat has finally gotten to me (it's horrible hot).

But here this morning, is the report from Zeta...BTW, did you feel It?

Se Registran 3 Sismos En Baja California
por, Lorena Lamas 

"This morning, Monday, August 17, three earthquakes have been registered in different parts of the Ensenada and Mexicali municipalities, confirmed the Ensenada Civil Protection Directorate.

Preliminary data indicates that there were two movements of 5.1 degrees of magnitude and another of 4.7 degrees, during the morning of Monday.

For their part, the personnel of the National Seismological Service (SSN) indicated that the one in San Felipe was an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 degrees at approximately 08:20 a.m., 85 kilometers northwest of the town, while in Ensenada the epicenter was in Maneadero .

Faced with the possibility of a stronger earth movement, the agency issued a series of recommendations and asked the population to remain alert.

According to Isaías Bertín Sandoval, Technical Secretary of the Mesa de Seguridad in Baja California, so far, no damage has been reported."

~~~~~ remember to keep some Flip Flops by your beds so you don't step on any glass, in case you have to scramble.


It seems as though everything in the world is's more on the Trump US Post Office Scam (which we still are not hearing about down here):

 ~ From Truthout:

Trump Is Facing a Nationwide Wave of Backlash Over His Postal Service Sabotage
by, Alexis Goldstein 

(With even more related reports attached to the bottom)

"Facing increasingly unfavorable poll numbers, Trump has clearly decided the only way he can win reelection is to cheat. Trump has ramped up attacks on the post office, including the removal of mail sorting machines, in a naked attempt to suppress mail-in voting in the middle of a pandemic. As calls for investigation and accountability grow among lawmakers, the public has begun to take direct action to save the post office — and the election itself — from Trump’s desperate and corrupt power grab.

The post office has long been a conservative target. President George W. Bush signed into law the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which required the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to pre-fund retiree health benefits 75 years into the future, an absurd requirement which no other agency has been forced to follow. But Trump has taken USPS sabotage to new heights, including by appointing businessman Louis DeJoy as postmaster general of the USPS. DeJoy is a major Trump donor, giving nearly $450 million dollars to Trump’s inauguration, Victory Fund, and the Republican National Committee (RNC). He’s also in frequent contact with top Republican Party officials and met with Trump the first week of August prior to his meeting with Democratic leadership.  

DeJoy has enacted and overseen multiple policies that will put both the viability of the Post Office and the integrity of the November election at risk. On August 7, DeJoy displaced two top executives at the USPS and reassigned 23 others, in a move critics called a “Friday night massacre” that centralizes power around DeJoy. He has also attempted to increase the rates states pay to send mail-in ballots. And most recently, during his tenure, the USPS removed post office boxes in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and across the state of Montana, prompting Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana) to demand answers from DeJoy. The USPS is still unable to confirm to CNN if the removal of mailboxes will stop.

Aaron Gordon at Vice obtained internal USPS documents that outline plans to remove 15 percent of their mail sorting machines. Multiple sources told Vice they’ve witnessed destruction of these machines, which cost millions of dollars. The Washington Post reported that at least 671 machines have been removed, including many in districts likely to be key to swing states in the presidential election. The USPS estimates that the removal of the sorting machines will reduce the number of pieces of mail processed per hour by 394,000 in Pontiac, Michigan; 327,000 in Columbus, Ohio; and 324,000 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Overall, the removal of the sorting machines represent a total reduction of 21.4 million pieces of mail processed per hour nationwide.

The changes at USPS are a naked attempt to suppress mail-in voting — a goal which Trump openly stated last Thursday. Trump told Fox Business on August 13 that he opposed the $25 billion rescue package for the USPS because, “they need that money in order to make the Post Office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots. But if they don’t get those two items, that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting, because they’re not equipped to have it.” White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow also admitted their opposition to protecting the vote. When speaking to CNBC about stimulus negotiations, Kudlow said “so much of the Democratic asks are really liberal left wishlists, we don’t want to have voting rights … that’s not our game.” These comments are unsurprising in light of the GOP’s open attempts to suppress the vote across the country. The New York Times reported that the Trump campaign and the RNC are involved in 40 lawsuits in 17 states, all fighting policies that make it easier to vote. One of those lawsuits is in Pennsylvania, where the Trump campaign sued over plans to expand the use of mail ballot drop boxes.

Mail delays aren’t just threatening wide-scale voter suppression; they also delay shipment of medicines and paychecks. Reports show that residents of the majority Black neighborhoods in southeast Washington, D.C., have waited weeks for their mail. The New York Times reports that due to mail delays in rural Michigan, diabetes medicine that used to arrive in three days now takes two weeks to arrive.

Veterans Affairs uses USPS to fill about 80 percent of veteran prescriptions, and hundreds of veterans have contacted their senators to report missing prescription deliveries. The delays led former Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré to tell MSNBC that Trump’s attacks on the USPS “have to stop!

The USPS and its employees have been sounding the alarm. The post office warned that in nearly all 50 states, current mail delays mean ballots may not be received by election offices in time to be counted. Jonathan Smith, president of the New York Metro Area Postal union, told NY1 the delays are due to the actions of DeJoy. “If you were to leave the Postal Service under the exact same conditions Mr. DeJoy found it, using the overtime, using the staff we do have, we would have absolutely no problem delivering on our mission to make sure every ballot is getting back to the election committee on time.”

There have been more calls for investigation from lawmakers, including Sen. Gary Peters (D-Michigan) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts). Peters opened an investigation into the mail delays following DeJoy’s failure to respond to his repeated inquiries. Warren called for the Post Office’s inspector general to investigate changes the USPS has made to slow mail delivery, and highlighted DeJoy’s potential conflicts of interest, including stock in the logistics giant Amazon, which he purchased following his appointment. The Post Office’s inspector general confirmed on Friday that they are reviewing DeJoy’s policy changes.

State lawmakers have also called for local law enforcement to investigate. Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs asked their attorney general to investigate whether Trump and DeJoy’s actions violate an Arizona state law that prohibits anyone from knowingly delaying the delivery of a ballot. In New Jersey, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. made a criminal referral to New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, asking him to examine whether or not Trump and DeJoy breached state election laws with their actions. Pascrell said, “What trump and his crony are doing is criminal. Period.”

Democrats have been united in opposition: On August 12, every Senate Democrat and both independent senators wrote to DeJoy urging him “not to take any action that makes it harder and more expensive for Americans to vote.” But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been criticized for letting the House go on recess without holding hearings to investigate the mail delays and attempts to suppress the vote. Several lawmakers, including Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Rep. Elise Slotkin, Rep. Jim Cooper, and even Rep. Adam Schiff, a member of the House leadership, have all called for a return from recess and an immediate start to hearings on Trump’s attacks on the post office

Speaker Pelosi will be bringing the House back from recess early in order to investigate the crisis at the USPS, hold a hearing with DeJoy on August 24, and to take up legislation to roll back the attacks on the post office made since January. But organizers aren’t waiting for lawmakers to act to increase the pressure on DeJoy and Trump. On August 15, the climate group Shutdown DC organized a protest outside DeJoy’s condo in the wealthy neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Demonstrators participated in a cacerolazo, a kind of civil disobedience with a long history, recently seen in Canada, Brazil and Colombia, where protestors use pots, pans, and other kitchen tools to make noise. Protestors also left mock absentee ballots at the entrance to DeJoy’s condo. The following day, a group protested at DeJoy’s North Carolina mansion. The progressive advocacy group MoveOn announced a day of nationwide protests to save the USPS on August 22. And Vanita Gupta, former head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights outlined 10 things people can do to protect the vote, including signing up to be a poll worker and asking your local officials to make secure drop boxes available.

Advocates are also suing for transparency. The nonprofit legal group Protect Democracy previously filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records pertaining to the USPS’s strategy for dealing with the anticipated influx of ballots cast by mail in the 2020 presidential election. The USPS ignored this FOIA, so on August 13, the organization sued to compel the release of the documents.

From lawsuits and investigations to protests and plans to mail back ballots as early as possible, the nation is grappling with how to save both the post office and the election from deliberate sabotage. If activists can continue to pressure both lawmakers and DeJoy himself, they may be able to successfully stop the election results from being distorted by Trump’s increasingly desperate attacks."


 Everything here:

Democracy Now ! 


So we will see if Nancy can  persuade the Congress to come back to order (Mitch is hiding under his turtle shell); I'll be back later when it cools down a bit (Paris hates the heat) with the stats, and although the US press has not been covering it...we'll look at the Mexico-Venezuela endeavor to produce a COVID vaccine.  

BTW, here are the Democratic Convention  highlights, and  you know Jake Tapper does not like Bernie Sanders, period.  I think Jake Tapper is an operative for the DNC, period.  His interview of our Bernie over the weekend was disrespectful.  You are a jerk, Jake.


Courtesy The Guardian

 A quick edit:💕 Bernie & Michelle Obama💕shine at the DNC, here are their speeches:

💕Michelle Obama💕

💕Bernie Sanders ! 💕

At around 2:30 am it is still sweltering here, hot and horrible humidity. No black outs...yet.

Stay safe everyone.



Thursday, April 30, 2020

Another Great One From Truth Out - Local COVID-19 Stats - Local Drug War Stats ....A Brief Look At Ensenada Violence - UPDATES 04/30/20 : COVID-19 & EXECUTION STATS RISING AND THE DAY IS NOT OVER @ 3:45 PM

We lost our Internet server for around 15 hours, but they are now back in business. Here is yet another great one from Truth Out and don't miss all of their coverage which is fantastic.

 ~ From Truth Out:

 Trump and McConnell Aren't Waging War On COVID. They're Waging War On Us
By, William Rivers Pitt

 ~ Excellent non stop COVID coverage:

Democracy Now ! 


All Reports From Zeta.

We ended the last blog on the report from Zeta regarding Trump's influence on re-opening at least one business down here which has contracts with the U.S. Military despite the fact that the Governor had shut it down.  So far, there has been no coverage of this in the U.S. press - perhaps Tele-sur will pick this story up. 

 Meanwhile on Tuesday workers in Tijuana demonstrated against their employer Honeywell for not informing them of the COVID-19 infection(s) at the facility and one death  from COVID by a co-worker. There has been no follow up on this for reasons you can probably figure out for yourselves:

Trabajadores de Honeywell se Manifiestan en Demande de Informacion Por Casos de COVID-19 (VIDEO)
Por, Julieta Aragon

"About 200 Honeywell workers protested outside the plant, located on Insurgentes Boulevard in Tijuana, demanding information after they pointed out that there are two cases of SARS CoV2 (COVID-19), and one person died from this disease.

According to the version of some employees, on April 28, the company "removed" the workers from the night shift at five in the morning, one hour before their usual departure, without giving them an explanation.

Given this, a group of workers stationed themselves at the main door of the plant, demanding that the manager come out and give them information about that decision and the cases they say there are of COVID-19. This prevented the employees of the morning shift from entering the place, so they could not work.

Around 10 in the morning, the group dispersed, once those responsible for the plant indicated that in the afternoon they would contact them to provide them with information."



"Tijuana es El Epicenter de La Pandemia en Baja California":Secretaria de Salud"
Por, Uriel Saucedo - 04/30/20 @ 1:09 PM

"In the last 24 hours, 66 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in Baja California, reaching 1,577 patients, in addition to 223 deaths, 18 more than yesterday, the state Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, reported this Thursday morning. April 30th.

Tijuana and Mexicali continue to be the municipalities with the highest incidence of infections.
Pérez Rico indicated that they have taken samples from 3,648 patients, of which 1,577 are positive, 1,479 negative and 592 are pending results. Of the positive cases there are 859 from Tijuana, 589 Mexicali, 40 Ensenada, 67 Tecate, 17 Rosarito and five in San Quintín.

In deaths, Tijuana has 153, Mexicali 55, Ensenada six, Tecate five, Rosarito three and San Quintín remains in one. While there are 206 recovered patients, 111 of them are men and 95 women. From Mexicali there are 78 from Tijuana 117, Ensenada dos and Tecate 9.

Regarding suspicious cases, in the Ministry of Health they have 83 cases, the IMSS continues with a high number, registering 494, while ISSSTE has two, ISSSTECALI with four, the Secretary of the Navy with 7 and private hospitals have two patients.

He reiterated that the bulk of the infections is in an age range of between 25 and 59 years. As of this morning, 81 percent of the positive cases were recovering from home and 19 percent were hospitalized. Of the comorbidities that are affecting the recovery of 1,577 confirmed patients, 26.7 percent have hypertension, 20.8 percent have diabetes and 18.4 percent are obese.
Deaths are occurring mainly in people over 65, but it has also been detected that between 40 and 64 years of age, deaths are accumulating.

Regarding the occupation in the converted hospitals of the Ministry of Health, they are at 67.5 percent with 157 beds and 43 ventilators available. In the IMSS they are at 62 percent capacity with 231 beds and 14 unoccupied fans.

"The two weeks that follow are critical, the first two weeks of May, as we have said, the end of April, the first of May is a very high point of the epidemiological curve that we are having in Baja California. Tijuana is the epicenter of the pandemic in Baja California and right now we are dealing with more personnel who want to help us in the fight against COVID, ”said Pérez Rico, inviting more medical and nursing personnel to come to work caring for patients. with positive test."

~~~~~ end edit.


The COVID-19 StatsFrom Yesterday Early Afternoon:

Baja California Con Mil 511 Contagios y 205 Muertes Por COVID-19
Por, Uriel Saucedo

"The number of patients infected with COVID-19 in Baja California reached 1,511 infections, and 205 deaths in the last hours, reported Alonso Pérez Rico, Secretary of Health in the state, continuing in second place for deaths and third of infections throughout the country, behind Mexico City and State.

Compared to Tuesday, April 28, the number of patients increased in 114 new cases, 66 correspond to Tijuana, 35 to Mexicali, 10 to Tecate, two to Ensenada and San Quintín. As for deaths, there were 15 new ones; in Tijuana 12 and in Mexicali three. The other municipalities did not present deaths. As for the recovered, the number is176.

Nationwide, there are already 16,752 accumulated confirmed cases, 5,332 are active cases, 11,220 suspects, 49,333 negative, 1,569 deaths out of a total of 77,500 patients studied. In the last 24 hours, the curve increased with 1,222 new cases.

Pérez Rico reported that 3,561 tests have already been performed that have tested positive for 1,511 patients, 1,455 cases have been ruled out and there are 595 suspected patients, awaiting a response. Of these pending results, 92 are from the Ministry of Health, 483 from IMSS, three from ISSSTE, two from ISSSTECALI, 7 from the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) and 8 from private hospitals.

In the case of the pending results of the IMSS, the Secretary of Health explained that some were sent to the La Raza Laboratory and other tests are being analyzed in the four private laboratories, but if necessary, they will support the state laboratory to reduce the amount of suspects.

Given these delays, Governor Jaime Bonilla called on the IMSS to carry out the tests in Baja California and stop sending them to Mexico City, so that people are informed up to date, so that there is no lag in the list of deaths reported at the federal level due to the lack of results.

“When people see the report from Mexico, they are going to have to compare the 205 deaths that we have with those that the federation is reporting. That is why I want the pending tests to be carried out as quickly as possible, because people are dying and we do not know if they died from COVID-19 unless the proof is available, "said Bonilla Valdez.

For his part, Pérez Rico explained that the pending evidence from the IMSS is no longer in its entirety in Baja California because many were sent to Mexico City for analysis.

Speaking of the comorbidities that are contributing to a slow recovery from COVID-19 or that has led to the death of some patients, he highlighted that patients suffering from obesity, diabetes or hypertension are costing them their lives, “Right now we are paying the not having a good diet, being so sedentary, not having any physical activity or a sports culture, because obese people are having a poor response to COVID. "



So, at this point in time if you were making a comparison, COVID-19 deaths beats the drug war executions in Tijuana for the month of April. Here are those numbers:

 ~ Tijuana Executions:

Monday (04/27/20) Tijuana Monthly total = 157 dead. Tijuana YTD total = 632 dead.  Baja California YTD total = 855 dead.

Reportan Cuatro Homicidios, Entre Ellos Una de Mujer a Golpes y Un Hombre Calcinado

"In Tijuana, four homicides were reported in the last hours, among the victims is a woman beaten to death, and three men. According to statistics from the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI), 157 executions have been registered during April, while in 2020 the figure rises to 632.

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 26, at the Issstecali Mirador facilities, a woman died with various head injuries, apparently with a blunt object. So far, the victim, aged between 25 and 30, appears as an unknown. During the year 64 murders have been committed against women.

Then the discovery of a charred body was reported to the emergency center, which had plastic around his neck and his face covered with a tarp. The events were dated in Manuel M. Diéguez street, in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood.
At the crime scene of a young man, between 20 and 25 years old, until now unidentified, at least 8 40-caliber casings were located. The victim, who was inside a Chevrolet Cavalier vehicle, gray color, plates 5XJG099, He was shot in the head. The events occurred in Privada Isabelitas, Natura subdivision Bosques section.

Finally, this Monday morning, April 27, in a section of dirt road next to the CESPT wastewater plant on the Oriente expressway, the body of a man wrapped in gray canvas was found. The deceased was handcuffed and with visible signs of torture.

With these facts, Baja California registers 855 intentional homicides so far in 2020."


 Tuesday (04/28/20) Tijuana Monthly Total = 163 dead. Tijuana YTD total = 638 dead.  Baja California YTD Total = 865 dead.

Reportan 7 Homicidios en Tijuana 

"The violence in Tijuana does not stop. In the last hours, seven people were killed in different parts of the city, as reported by the State Security and Investigation Guard.

With these facts, intentional homicides amount to 163 during April and 638 so far in 2020.

 First, at around 07:25 a.m. on Monday the 27th, on a country road next to the Cespt purple water treatment plant, in the Imac Tijuana neighborhood, the body of a male was found wrapped in gray canvas. . So far the deceased has not been identified.

 Later, the lifeless body of a young man, between 25 and 30 years old, was found on the slow east highway in the Third Stage of the River. The victim had various head injuries, abrasions on the back and legs.

 With firearm injuries to the head, the body of a man of approximately 45-50 years old was found in Loma Amarilla in front of number 9110, Colinas de La Mesa subdivision. At the crime scene, 3 9mm casings and a bullet fragment were located.

 On the El Árabe ramp in the Los Almos neighborhood, there was an armed attack that left a male person dead. The victim, aged between 25 and 30, was shot in the head and back.

27-year-old José Luis Amaro Jasso died at the Red Cross facilities, who was attacked by a firearm when he was in the vicinity of the Los Santos neighborhood.

 A man identified as Diego Alberto Barajas Meza, 44, shot to death in the Playas de Tijuana neighborhood in the Costa Azul section on April 22, died Monday night at the ISSSTECALI Mirador facilities. The victim had entered the hospital with various bullet injuries in the abdominal region, chest and back.

 Finally, on Santa Fe Avenue, in the third section of the Santa Fe neighborhood, a man was attacked with gunshots. When he was moving in his vehicle, the victim was lying on the pavement. So far it has not been identified.

 Until the morning of this Tuesday, April 28, in Baja California there have been 865 intentional homicides."


Wednesday (04/29/20) Tijuana monthly total = 169 dead.  YTD Tijuana total = 644 dead. Baja California YTD total = 870 dead.

Reportan 5 Homicidios, Van 169 Victimas en Abril 

"In Tijuana, at the end of the month of April, 169 intentional homicides have been registered, with this number, the murders exceeded those dated during March, where the statistic reached 163 victims.
During Tuesday, April 28, five homicides were recorded in different parts of the city, reaching 644 murders in 2020.
Around 4:30 p.m. in the private Salvia in the Natura section Arboledas fractionation, an armed attack took place in which one man was killed and another injured. The fatal victim was identified as Germán Enríquez Cuenca, 39. While the wounded man was transferred to a local hospital. A .380 caliber organized ammunition was located at the crime scene

Another armed attack was registered 10 minutes later in Villas de San Quintín street and Huapango street corner in front of the Rex car wash, Villas de Baja California subdivision, where a male between 35-40 years old was killed and two more men were injured, one of 40 -45 and the other 30-35. None of the three has been identified. Expert elements located 4 caps.

Then in private Galapagos, in Urbi Villa del Prado 2nd section subdivision, the body of a man with a gunshot wound to the head was found on public roads. The victim, still unidentified, ranged from 30 to 35 years old.

Jaime Enrique Sánchez Zúñiga, 40, died at the Red Cross facilities. He arrived at the hospital with injuries from a projectile from a firearm. The victim was attacked in the Urbi Villa del Prado subdivision.

Finally, on the street of Los Héroes in the Buena Vista neighborhood, the body of a man whose identity is unknown was found. Information obtained refers that the deceased today had his hands held with padlocks and had a large head injury."


UPDATE/EDIT 04/30/20 @ 4:00PM THE lATEST  DRUG WAR EXECUTION STATS: TIJ  Monthly total= 179 dead; TIJ YTD Total = 654 dead; Baja California YTD total = 885 dead.

Reportan 10 Homocidios en Tijuana se Eleva @ 654 Victimas en 2020 
(Report @ 9:30am) 

"The State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI) reported that during the last hours 10 executions were recorded in different parts of Tijuana. With these facts the number of intentional homicides rises to 654 victims so far in 2020.

First, around 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday, April 29, an unidentified male, between 35-40 years old, was found dead in a wooden construction located on Cumbres del Sol street, Cumbres del Sol subdivision. The victim had various injuries to the face caused by a firearm.

Then in the Regional General Hospital of the IMSS number 20, the young Carlos Francisco Sánchez Maldonado, 23 years old, perished due to various injuries from a firearm projectile. According to revealed information, the victim was attacked in the Natura neighborhood.

With a shot to the neck, a man identified as Humberto López Castillo, 70, was killed when he was on Venustiano Carranza street in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood. At the site, expert officers located a 45-caliber shell, two shells with no visible legend, a bullet, two bicycles, and a cell phone.

Inside a wooden room, 48-year-old Cesar Ángel León Gutiérrez was executed. The events occurred in a neighborhood street in the Mirador Capistrano neighborhood.

At the crime scene of two unidentified males, 5 9mm caliber casings were located. The victims were lying inside a house located in private Nile # 61, Urbi Villa del Prado II neighborhood.

A 39-year-old man named Carlos Alberto Ponce Ordaz perished at the Red Cross facilities. The deceased today entered the hospital on April 25 with wounds from a projectile in the chest. It is unknown where he was assaulted.

The decapitated body of a woman, between 35 and 40 years old, was found early this Thursday, April 30, wrapped in a sheet on Manuel J Contreras Boulevard in the Jardines de la Mesa neighborhood. The severed head of the female was found inside a white plastic bag, still on the side of the body.

An armed attack registered on Hacienda de Jerez street in the Ejido Rojo Gómez neighborhood, left two people dead. One of the victims identified as Eduardo Alcántara Cordero, 39, died at the scene; while Martin Alcántara Cordero, 37, perished minutes later at the Red Cross facilities.

Until 05:00 hours this Thursday, in Baja California there are 885 intentional homicides in the year 2020."

end edit.


A Quick Look At Ensenada.....

Reported over last weekend:

Matan Policias del Poblado de Ojos Negros, Ensenada al"Chiles Verdes"
Por, Lorena lamas 

"Elements of the municipal police assigned to the Real del Castillo delegation, in the town of Ojos Negros, in Ensenada, received a report of an armed person in a vehicle between Esteban Cantú and 10 de Julio streets.
The events occurred at 8:28 p.m. this Friday when the officers found the reported Ford Explorer. When they arrived,  a person identified as Fabricio Bernardo Gomez, nicknamed the “Chiles Verdes”, about 30 years old, descended from the vehicle carrying two weapons, one short and one long. 
 (pistol & rifle)

The first data indicates that at the time of the police intervention, the subject pointed the gun at them and threatened them, which represented a risk for the agents, who at one point shot at the “Green Chiles” who died on the spot.

The group of armed residents launched a persecution against the police who took refuge in the delegation building. The elements were unharmed and were able to secure three weapons.

In support of the municipal police, several units of the State Investigation Agency went to Ojos Negros. 

The last arrest of the man nicknamed the "Green Chiles" was in March 2019 for possession of a firearm."


Monday (04/27/20): Ensenada Monthly total = 28 dead.  Ensenada YTD total = 94 dead.

Localizan Cuerpo Encobijado en Ensenada; Suman 94 Homicidios 

"The remains of a man were found shortly after midnight on Monday, April 27, in a vacant lot located in the Gómez Morín neighborhood, in Ensenada.

With this violent act, there are 94 homicides committed in the port, of which 28 were registered in April.

According to the C4 report, it was at 12:55 pm when witnesses reported the presence of a body on the side of the Jesús Enciso and Villa Grande dirt roads, in the Gómez Morín neighborhood.

Upon arriving at the place of the report, the municipal police officers found the body of a male with firearm injuries wrapped in a blanket; the victim has not been identified.

Once they confirmed his death, the elements cordoned off the area and notified the State Attorney General's Office, which is responsible for conducting the investigation.
Until this moment the victim has not been identified."


Tuesday (04/28/20):

 Matan a Ministerio Publico de Narcomenudeo en Ensenada (VIDEO)

The body of the public servant was on board a vehicle, on Emiliano Zapata street in the Villas del Real 1 neighborhood.

"ENSENADA.- The lawyer Hiram Rivera Lizárraga, Public Ministry of Narcomenudeo of the State Attorney General's Office, was shot to death on Tuesday afternoon, April 28, in the Vilas del Real 1 neighborhood.

The attackers opened fire on the public servant in front of his family; the body was left on board the vehicle in which he was traveling. 

Elements of the State Attorney General's Office were the first respondents and did not allow the municipal police officers to approach.

 Rivera Lizárraga had a history of approximately 15 years with the then Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado, which is now the Fiscalía General del Estado.

Among other positions, he served as channel and secretary of agreements. He also carried out search warrants on Isla de Cedros."


Wednesday (04/29/20) Two more making the Ensenada YTD total = 99 dead.

Asesinana Dos en El Fraccionamiento El Roble de Ensenada 

ENSENADA - Two men were shot to death tonight on Wednesday, April 29 in the El Roble subdivision, located by the exit to Ojos Negros, while another subject was similarly deprived of life in San Quintín.
These homicides bring the number of victims to 34 during April, and 99 to a day that ends the first third of the year. Throughout 2019, 275 people were killed.
The double homicide committed around 8:54 p.m. on the outskirts of the city was reported on the streets of San Andrés Islands and Isla Catarina.

After an operation carried out by several police units, Red Cross paramedics arrived at the site and confirmed the death of both.

An hour earlier, a man preliminarily identified by the name of Jairo, 43, was shot in the yard of a house; Paramedics who treated him confirmed the death to the police."


Take care everyone...should be back in a few days..all of this information is available on 
Zeta Tijuana.