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Friday, December 1, 2017

Paris Update: Stilts Off - Mexico's Ley de Seguridad Links - Frontera Reports November 2017 Killings in Tijuana @ 150, YTD For Tijuana Stands At 1,600 Dead - Zeta Reports 161 Assassinated in TIJ in November (Includes one at SADM); YTD Total for Tijuana 1,601 Executions and YTD Total Baja California Executions At 2,093 - UPDATE 12/02: Frontera Reports PGJE's Numbers for Nov Are 167 Homicidios in TIJ; PGJE Reports YTD Homicidios for TIJ At 1,607 - Keep An Eye On Fallout From Events In Temixco, Morelos - Latest on Trump the Con Artist Keep Your Fingers Crossed Maybe Flynn will Bring Him Down

Paris Update:

 Yesterday Paris had her check up with Dr. Jackson at the VCA in San Diego, she was there several hours going through a battery of tests and x-rays.  The bone healing seems to be slow going, however her stilts were removed.  So, with the stilts off and the legs bandaged we are still watching her very closely as before with another appointment set up for next week.  She has been put back on inflammation medication which doesn't seem to upset her and pain pills as needed. The pins haven't moved - but if they do and have to be removed, that's an entire different procedure - pretty quick and painless.  Her spirits are good which is really important. She and bob had dinner together late yesterday evening - roast beef and chicken from Sprouts, yes I know, spoiled but who cares. More pics coming up.

Ley de Seguridad:

Our satellite is not picking up Zeta, so I haven't been able to pull their site up and see if there are editorials and reactions to yesterday's Congressional approval of the Ley de Seguridad, and so far I haven't been able to find a reaction from Justice in Mexico or teleSur. Quickly because I have to feed the baby Paris and make some chicken soup, here are reports:

The New York Times  - 11/29/2017

Mexico Bill Cements Military's Crime-Fighting Role. Some Civilians Are Uneasy
by, Elisabeth Malkin 


There are plenty of reactions and coverage of the Ley de Seguridad in Mexico.  Read the related  and highlighted articles and we'll keep an eye on El Palenque for reactions there:

Aristegui Noticias - complete coverage

Ley de Seguridad


Animal Politico - complete coverage pasted:

Con Mayoria Priista y Sin Cambios, Aprueban En Diputados Ley De Seguridad Interior, Va Al Senado
Francisco Sandoval - 11/30/17

"With 248 votes in favor, 115 against and 48 abstentions, the House of Representatives approved in general this Thursday the Law of Internal Security, which regulates the performance of the armed forces in public security work, and that in the terms in which The PRI promoted it is rejected by citizen organizations and opposition parties, pointing out that it militarizes the country and opens the door to violations of rights.

Read: 8 key points of the Internal Security Law approved by the deputies
In the session, at the time of the general vote, 87 deputies were not present.
The PRI (183) and the Green Ecologist of Mexico (35 deputies) voted in favor. Also 14 PAN members, two PRD members, nine legislators from Nueva Alianza, and 9 from PES.

Read: PRI, Green, PAN and even the PRD, who voted in favor of the Internal Security Law?
They voted against 17 PAN deputies, 39 from the PRD, 39 from Morena, 17 from Movimiento Ciudadano, and 1 independent.
There were 48 abstentions, all from PAN.

After approval in general, 101 reservations to the law were presented, with the participation of 44 speakers, 4 from the PAN, 22 from the PRD, 11 from Morena, 6 from Movimiento Ciudadano and from PES.
The account @ NoticiaCongreso, of the Congress Channel, indicated that at around 7:00 p.m., with 214 votes in favor, 101 against and 4 abstentions, the opinion issued by the Security Law was approved in general and in particular. Interior, so it was turned over to the Senate, to follow the legislative process.
Before, with 18 votes in favor and 13 against, the Governance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved the ruling, taking it fast-track to the plenary session.
The president of the National Human Rights Commission, Luis Raúl Gonzaléz Pérez, said that the Commission would consider filing an action of unconstitutionality, after evaluating the provisions of the approved law. "Depending on whether they approve the Law and how they approve it, the National Commission will fulfill its function of evaluating if it is contrary to constitutional principles and of course we have the power of action of unconstitutionality," said González Pérez, from Washington, according to Reform.
Tania Reneaum, Executive Director of Amnesty International Mexico, said about the approval of a day of backsliding for human rights.
"Justified within the framework of national security, this law has been rushed and the deputies have approved an opinion despite the opinions of experts and the rejection that we have expressed civil society organizations, endangering the validity of human rights in Mexico, and showing little interest from the authorities to protect the citizenship, "said Reneaum.
"This approval is worrisome. We can not allow the participation of the armed forces to be normalized in police work, since we have documented the violations of human rights that prevail under the sustained use of the armed forces for decades; on the contrary, we have to think about a progressive retirement along with a professionalization of the police, "he added.
The coordinator of the PRI deputies, César Camacho, posted on Twitter the reasons why his party supported the Internal Security Law, highlighting points such as "for no reason" the mobilizations of social protest will be the object of the law, and that It will seek to guarantee the protection of human rights.
This happens a day after President Enrique Peña Nieto urged Congress to vote and despite the criticism he has received from dozens of civil society organizations.
PRI deputies, Green Ecologist, and a PAN legislator, Claudia Sanchez Juárez, of the State of Mexico, voted in favor in the Interior Committee, while PRD, Morena and the rest of the PAN members set their position against.
The deputies had called the meeting in the commission's office and without transmission in the Congress Channel, but under pressure from members of civil society, legislators had to move to a hall on the ground floor.
After the vote, the deputies left the back of the room to avoid meeting the activists who were in the entrance.
"They have just finished with the possibility of starting a process of pacification of the country, militarization is not the way, says the international experience. While everyone goes in that direction, opposed to what is happening today in the Chamber of Deputies, here in less than two hours, in the dark, without listening to civil society, in corretiza ... they have just struck a blow to human rights and a peace process, "said Alfredo Lecona, member of the #SeguridadSinGuerra collective.
This Wednesday, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the law   "It stopped being only a valuable proposal, to become an imperious necessity" , because he said that although the performance of the military is based on their loyalty and discipline, an adequate legal framework is needed to regulate their tasks.
It may interest you: It was not necessary to activate the Army in war against drug trafficking, concludes Senate study
"I trust that the Congress of the Union will respond with the urgency that today this important initiative is required, which will provide greater certainty to the Armed Forces and Mexican society," he added.
However, members of the collective #SeguridadSinGuerra and activists say that passing legislation on "internal security" would perpetuate the militarization of public security and violence.
They argue that it is the state governments that have the obligation to form effective police corporations that guarantee our security so as not to resort to the service of the Armed Forces.
In a statement #SeguridadSinGuerra said: "We categorically oppose the issuance of a law or reforms that allow federal, state and municipal authorities to continue evading their constitutional responsibilities in matters of public safety."
The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and 11 international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, expressed their "concern over the advancement of the Internal Security Law as there are potential risks of human rights violations due to militarization from the country."
With information from Francisco Sandoval


Local Updates:

 Tijuana's YTD homicidios dolosos as reported by Frontera have hit the 1,600 mark with 150 of those this past month of November.  This number may increase by one more which was reported minutes after the Angel Gonzalez article:

Suma Tijuana 1,600 Crimenes
Por, Angel F. Gonzales - 7:56 am 11/30/17 

UPDATE/EDIT 12:45 AM:  Finally able to pull up Zeta; their numbers for Tijuana Executions in November are higher.  According to their report, November saw 161 assassinations in Tijuana, giving a YTD total of 1,601 for the city.  Their YTD total for Baja California executions stands at 2,093.


Cierra Noviembre con 161 Asesinatos en Tijuana

 - One close by which I didn't see in the other news sources was the body of a young woman dumped by the entrance of a college in San Antonio Del Mar 11/29/17.  That would be across the road at the YWAM, which used to be as you recall the old camping area.

 - Haven't had a chance to look at Rosarito en la Noticias, but another report from Zeta notes Rosarito Beach Municipal Police Officer Manuel Humberto Reyes Silva has been reported missing since 11/24/17.  He told his family he was going to take care of an errand and never returned.  They give phone numbers to call if you have any information:

Reportan a Policia Municipal de Rosarito Extraviado

end edit. 

UPDATE/EDIT  12/02/17:

At 8:02am Frontera reports the latest updated stats from the PGJE are 167 homicides in Tijuana for the month of November, giving a YTD number for the city of 1,607 killed.


167 Homicidios En Noviembre
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez 

end edit.


Briefly, I was able to catch the Zeta report on cached regarding the shooting and killing of an entire family in Morelos including very young children by the State Police.  The family, or at least some members were suspected of being CJNG operatives.  If you go to Zeta Facebook you can read their report - I can't because I'm not a member of Facebook.  Milenio reports this shootout lasted two hours. Of course, the concerns here are if this is as people are saying an extrajudicial slaughter of unarmed women and children and what reaction the CJNG will have against the authorities - not just in Morelos but nationwide.

UPDATE/edit 1:09am:  Connecting at last to Zeta.  This is their report on the situation in Temixco, Morelos:


Policia Acribillo a Familia en Morelos, en Supuesto "Fuego Cruzado"  ("Supposed Crossfire")
por, Carlos Alvarez 

end edit.

According to Animal Politico, this was a shoot out between the authorities and the CJNG:

Mueren 6 Personas Tras Enfrentamiento Armado En Temixco, Morelos

BTW, Alberto Capella is the Police Chief.


All the latest outstanding reports on Trump, Flynn, the environment, the outrageous Trump tax plan...everything:

Democracy Now ! 

The Intercept

Maybe Flynn will bring Trump down...we'll see. That would be somethin, sweet.

Have a nice weekend.