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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Impeachment: It's A Go and Nancy Hits the Nail On the Head ! El Sol Reports 25+ Executed This Month of December in TIJ - YTD Total = 2,062 in TIJ

Edit: this is a re-write...somehow lost the initial blog hours ago, oh well....

It has been one disaster after the other here, mostly brought on by the six and a half inches of rain in two weeks.  The kind of pricey stove(a LG) we bought last year would not work to cook the turkey on Thanksgiving, we think this is due to the numerous electrical blow outs; the same is happening with the washer. 

Due to the rain here, we had to move the feral kittens inside which has been a complicated ordeal. So far, we've been able to get two of them into the cat carrier and to Dr. Silva's for their operations and shots - six more to go and it looks as if more rain is on the way for this upcoming weekend so they will be nesting in the computer room. All of this is driving Paris crazy, so I scheduled a spa day for her on Sunday. 

Daca Bob who now weighs in at 24 pounds, has been a great asset since the sudden disappearance of the mother, Susan. He is very possessive and protective of the kittens, he cuddles and sleeps with them, eats and plays with them.

The morning of the fires here, William overheard a neighbor showing a picture of a dead cat - seeing it, he thought it was Susan.  The neighbor while showing the picture said that a person who lives here let his dog out again and the dog killed another cat. What kind of an idiot lets their dog out unleashed?  Bob went into almost complete despair and depression over the loss of Susan, his little heart was broken. But now the kittens left behind gather around him and have soothed his hurt.  Three of them we are thinking of keeping (Lila, Rubio & Tomas) but I don't dare just release the others after their operations and shots knowing there is a serial cat killer out there.  I'll still feed them but they have to stay outside. Maybe Mike can devise a little shelter for them.

Next I missed my eye appointment because the car battery died, so with my HMO I'll have to wait another three months for another one, maybe four being partially blind.  We did watch "The Irishman" over four days, it was fabulous.


Some Impeachment Updates:

 ~ From CNN:

Nancy Pelosi Just Wrote Donald Trump's Name In the History Books

Sadly, memes are appearing comparing the Cowardly Lion to Trump, or vice versa.

And, yes Nancy, he, Trump, is a coward.  Noted on tonight's PBS report, they cut that part out of their coverage -  too bad:

Nancy Pelosi To Reporter: "Don't Mess with Me"

More Impeachment Information & Details:

 ~ From Democracy Now!  :

DemocracyNow|Impeachment ~~~


What I do object to are the numerous memes showing up comparing the Cowardly Lion to Trump.  There is no comparison, the Cowardly Lion as we all know had a myriad of redeemable qualities, none of which Donald Trump possesses.  Hopefully someone out there will start a supportive 
#TheCowardlyLion to clear his reputation. 

Speaking of "The Irishman", in the beginning I thought this might be Scorsese's last film and hoped that it would not be at the same time. What I would like to see is him make one of the current organized criminality, the current mob bosses, the current mafiosos who have not only infiltrated elections and government in the United States, but who have taken complete power of the government in the United States to the degree that should the GOP Senate not convict Trump of high crimes and impeach him, it will only be the final nails in the coffin of "Democracy" as we know it.

 The Local Numbers.....

Locally, tons of dope confiscated up and down the coast, which seems to be a pattern here along with a lower number of executions in some of the Municipalities.  No one is saying if some type of a deal has gone down. 

Zeta Tijuana

As for this month of December, El Sol reports there have been 25 so far the first few days of December:

 ~ From El Sol de Tijuana:

Rebasa Diciembre Las 25 Muertes Violento en Tijuana
Por, Juan Miguel Hernandez

"Tijuana.- In just 5 days in December, the number of murders has already reached 25, official figures revealed.

 The last homicide of the count occurred in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood, where a 44-year-old man was injured with two firearm shells, which caused him an injury in the abdominal region.
The male was transferred to the General Hospital, where he lost his life shortly after 12:55 a.m.
In 2019, the number of murders has already reached 2,062, slightly less than 2,507 last year."