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Monday, November 2, 2015

Jose Luis Rodriguez Muniz - Another Activist Murdered

Courtesy Frontera: Jose Luis Rodriguez Muniz

This report has been picked up by many national and local news sources throughout the day. (We just touched on this subject under the John Oliver video a few days back.)  In Ciudad Juarez, Jose Luis Rodriguez Muniz, a 31 year old activist (SDP Noticias adds they believe he was a student at UACJ studying physiology and rehabilitation) who released a video which harshly criticized Pena Nieto and his government, Governor Cesar Duarte and other political figureheads, the overall political and social situations in Mexico was shot dead the day after the video was released.

From the reports, Jose apparently was in the process of publishing a report on the Valley of Juarez where the bodies of missing women have been located.  He was active in events which promoted the human rights of victims of violence in Mexico, particularly women and children and  was involved in a "pilot program" which published videos of political and other opinions without censorship.

Just one of his critiques of the Mexican government (also depicted in last years film, "The Perfect Dictatorship") was that it soft peddles or creates a smokescreen when dealing with the current issues facing Mexico.  As an example, both Proceso and locally Frontera pointed out that Pena Nieto announced that the state of Chihuahua is an example of reduced violence due to the coordinated effort of the authorities.  Yet, just this last Saturday there were six people killed by gunfire in Ciudad Juarez.

So far, authorities have stated that they just don't know what the motive was for the murder of Jose Luis Rodriguez Muniz.

Proceso (with enclosed video)

"Sube a Facebook video de critica contra gobernates...lo asesinan un dia despues"
por, Patricia Mayorga


Over the weekend, on "Encuestas," Frontera asked if people felt there was more tranquility (could be taken to mean better security) in Tijuana since all of the recent arrests of sicarios and narcomenudistas in the past two weeks - and the response was no.  I might add, that encuesta didn't stay up for long.

Although there has been a dramatic drop in the executions the past few days, we can't really say it is because the Gendarmes are on patrol as Governor Kiko said they would be.  Rosarito the past two weekends has been quiet, no visible Gendarmes and no gringos.

I know I'm behind here, will be back with updates permitting the electricity stays on, the storm clouds are moving in.  The Muffin is improving everyday.