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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Prof. Cornel West - George Floyd Memorial Service - Top Brass U.S. Military Retired & Active And The Intelligentsia Break From The Fold and Take The Knee: Gen. Mattis - Former Director of Nat'l Intellgence James Clapper - James Miller Resigns - Adm. Mike Mullen - Navy Adm. James G. Stavridis - Gen. Martin E. Dempsey - Gen. Robert Neller - Special Ops Gen. Raymond A. Thomas - Com. John Allen - Gen.James McConville - Adm. Mike Gilday - Air Force Gen. David Goldfein - Gen. Joseph Lengyet - Gen. Mark Milley - Defense Sec. Mark Esper - Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton - Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard - Richard K. Betts - Harold Hongu Koh - Peter Feaver - From William Rivers Pitt: 'Trump Must Resign Immediately !' - Neville Brothers - Run The Jewels: RTJ4 !

If you are waiting for the dust to settle, you are going to have a long wait.  I think what we are going to see is a very slow and painful rebirth of racial equality in America - oh right, as if there ever was racial equality in the USA. I shudder to think  how the extreme right will react but the truth is, there is no more going back to the standards we have all become accustomed to and even accepted as normal. If the United States does not change, the game is Professor Cornel West has said, the National Uprising we have been witnessing, " a sign of America imploding" and "America's moment of reckoning." I love that guy.

Here are links for y'all just in case you might have missed them:

 ~ From CNN:First of many Memorials today, the final Memorial will be next Tuesday.

Remembering George Floyd - George Floyd Memorial Service Updates 

 Breaking from the fold (Jumping Ship), the retired and active U.S. Military Top Brass & the Inteligentsia take the knee:

 ~ From Dantes Inferno: (Or... life under Donald Trump)

"Through me you pass into the city of woe:
Through me you pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people lost for aye.

Justice the founder of my fabric mov'd:
To rear me was the task of power divine,
Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.

Before me things create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon ye who enter here.

Must read, the General James Mattis statement, even though the White House and Trumpistas are dismissing  him and his very accurate and warning words : 

READ: Former Defense Secretary Mattis' Statement on Trump and Protests


This list put was together by Jared Keller (thank you Jared) will probably need to be updated in the days ahead,hit each name within the report to read highlights of their statements  and warnings against Trump...while you there, click on T&P's news highlights:

 ~ From Task & Purpose:  

Here Are All The Current and Former Military Leaders Blasting Trump's Response To Nationwide Protests
by, Jared Keller

 ~ From Foreign Policy :  

"The Stakes Are High, and We Must Be Better Than This "

Six military heavyweights and defense experts weigh in on Trump’s call for the military to put down protests.


 Don't want to forget this one....

 ~ From TPM:

Pentagon Policy Advisor Resigns, Saying Esper 'Violated' Oath of Office
By, Zoe Richards


Importantly, the statement from former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper:

Hear James Clapper 's Warning About America 


Does any of this matter?  Well, Juan Cole doesn't seem to think it will add up to much, but I do.  How many more Military either Brass or Troops will take the knee ? I think there will be more. Is it a matter of not going down with the Titanic or walking a tightrope to keep the troops steady, or both?  After all, there are a lot of black people  enlisted in the Military as well as many right wing extremists.  I think it's both, plus  the majority of these guys simply do not like Trump and they have had to remain silent for years.


Once again, I have been too busy to ask permission to re-print this next will not believe, another feral cat gave birth to another littler outside !  So now, I have two litters in the back ruining my plants and driving Paris crazy, I'm feeding them but they have not only  invaded  they have taken over!  Total cats and kittens outside: 15 kittens and 3 stray feral momma cats..  Total adoptees inside: 3 !  I don't know what to do ! Kittens to the left of me, kittens to the right ! It's like a kitten rebellion !

Okay, enough...this should be the finale for now:  Here's the solution y'all:

From Truthout:

As Trump Wages War On DC Residents, It's Clear He Must Resign Immediately 
By, William Rivers Pitt


I'll be back at some point with Ben & Jerry's decree.

Of course...

Democracy Now !


I know it's an oldie from over 30 years back (man I was not popular for playing this really loud in Ramona back then)...but it is relevant and powerful.  Background vocals BTW is Buffy St. Marie:

"I think we're all runnin' thinkin' that we can hide 
I think we're runnin' try in' to get away 
But sooner or later we gonna realize 
We gonna meet up with the truth face to face
 You can't stop running water 
You can't kill the fire that burns inside
 Don't deny our flesh and blood 
Don't forsake our sons and daughters" 


Try this one... hot hot hot off the press....Run The Jewels... RTJ4 !

Ya'll take care and stay healthy.



Thursday, August 4, 2016

Same As It Ever Was...Same As It Ever Was...Same As It Ever Was......

The Anointed One (aka The Ice Queen)- Coming Soon: Similar statues will be available at the border, next to the blankets and Last Supper displays ! Perhaps even with stigmatas !

It seems as though with all of the distress over the U.S. Presidential elections, there has been scant coverage of the drug war in our area and throughout Mexico, at least in English. I am guilty too, but my sweetpeas are coming up !

As a footnote (which is exactly where the promoters would like it to be) towards the very end of July, Zeta reported in Tijuana there have been 479 homicides-executions since the beginning of the year, which is pushing us over the top.  Since that 07/28 report I am counting at least seven more including a partially burned body, assorted attacks and people wounded and an attack on police officers. These numbers are not counting the other Municipalities. Just a few days before that Zeta report, Proceso reported a 19 % increase nationwide in homicides/executions and experts believe these numbers will continue to increase.  Will return to these stats in more detail.

There is going to be a five day cut in the water supply by CESPT while they are repairing water lines. No official date has been given, but it is assumed it will be sometime this month. So I guess all those new houses the developers put in here at SADM without pilas are going to have a rough time. Here is the Sintesis update on the colonias which will be affected.


I complain about the Mexican press not covering in depth the "...extensive coordination and blatant resort to illegal disenfranchise effort of voters" in the Democrat primaries (or rigging) but then when does the corporate media of the U.S. ever really cover in depth the voting irregularities in Mexico ? As far as a truthful investigative report into the DNC's power and control over the corporate media of the United States by the corporate media of the United States and the Clinton influence (it wasn't just Debbie Wasserman Schultz - who directed her what to do, who gave the order...anyway it doesn't matter, Hillary already gave her a new position)   we will never see that one.

Perhaps the best we can hope for is to see if Julian Assange of WikiLeaks really will release more devastating Hillary emails which he believes will be her downfall.  On that note, here are various links to post DNC convention reports which are not making the corporate news headlines:

I love this one:

A Party of Lemmings Led by a Zombie:  Why We Need to Keep Bernie Sanders' Vision Alive
by, Alan Minsky

Robert Scheer knocks it out of the park (again): BTW, check out on the sidebar "Killing the Messenger."

The Democratic Convention Film on Hillary Clinton Lied to America
by, Robert Scheer

You might have already seen this one over on Alternet:

Cornel West:  Donald Trump Would Be a Neofascist Catastrophe, Hillary Clinton a Neoliberal Disaster

Chris Hedges has been described as "a national treasure"; here he is with Robert Reich who many are convinced is a sellout:

Democracy Now !

Chris Hedges vs. Robert Reich on Clinton, Third Parties, Capitalism & Next Steps for Sanders Backers

And this looks to be quite interesting, who knows what will happen next - tune in to watch the conversation and don't miss the comments:

Live at Truthdig: What Does the Future Hold For Donald Trump ?

Wow, what if he really does drop out and WikiLeaks brings down the Anointed One ?


This is a tough one, I was going to put up the old "Fortune Teller" song, but opted for another, hope it works.  I swear I will be back at some point with the escalating violence of the drug war news, just like everything else - it is the same as it ever was.....

Friday, July 22, 2016

"John Lee Hooker For President"

A Trump Family Reunion !

More of the Trump Family !

Invitations sent out to the Republican National Convention - no shit !

Just a few links to hold ya'll over until I can return to the drug war events and tons more executions in Baja did anyone watch the Donald? Earlier in the day my friend and I were talking and she asked what I thought about the plagiarism of Trump's wife and the original Michelle Obama speech.  I said , "Oh those hillbillies...", to which she replied, "...that is exactly what they are, rich hillbillies !"  She told me the story of when she was younger and her mother worked at the exclusive private school in NYC where the Trump kids would show up in a limousine.  She said: "... in my old neighborhood (the Bronx) the lower middle class Irish and Italians love him." I said, "..but the Clintons are hillbillies too !" Anyway, she is working on new original Jill Stein bumper stickers, but these may not be available until after her trip down to Florida to visit her family. Yep folks, it is on the Republican Platform to build a wall separating the U.S. from Mexico.

  But the other news is that Presidente Pena Nieto flew into Washington D.C. to meet with Obama and discuss more weapons and black hawk purchases and to find out if it was true that Americans just do not trust sorry, I meant to discuss the Hillary strategy which will be the same as the Obama strategy however with more intense militarization not only in Mexico but worldwide..

I'll make this short and sweet...

A longish interview, but worth listening to:

Robert Scheer: Americans Shouldn't Settle for Candidates 'Who Have Created this Tremendous Mess'

This one was up a few days ago  on Democracy Now !:

Cornel West: Why I endorse the Green Party's Jill Stein Over 'Neoliberal Disaster' Hillary Clinton


Well, Jill might have a little competition ..... at least in spirit..... be back in a few days......

A note that this is not racist, it is a selection from Ry Cooder's anti-establishment CD released back  in 2011, "Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down" which rips the establishment.  Speaking of racist, I was going to put a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker on my car and Mike said "...don't do that - you might get shot in San Diego."  Well, maybe.  But what was shocking to me (why I was shocked I don't really know) was the Mexican national in town who said, "Oh the need to see how they live in Compton - drugs and guns."  So, the Black Lives Matter movement is not exactly popular down here with many folks.  I wonder how they have reacted to the Republican Party's Platform ?