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Saturday, March 25, 2017

For First Two Months of 2017 Tijuana Leads The Entire Nation as Municipality With The Most Intentional Homicides-Executions - Julian Leyzaola Is Still In The Ring !!!

Of course the huge concern is Scary Donald; all the latest on dark money, Gorsuch - and an older Noam Chomsky report on how the US media works:

Democracy Now !

Great reports:

The Intercept 


Today we observed dozens of groups of Mexican-American young people in Rosarito Beach. Too bad they were not participating in the big beach cleanup alongside the Mexican people. Aside from the delinquency problems of Primo Tapia and other areas, Rosarito Beach has basically dodged the bullet so to speak on levels of high impact crimes (to be precise, there have been thirteen executions in RB Jan-Feb, 2017) as compared to Tijuana and Ensenada during the first two months of 2017, with the occasional encobijado thrown off the Scenic Highway or Blvd. 2000.

The natural hope is that Rosarito Beach will be spared the turmoil and bloodshed which envelopes Tijuana and Ensenada as the drug groups - or cartels - continue the fight for territory.  For the months of January and February of 2017, Tijuana ranks number one in the nation of Municipalities with the highest number of intentional homicides/executions.

Within this report, Genaro de la Torre Quintanar, President of the Citizen Committee of Municipal Public Security recognizes that these killings are a result of the differing cartels securing territory and feels that the difference between the atmosphere of these crimes of high impact now in comparison to the earlier years of the drug wars is that organized crime has not "...gotten involved with the general population or with businessmen."


Lidera Tijuana Asesinates en Todo Mexico
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

However, according to  Mario Escobedo Carignan, President of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) of Tijuana in this morning headlines, business people and their establishments  in the East Zone are being threatened and extorted.  You may recall in the earlier years of the drug wars, this same type of extortion prevailed in Tijuana with many business owners fleeing Tijuana in fear for their lives and the lives of their families.  Although not one or more specific groups of organized crime are mentioned as doing the extortion, it does lead one to wonder if there are similar problems in other parts of Tijuana or for that matter, Baja California.

Both articles note the recent Military intervention with the establishment last week of rotating check posts - or "campamentos" in three neighborhoods which the authorities believe will control the situation.


Comerciantes Pagan 'Piso' en Zona Este
por, Esther Hernandez 


Regarding this month in Tijuana, as of March 23 @ 8:14am there have been 78 intentional homicides/executions which brings us up to 289 since the beginning of the year.  Since that report, I am counting three more dead and six more wounded by gunfire in Tijuana:


Asesinan a 5 Personas en Martes
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

UPDATE 03/26:

The updated official stats for executions in Tijuana as of 7:41 am this morning stands at 99 for this month of March.  This makes the total since the beginning of the year @ 310.


Ciudad Sufre Otros 3 Asesinatos
por, Glenn Sanchez


Because of Paris, I just have not had the time to sit down and document each and everyone of these like in the old days - but here you can get a more precise glimpse of not only the executions in detail, but also the arrests and turmoil going on down in Ensenada:



Zeta's coverage with tables comparing Tijuana's crime rate to the same time period last year:

"En Tijuana: durante el primer bimestre de 2017 incrementaron robos y homididios"

"Durante enero y febrero de 2017, los robos a comercio, robo con violencia y homicidios, incrementaron notablemente a comparación del primer bimestre de 2016. Lo anterior, se vio reflejado en la incidencia delictiva que mensualmente da a conocer el Consejo Ciudadano de Seguridad Pública (CCSP) a través de las estadísticas brindadas por la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Estatal.

Delito                 Bimestre 2016                Bimestre 2017

Robo a vehículo                 1,244                             2,010

 Robo a comercio                  368                                646

Robo con violencia               303                                 331

Homicidio                             136                                 211

En febrero, incidencia delictiva registro 7 mil 634 incidentes. El Centro de la ciudad, fue la zona en donde más se cometieron delitos, un total de 134, seguida de la Zona Urbana Río, 76; Zona Norte, 59; Camino Verde 52; Pípila, 40; Mariano Matamoros Centro, 31; Mariano Matamoros Norte, 30; Villa del Álamo, 30; Pedregal de Santa Julia, 29.

 También la Zona Centro de Tijuana, fue escenario para que ocurrieran más robo a vehículo, robo a comercio sin violencia, robo a comercio con violencia y robo con violencia.

 8 homicidios en la Zona Norte, encabezan la estadística de crimen en la esta frontera.

 Delito                       Lugar                        Estadística

 Robo de vehículo     Centro                       37        

 Robo a comercio
 SIN violencia           Centro                         6

 Robo a comercio
 CON violencia         Centro                         8

CON violencia         Centro                          11

 Robo a casa
SIN violencia           Jardines del Rubí            7

Homicidios               Zona Norte                     8

Las colonias que registraron más incidentes en febrero

 Zona Centro                      134

Zona Urbana Río                  76

 Zona Norte                           59

 Camino Verde                      52

 Pípila                                    40

 Mariano Matamoros Centro 31

 Mariano Matamoros Norte  30

 Terrazas del Valle                30

 Villa del Álamo                   30

 Pedregal de Santa Julia        29

 Fuente: "


 Who ya gonna call? Julian Leyzaola is making no secret he wants to be the future Mayor of Tijuana.... video within link.

He does actually kind of look like Paladin.....

I'll be back....with new picture of Paris with a guilty look on her little face after she was busted eating my sweet peas again.  She is working on "Autumn Leaves."

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