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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tijuana Is Not The City Of Peace, Love and Fish Tacos - Anti-Immigrante Sentiment Is Rabid And Vile

Hoping my connection is on the road to recovery, what a hassle.

As though Tijuana did not have enough problems with the violence of the drug war, crime, impunity, corruption, contamination of the ocean waters, women and children trafficking and lack of a solid infrastructure, the anti-immigrante sentiment appears to be gaining momentum and these people are also wild-eyed and violent. It is shocking and I don't know why it should be - we know of  Mexican people down in Ensenada who despise the Jornaleros and treat them like dirt. Talk about a caste system, does this remind anyone of India pre-independence?

 Still, it is shocking after all of the help and aid given to the Caravana Migrante by Mexican nationals from their hearts from Oaxaca northwards.  To top it off, Trump the prick is in accord with this vigilante anti-immigrante group and the Mayor of Tijuana.  So maybe it's not such a good idea for me to be driving around with "Fuck Trump" bumper stickers on my car. Hmmm...

We only made one delivery today and missed the demonstrations because we were on the other end of town, but streets have been closed off permanently in the Zona Norte, and traffic going up or coming back through San Ysidro POE is a nightmare - so keep that in mind if you are on your up or back. One interesting thing we saw two weekends ago going up @ SYPOE was a demonstration for the deported USA Veterans and they are also collecting donations so slow down and give them something. Just seeing that is enough to wrench your heart, these guys are for real. Nothing like being kicked in the teeth, and Trump the sadist knows how to do that so well.

Excerpts from events:

Anti-Immigrante Demonstrators in TIJ courtesy Frontera

Toda La Informacion Relacionada Con Caravana Migrante : With pictures and video

 Zeta  with pictures & video

 - Zeta reported this morning that 15 more truckloads of migrantes arrived in Mexicali, which at the moment is filled to capacity. No mention of exactly how many migrantes were in this group.  Sergio Tamai has his hands full.

 - The good news from Frontera is that Padre Solalinde will arrive in Tijuana  with the last group of migrantes, he said they will be seeking asylum in the USA, and if not there in Canada. So, this group should be here tomorrow.  What a wonder this man is, fantastico !

Now the ugly events:

 - Around 9:00 am the anti-immigration march starts @ the Cuauhtemoc glorietta.

 -  Noon Frontera reports that hundreds of anti-immigrante protestors attempt to break down the concrete barriers and enter the area where the migrantes are sheltered:

"Hundreds of protesters against Central American migrants tried to enter the area where people are sheltered.

In the anti-immigrant protest, young people and adults participate, who in unison of 'outside Hondurans' and with banners 'To my country is respected' try to break down the concrete barriers and back away from the human barrier formed by the federal police.

Protestants have also waved Mexican flags and shouted expletives at those who defend the rights of migrants."

 - Zeta reports on the same event, adding that the pro-immigrante group (around 40 people) who had formed and were also planning to march disbanded after being assaulted by anti-immigrante protestors. Additionally, at the fracas reported above by Frontera,the anti-immigrante protestors assaulted reporters, including a reporter from Zeta: 

" The group of demonstrators in favor of migrants broke the concentration they held in the roundabout of "Las Tijeras" because of the threats of the group that demonstrates against.
The protesters who are against arrived at the temporary shelter in the North Zone where the migrants are refugees. There they assaulted reporters, including a ZETA journalist."


 - Finally, photos & video from Zeta of today's events:

Galeria: Manifestantes Anti y Pro Migrantes en Tijuana [FOTO|VIDEOS] 

 - And yes, Aristegui has given this coverage with photos and an article



So, watch your back if you are taking any supplies down.  I'll be back with the drug war violence.