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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Bernie Takes New Hampshire !!! We Have Some Tijuana Stats BTW...coming up...after the chamomile...02/13: UPDATE: THE STATS FOR TIJ: JANUARY ENDED WITH 169 EXECUTIONS; 62 SO FAR THIS MONTH YTD TIJ = 231; FEMICIDES RISING

I wasn't exactly calm this morning after the news about the reduction of the sentence  of the Trump scumbag and fellow gangster, Roger Stone:

 ~ From Politico: 02/11/20

"The reckoning following President Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal came into sharper focus on Tuesday.

Less than a week after the Senate rejected two articles of impeachment against Trump, the president bashed federal prosecutors for recommending a stiff sentence for Roger Stone, attacked the judge overseeing high-profile cases involving his ex-advisers, and suggested that the military could discipline Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a star impeachment witness..."

Read More....

Trump Takes Post-Impeachment Reckoning to Next Level - 02/11/20
By, Josh Gerstein and Daniel Lippman 


That news was preceded by William our neighbor next door who is a Bernie supporter telling Mike that essentially Bernie would be buried by the DNC a few more primaries down the road, a CNN front page interview with  James Carville (Bill Clinton's campaign manager) warning the Democratic Party is losing it's collective mind promoting "radical" leftists (of course we are to assume he meant Bernie) and in so doing is doomed to failure in 2020 and the two following reports:

 ~ From Counterpunch: (and this one should make you cry)

The Game Is Rigged
By Paul Street

And for the record, we love Jeffrey St. Clair...sometimes I wonder what it would be like to meet him at a party if I were ever to be invited that is being from the upper balcony; probably I would be overwhelmed and dumbstruck and intimidated due to his Mensa level. But he broke my heart here, even though he is correct:

"+ Who says there are no second acts in American political life? The DNC is conspiring to change its nominating rules to stop Sanders at the convention in Milwaukee. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, your Uber has arrived…

+ The Democratic Party has finally begun to fight dirty like a real Resistance™ movement…against Bernie Sanders.

+ If voting could change anything, they’d make an app for it…(Apologies to Emma Goldman.)

+ Russia, if you’re listening, and you can find the missing votes in Iowa, America will be forever grateful…"

Read More Here, he covered the whole shebang:

 ~ From Counterpunch: 

Roaming Charges: When Satan Quotes Scripture - 02/07/20 
By, Jeffrey St. Clair 


Which brings us to this evening watching the returns from New Hampshire. I was on Needles and Pins-a, and after Bernie's Victory Speech, I cried in the dish water.  When the fawk is America ever going to get its shit together ?

Nine Minutes of Bliss:

 Would someone please wake me up and tell me this is NOT going to be a heartbreaker ?


Stats coming up, I desperately need a chamomile salt soak.


UPDATE/EDIT 02/13/2020:  Okay, finally some stats.  I think it is too early to tell if the drug war is winding down in our region..  You may want to compare the current numbers to last years... noticing a drop in the executions from the other Municipalities.  If you go to Zeta , click the Noticias del Dia and what I've also noticed seems to be a higher rate of drug seizures up and down the coast.  I need to mention that since the statement of Padre Solalinde last year, the National Guard itself has been involved in several  instances of corruption with drugs throughout their ranks and across the country, and of course their role has pivoted to the focus of holding back the Migrantes. 

 ~ From Zeta:

January of 2020 ended with 169 executions/homicides in Tijuana .  We are not receiving inside information at this point if the killers (sicarios) of the victims are recovering drug shipment/ locations from their adversaries then killing them and keeping this information for themselves or handing it over to the authorities, or even sharing it:

Concluye Enero Con 169 Homicidios en Tijuana
Por, Lourdes Liza Romero 

Just a bit after noon today, Zeta reports that 62 people have been executed in Tijuana so far this month, giving the city a YTD figure of 231 dead.  Importantly, the emphasis is on yet another femicide in Tijuana, bringing the number up to five so far this month and YTD 19 femicides in Tijuana.  There has been an ongoing movement not only in Tijuana but nationwide to protest the ever increasing numbers of femicides in Mexico, which have become status quo.

Matan a Otra Mujer, Van 19 en Tijuana en 2020 

"In a state of putrefaction, the body of a woman was located in an unpopulated area in the Abelardo L. Rodríguez dam, in Tijuana, on the night of Wednesday, February 12. With this fact they  have added 5 victims in the month, and 19 so far this year; according to figures from the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI).
Information referring to ZETA, indicates that yesterday around 20:08 hours to the emergency center it was reported that on a neighborhood road, almost to the edge of the Rodriguez dam was the lifeless body of a woman.
Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the site and confirmed the finding; Therefore, the presence of the State Research Agency's Processing Group was requested to carry out the corresponding procedures. So far the woman has not been identified.
In other malicious events on Wednesday, the murder of a man identified as Jesús González Jiménez, 28, was recorded. The victim had a head injury from a firearm projectile. The crime occurred on Estrella del Sur Street on the slopes of the hill of the Niño Artillero neighborhood.
Then, on Revolution Street and Fernando Montes De Oca, in the Arenales B neighborhood, the male body of approximately 50 years was located, which was covered with a blanket. The deceased, so far unidentified, was a bruised wound on his face.

Two men were arrested, after their alleged participation in a homicide registered in the La Gloria neighborhood, the morning of this Thursday, February 13.
Finally this morning of Thursday, February 13, a man was executed while traveling on Miguel Hidalgo Street, in La Gloria neighborhood. After the events the hitmen fled aboard a black Hyundai van, heading for the Free Rosarito-Tijuana Highway; site where a police persecution began that culminated in the streets Governor Lugo and Guillermo Prieto in the Cacho neighborhood. Two men were arrested and secured by a firearm.
So far this month, 62 people have been executed, while in the year 231 homicides have been recorded."


Over and out for now.  

end edit.  


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Stormy ! March Executions Tijuana 184 - Baja California YTD Execution Total 710 - Attacks on Municipal Police in Tijuana and the Ejercito in Tecate - Trump Is For Sure Melting Down !

We have had about a zillion mini-emergencies around here for the past weeks, but I am back.  The plumbing and pila were problematic to the extreme requiring replacements of lines under the house and a new pila pump; I had to buy a new stove which meant comparing the ones at the Home Depot here and the Home Depot in the States, I even consulted Consumer Reports. Ended up buying an LG Convection in the States and despite having to pay the IVA, this stove is fantastic.

Paris was/is sick with what we were told was bacterial conjuntivitis, so for days I have been washing and sanitizing everything from the roof to the floors, blankets, quilts, pillows, towels and Mike applying an ointment to her eyes which she hated.  Her condition did not improve for several days so we took her up to the VCA today to the eye clinic and learned this wasn't conjuctivitis, it is called "Blepharitis" which requires another treatment, different medication and follow up appointment in two weeks.  Meanwhile,  Bob the Daca cat is angry because thinking (because that is what I was told) this was highly contagious I was separating the two.  In fact, they were both pissed off at me.  I'll reward Bob tonight with some sardines in H20.

But through it all we have been keeping up with the Trump Meltdown !  As far as the local executions it is still outrageous and brutal, at the end of last month the news sources were reporting there had been 150-151 executed during the month of March in Tijuana.  At the end of the first week of this month however, the official count was 184 executed in TIJ (Baja itself is up to over 700 executions since the beginning of the year.). I will come back later tonight and update those with the local reports including the several attacks on Municipal Police Officers and their units and a rundown on Semana Santa in our area.  Still smelling sewage at SADM, and it sure looks like AMLO is at 42.7 % overall favored candidate, leading Ricardo Anaya (PAN) by 11 points.

UPDATE/Edit:  Here are those stats:

03/31/18 - 12:00pm:

Zeta reports crime increases by 57 % in 2018 as compared to the same time frame last year.  In 86 days, 517 people have been executed in Tijuana, 52 of those are women.  State level at this point stands at 651 homicides. These are figures from the PGJE.

Por Drogas, el 30 Por ciento de Los Homicidios en Mexicali

04/02/18 - 2:22PM:

Patricia Tamayo reports the official PGJE's number of executions in Tijuana for the month of March at 184 bringing the YTD total for the city to 549.

Cierra Marzo con 184 Homicidios en Tijuana

04/06/18 - 2:26pm:

A summary of the YTD execution totals:

Tijuana - 560
Ensenada - 59
Mexicali - 47
Rosarito - 24
Tecate - 20
BC Total - 710

Crimenes en BC Ascienden a 710 en 2018 

04/10/2018 - 8:29am:

For this month of April so far, Angel F. Gonzalez reports the latest executions and stats from the PGJE; at this point in April there have been 39 executions in Tijuana:

Ola Homicida Cobra 3 Vidas


There has been a series of attacks on the authorities, we'll work back:

04/10/18 - 5:35am

Tecate/El Hongo:   Zeta reports at Rancho Santa Veronica 04/09 @ 7:50pm Sedena requests backup when gunmen aboard two trucks open fire on them; witnesses say the gunfire lasted for at least fifteen minutes.  Officials report no Army personnel were injured, but several of the gunmen were hit yet escaped:

Enfrentamiento entre Militares y Grupo Armado en El Hongo, Deja Delincuentes Heridos 

The search for the attackers continues involving Army, Marinos, State Police and Federal Police.  No arrests have been made however containers of gasoline amounting to 2,500 liters of stolen fuel was found along with 16 cartridges from a Winchester and a cartridge for a caliber 5.57, same as was used in the attack on the Army. Officials believe they are dealing with a band of "Huachicoleros" (gas thieves).

Huachicoleros, Los Atacantes a Militares en El Hongo
por, Isai Lara Bermudez

04/03/18 - 7:45am

Tijuana:  Two attacks on Municipal Police; the first was on Juan Luis Villa Real Ruiz, off duty but working as a Commercial unarmed officer at Villas Del Prado in the guard station.  His condition is reported to be serious.  The second attack was on Municipal Police officers in Villas del Alamo.  No injuries to the officers, but the assailant is injured and later dies.

Policias Municipales Son Banco de Sendos Ataques Con Armas
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

03/29/18 - 8:18am

Tijuana: Municipal Police attacked in two separate events, there were arrests:

Atacan a Tiros a Policias en 2 Sitios Distintos
por, Luis Gerardo Andrade

03/29/18 - 8:18am:

Ensenada:  Municipal Police Commander Pablo Granados attacked on duty and onboard his unit with gunfire in Valle Verde.  Zeta notes that since March of last year, agents of ensenada have been attacked by gunfire several times with the balance of three dead and several injured.

Atacan a Balazos a Policia de Ensenada 
por, Mario A. Flores


Rosarito Beach was crowded over Semana Santa, but there weren't any white people around.


Briefly, here is one of my most fave writers on the latest Trump disasters:

From Counterpunch:

Hill and Don's Honduran Caravan

by, Paul Street - 04/06/2018

 Two Right-Wing Coups in the Americas

" You’ve got to hand it to Hillary Clinton.

 In 2016, she helped put the right-wing racist, sexist, nativist, authoritarian, and nationalist oligarch Donald Trump in the White House. She and her operatives did this in two ways: (1) by rigging the presidential primaries against the popular progressive Democrat Bernie Sanders, the Democrats’ best chance to prevail over Trump; (2) by mounting a dreadfully uninspiring and transparently tone-deaf, neoliberal general election campaign – a reflection of her massive funding by the nation’s corporate and financial establishment, including big business money normally slated for Republican presidential candidates.

 It was the second time in seven-and-a-half years that Hillary had helped install an authoritarian, racist, oligarchic and right-wing government in the Americas. In the spring of 2009, she had used her position as Barack Obama’s first Secretary of State to help the right-wing Honduran military and business class overthrow the democratically elected government of Honduras’s then president Manuel Zelaya. Mrs. Clinton did this because she was a right-wing corporate and imperial Democrat who naturally opposed Zelaya’s shift to the populist left. She was irritated by his opposition to the United States-led so-called War on Drugs. She did not like his call for the United States’ large Honduran Air Force base to be turned into a civilian airport. She hated his movement toward alliance and cooperation with left-populist governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. She disdained Zelaya’s efforts to overcome the interrelated problems of Honduran poverty, Honduran inequality, and Honduras’s long neocolonial subordination to Washington.

 With the approval of Mrs. Clinton and her boss Obama, the Honduran military seized Zelaya at gunpoint and exiled him to Costa Rica in his pajamas. After the coup, sold on preposterously false legal and constitutional grounds for which Hillary provided political cover, the new Honduran regime staged a rigged election that placed the clownish, racist, and right-wing landowner Porfirio “Pepe Lobo Sosa” in the Honduran presidency. Madame Secretary Clinton hailed this farce as a “free, fair, and democratic election with a peaceful transition of power.” Never mind that the election proceeded amidst interim coup president Roberto Micheletti’s suspension of basic civil liberties and in a climate of harsh police-state intimidation. Later, as Diana Johnstone noted in her book Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton, “The governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela refused to recognize the result, but Washington was content…President Lobo described his regime as a ‘government of national reconciliation.’ Hillary Clinton [deplorably] praised it as a ‘resumption of democratic and constitutional government.’”

 The results were not pretty: murderous paramilitary repression of peasants, workers, trade unionists, feminists, and intellectuals; a deepening of mass poverty; assassinations of opposition candidates; expanded corruption and gang violence; “social cleansing” of poor children; a massive flight of unaccompanied minors to Mexico and the U.S. in 2014. And the purported “children’s advocate” Hillary Clinton called for the closing of U.S. borders to thousands of children fleeing the vicious regime she helped impose on Honduras. As the Central American child migrant crisis became front-page news in the summer of 2014, Hillary called for most of the tens of thousands of children and teenagers seeking refuge to be sent back to the miserable conditions they had fled in their home countries. “We have to send a clear message,” Clinton deplorably told a CNN town hall: “just because your child gets across the border doesn’t mean your child gets to stay.” So what if half or more of the kids showing up at U.S. border could have qualified for humanitarian protection under international and US law?

 Never Mind: “The Caravans are Coming!

 Here we are nine years after the U.S.-backed overthrow of Zelaya. The newly emboldened “America First” nationalist Donald Trump has just this week warned the U.S. citizenry to watch out for criminal and asylum-seeking Central American hordes. “The Caravans are coming,” El Donito Tweeted at the start of the week. He fretted about how “our country is being stolen” by illegal immigration, blaming Democrats for feckless border policies and urging Mexico to bar “these large ‘Caravans’ of people.”

 The Great God Trump saw it on FOX News: a marching mass of Central Americans approaching to “take advantage of DACA” and “our weak border security.” The brown-skinned horde wants, Trump claimed, to exploit “liberal [Democrat] laws like Catch and Release.”

 This, Trump said, is why we need a big beautiful border Wall – to block evil marauders like these caravan creeps before they bring their devilish drugs and criminality to stop Hair Fuhrer from “Making America Great Again.”

 Since the Democrats have blocked the Wall, Trump said, “DACA is dead,” and the U.S. military will have to be deployed to secure the border. It’s time to take a stand!

 Never mind that Mexico and Central America are parts of “America” too – and that people from south of the U.S. border are Americans who also want to live “great” lives, or at least to get away from crushing terror and poverty. Never mind that the “large caravan” Trump thinks he saw on FOX News will probably number 700 people or less by the time it reaches northern Mexico – if it ever does (Subsequent reports indicate that the caravan will stop south of Mexico City).

 Forget the moronic nature of the idea that anyone would enter the U.S. in 2018 to “take advantage of DACA,” a federal policy that applies only to immigrant children brought to the country by undocumented parents before 2007.

 Forget how sadistic it is for the orange-tinted beast to make Dreamers’ chances of remaining in the only country they know as home depend on Congress’s willingness to back a racist Wall most of the U.S. population rejects.

 Forget that it was a Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who started building a physical wall on the U.S. southern border, in anticipation of the flood of Mexican migrants expected to result from the North American Free Trade Agreement’s devastating impact on Mexican farmers.

 Forget that there’s no “catch and release” edicts in U.S. immigration law. Forget that very few among the 1200 or so Central American migrants travelling in what is now an annual Easter time caravan through Mexico have any intention of seeking asylum in the U.S. (As KCUR radio reported three days ago, “The annual event organized by activists” is “designed to keep migrants safe and share information about their rights” inside Mexico.)

 Forget that the number of “illegal immigrants” caught at the U.S. border (310,000 last year, down from a peak of 1.6 million in 2000) is currently at its lowest level since 1971.

 Forget that the Caravan marchers are running away from drug violence and organized crime, among other scourges, in countries that have been ravaged by U.S. policy (including U.S. foreign, political, economic, military, drug, and climate policy) for decades.

 “Fuera JOH”

 Put all that Trumpian madness aside for a moment and reflect on Hillary and the Obama administration’s role in generating the annual ragged and desperate march of deeply impoverished Central Americans through Mexico. Most of the caravan participants that Washington’s Orange Dotard railed against are Hondurans fleeing repression, violence, and extreme poverty imposed by a right-wing regime Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama helped put in place in the spring of 2009 – a government the U.S. has funded and equipped ever since.

Organized caravans of largely Honduran Central American migrants have been marching across Mexico since 2010. Why since that year? Primarily because of the U.S-backed Honduran coup, which unleashed mass violence against ordinary Hondurans and Honduran activists.

The repression continues through the present, seen in “the violent [Honduran] suppression of political protests that erupted after last year’s presidential election” (New York Times, April 2, 2018) – more bloody cruelty from the malicious regime Hillary aided and abetted nine years ago. The 2017 Honduran election was transparently rigged to keep the military coup regime in power. That’s why many of the caravan marchers can be heard chanting “Fuera JOH” (“Out JOH”) a reference to the incumbent president, Juan Orlando Hernández, whose right wing National Party fixed the vote in his favor. The Trump administration nonetheless immediately recognized the results as legitimate, waiving off calls to cut off U.S. military and economic assistance to the Honduran government on human rights grounds – this while the Honduran military imposed a national curfew and a state of emergency.

 Playing to the Amerikaner Roseanne Base

 Why did Trump go ape-shit over the caravan this week? Because his favorite white nationalist television network has been highlighting the mass march and thanks to political calculations leading up to the mid-term elections this year. As the New York Times reports: “Stung by a backlash from his conservative supporters [e.g, the sallow neo-Nazi Anne Coulter] over his embrace of a trillion-dollar-plus spending measure that did not fund his promised border wall, and lacking a legislative initiative to champion with the approach of midterm congressional elections this fall, Mr. Trump has reverted to the aggressive anti-immigration messaging that powered his presidential campaign…”

 He’s playing to his basebase. He’s counting on its white-nationalist Amerikaner loyalty to the cult of Trump (with the revolting right-wing conspiracy nut and former progressive icon Roseanne Barr as a leading Kool Aid drinker) to combine with Republican gerrymandering, racist voter suppression, the reach of the vast right-wing media ecosphere (including the vast Sinclair broadcast network as well as FOX, right-wing talk radio, and Breitbart et al.), a tight job market, the frazzled electorate’s inability to follow Rachel Maddow and Robert Mueller’s (and Michael Isikoff and David Corn’s) endless and complex RussiaGate detective story, and the dismal and elitist nothingness of the neoliberal Democrats (the nation’s Inauthentic Opposition and Fake Resistance leaders) to keep Congress impeachment-proofed in 2019 and 2020.

 MoveOn and Off That Page

 Look for “liberal [Democrat]” pundits and politicos to deride Trump’s military deployment on the border while conveniently failing to mention that President Barack “Deporter-in-Chief” Obama sent 1,200 National Guardsmen (in “Operation Phalanx”) to patrol the southern border in 2010.

 It’s okay whenyourparty and president do nativist, nationalist, and other nasty things. It’s deplorable when presidents from the bad other of the only two electorally viable and (by the way) capitalist-imperialist U.S. political parties do those things. Which reminds me, are you concerned about Russian interference in U.S. politics? Here’s a curious passage you can expect “liberal [Democrat]” pundits and politicos to disregard in Michael Isikoff and David Corn’s new book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump:

 “The day after …Russian spies were arrested [on June 27, 2010], Bill Clinton arrived in Moscow to deliver the keynote speech at a conference sponsored by Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment banking firm with links to the Kremlin. Clinton was paid a whopping $500,000 for his ninety-minute appearance, which drew an audience of top Russian government officials. Though his wife was secretary of state, the former president had not curbed his lucrative overseas speech-making, even when the gigs were underwritten by groups that might have interests before the State Department…In the case of Renaissance Capital, the firm at that time was promoting a stock offering of a company called Uranium One—a mining firm that controlled about 20 percent of uranium production capacity within the United States. And Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, was in the process of purchasing a controlling interest in Uranium One, pending approval of a U.S. government foreign investment review board on which Hillary Clinton sat with eight other senior U.S. officials…Around the time of the Uranium One deal, the company chairman’s family foundation donated about $2.35 million to Clinton Foundation programs.”

 Huh. Oh well. Turn the page. Good Democrats know that all good Americans need to move on, I mean MoveOn, from that kind of Old News.

 I suppose we ought to be grateful to “liberal [Clinton Democrats]” Isikoff and Corn for honestly including that information in their new volume. I recall hearing Corn on National Public Radio when the big marches took place against the Inauguration of Trump. He didn’t think ragged anarchists, Marxists, and other suspect sorts who hadn’t been able to make themselves vote for the “lying neoliberal warmonger” (Adolph Reed, Jr’s accurate phrase, not Corn’s) and proud former Goldwater Girl Hillary Clinton had any right to be in the streets. That was like telling people that they couldn’t oppose the Gambino crime family if they didn’t openly support the Bonanno crime family.

 I wonder: if Hillary had run a better campaign and fended off the Trump-Steve Bannon-Robert Mercer-Sheldon Adelson assault in the late summer and fall of 2016, would a Clinton45 presidency now be facing Congressional inquiries into its ugly Russian entanglements while monitoring caravan movements driven by the ugly regime Mrs. Clinton helped create in Tegucigalpa in 2009?

 Single-Payer Caravan to Canada?

 I would roll out a welcome mat to any Central American caravans who make it to the U.S. upper Midwest. Perhaps I would ask them to accompany me on a trek to Canada, home to the single-payer national health insurance that most U.S.-Americans want and deserve. That’s the insurance system Harvard medical professor David Himmelstein, head of Physicians for a National Health Program, tried to tell First Lady Hillary Clinton about when she headed the White House’s health reform initiative in 1993. Himmelstein related the remarkable possibilities of a comprehensive, single-payer “Canadian-style” health plan, supported by more than two-thirds of the U.S. public. Beyond backing by a citizen super-majority, Himmelstein noted, single-payer would provide comprehensive coverage to the nation’s 40 million uninsured while retaining free choice in doctor selection and being certified by the Congressional Budget Office as “the most cost-effective plan on offer.”

 Hillary responded by dismissing Himmelstein with a weary and exasperated comment: “David, tell me something interesting.” There was no dishonesty in Hillary’s remark. Consistent with her neoliberal world view, she really was bored and irritated by Himmelstein’s pitch. Along with the big insurance companies they deceptively railed against, the Clintons decided from the start to exclude the popular, social-democratic health insurance alternative (single-payer) from the national health care “discussion.” (Obama would do the exact same thing in 2009.) What the First Lady deplorably advanced instead of the Canadian system that bored her was a hopelessly complex, secretly developed and corporatist system called “managed competition.”

 We have our own oligarchs in the United States – and a richly bipartisan permanent political class dedicated to serving those oligarchs. Maye we should start a caravan, if we’re not too busy working multiple low-wage jobs in the “booming” economy owned and operating for the United States’ corporate oligarchy."

 Join the debate on Facebook More articles by:Paul Street Paul Street’s latest book is They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy (Paradigm, 2014)


So, we wait to hear what Governor Jerry Brown will do - will he or won't he deploy the California National Guard to the Border?  I heard he was going to deploy and release at least a thousand Corgis armed with Rocky Mountain Wolf Biscuits !

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Vicente 2020 !!! - Hillary Is Back: Best Reactions So Far to Hillary's New Book

Presidente Pena Nieto has called for a three day mourning period for the people (at this point 61) who lost their lives during the massive 8.2 earthquake which struck Mexico late Thursday night - we caught it here about 1:00am early Friday morning.

So with that and watching Irma, Jose and the effects of Katia I'll hold off on publishing the violence-execution statistics..

Here's a good one, a bit light hearted because the rest of the news will be grim; but it should give you a few chuckles.  That darned old Fox, he sure likes to flip the bird:

You go dude ! Courtesy Zeta

From Zeta - 09/09/17 original link within title:

Fox "unveils" for US presidency in 2020; and as here, deliver promises

National Saturday, 9 September, 2017 06:56 AM
"Fox was not content to govern Mexico and now seeks to lead the United States; he wants to join his name to the likes of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, current president of the country of bars and stars.
Mexico City, Sept. 8 (SinEmbargo) .- Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada raised his hand to be Donald Trump's successor in 2020.

In a video, the former Panista argued that he can reach the White House, even if he is Mexican, arguing that three words would give him the reason: "Donald Fuckin Trump."

The former Mexican president, who held the presidential seat from 2000 to 2006, made some campaign promises, just as he did in 2000 to defeat Cuauhtemoc Cardenas of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and Francisco Labastida of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), which were used to ascend to power, but at the same time to defraud its suffragists, because very few of these were fulfilled.

Among the proposals of the number one rival of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, leader of Morena, are to appoint a competent cabinet ("not like the one now in the US") and build a wall that Mexico will gladly pay for, but on the outskirts of the Trump Tower in New York.

He insists, while a mariachi performs a song that invites to vote for Fox, that he wants to be the next successor of George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

The former Pan-American has maintained a constant struggle against the current US president, even in recent months, when Trump just won the presidency, Fox destroyed a piñata that supposedly was Donald."


In case you missed the video on the twitter link, here it is, fucking hilarious :


PLUS !  You can order your hat here:

Super Deluxe

Stay tuned.....yes it was funny, but another Bush is not a laughing matter.


UPDATE - 09/10/17: We are thinking about those lives lost during the great Mexican earthquake, although I am wondering when the authorities will insist on a nationwide moratorium for all of the lives lost during the the drug war, the 43 missing students, the thousands of missing people during the drug war and the Mexican journalists killed during the drug war not to mention the teachers killed by the authorities and how many migrantes lives lost in Mexico ? Meanwhile, we are still watching the effects of IRMA. Surfing around the internet the other story appearing front page on most of the conventional corporate media while plugging her new  book "What Happened" is this:

CBS - 09/10/17

Hillary Clinton On Why She Lost and "The Most Important" Mistake She Made 

The reactions so far are priceless, here are just some:

She's Back !

 From Counterpunch:

Hillary Hates Again
by, Paul Street

BTW, I noticed Paul Streets recent report ("The Silence of the Good People") published on Truthdig was not linkable at the Counterpunch article - at least on my computer, you can go here to read it:

From Truthdig:

Paul Street 


"If anyone thought that Clinton would fade into the woodwork after her Electoral College defeat, they were sadly mistaken. As long as there is money to be made, and the possibility, however remote, of grasping the seat of ultimate U.S. power, she will continue to make herself heard. Heaven help us all!"

From Counterpunch:

Hillary Clinton: A Woman Scorned
by, Robert Fatina


I could go on forever, just do search for : Why Hillary Clinton Lost The Election to get the real story (there are tons from Counterpunch.)

 What is so bizarre about the corporate media pushing Hillary and her new book to me at least is that she appears so egotistical clamouring for front page attention particularly during some of the worst natural disasters one right after the other hitting the United States (and Mexico) while millions of people are suffering.

Si Presidente Fox, we despise Trump, but please... Never Hillary !


Friday, April 7, 2017

"The Syrian Performance" - And That Is Exactly What It Was...A Performance

courtesy The Intercept:  The Strike

Returning to Trump and attempting to take in the perspectives of "...the Syrian Performance" as all of you are, these are the best to date IMHO:

In plain English and an excellent report, leave it to Glenn Greenwald:

The Intercept

The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise For Bombing Syria

by, Glenn Greenwald


Of course.....

Democracy Now ! 



Oh my gosh, Jeffrey St. Clair covers the whole shebang - longish and worth the read:


Roaming Charges:  Metaphysical Graffiti 

by, Jeffrey St. Clair


courtesy The Guardian

Update 04/10 : Convinced this was a false flag and it is shameful how the US corporate media and the do-do heads of the Democratic Party including Queen Hillary saluted Trump.  Note the links in the comments section to Glenn Greenwald's report. See ya'll later, hopefully. I guess we were not paying attention to Noam either......

From Alternet to TruthDig....more reports below article:

Chomsky: If Trump Falters with Supporters, a 'Staged or Alleged' Terrorist Attack Could Follow

Here is a very early early link I found over on the Intercept  -  there are many, many more which followed this, justifiably questioning the true nature of the sarin attack and who was responsible - and despite Assad being an asshole, it was not him.

On the Chemical Attack in Syria
by, Philippe Lemoine


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Trumpenstein's Tomahawk Dog-Wag: on Real and Fake News 
by, Paul Street

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Donald Trump's 'Wag the Dog' Moment in Syria
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We are screwed.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Maybe Someone Needs To Put Pruitt In a Room Full of C02 - There Has Been No Cease Fire or Accord Reached Here, February 2017 Closes With 108 Executions in TIJ - YTDate Total = 211 in TIJ

"Insane Clown President"

Everyone told us to beware of when puppies start to get their permanent teeth in, and we really didn't believe them having been through four pups together and never having a problem.  Little Paris is going through this now and she is like a tumbleweed in a fast moving hot desert wind.  She is bouncing, leaping, grabbing and some bad behaviors like biting and aggressive chewing everything have returned.  So, basically I've been with her constantly trying to have her refocus on chew toys, and she loves cardboard boxes.  The other night I was going to make a roast Peking-Sesame chicken and had moved the bird from being soaked to the counter.  Within a second, she leapt and tried to grab the bird.  Have had my hands full. I haven't even opened my email in over a week.

As you probably already are aware from yesterday's headlines, Scott Pruitt does not believe that carbon dioxide is a major factor in global warming. Here is just one response from the CBS link to Live Science:

Carbon Dioxide Is Warming the Planet (Here's How)
by, Stephanie Pappas

More climate change reports here, don't miss their daily news:

Climate Change|Democracy Now ! 

Speaking of environmentalists earlier this week was the anniversary of the assassination of Berta Caceres, with an investigative report from The Guardian and also covered by Democracy Now !.  Did anyone notice that the name of Hillary Clinton was not mentioned and she was in charge of the original 2009 Honduran coup ? I imagine that because Trump is such a scum bag, she got a pass on this one.

I do get a kick out of Paul Street, here he nails it: (I have time to paste this because Paris is taking a nap)


March 10, 2017
 On and Beyond the Removal of a Jackass President: Impeachment Not Required
 by Paul Street

"Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution, passed February 19, 1967, gives the U.S. Vice President, the presidential Cabinet, and Congress the power to remove the President of the United States from office without impeachment. One provision in the Amendment allows the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet to send a letter to Congress stating that the President is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” This letter would immediately initiate a transfer of power to the Vice President, subject to Congressional review.

 A different provision in the Amendment empowers Congress to form its own body to evaluate the President’s fitness for office, eliminating the need for the Cabinet’s involvement in the process (emphasis ours):

 “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

 The amendment does not specify any specific form of disability. It permits Congress to determine and enforce its own criteria for presidential fitness. Congress could deem the President “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” if they conclude that he cannot be trusted with classified information from intelligence agencies. Congress can use the threat of removal to enhance it leverage over the President’s actions. There’s no medical diagnosis required. Truth be told, the Amendment leaves the door open for the president to be kicked out of the White House for being too stupid, too vicious, or just too much of a jackass – for being someone like Donald Trump.

 Do not misunderstand me. I am no fan of the U.S. Constitution, an archaic and openly anti-democratic document introduced in the 1780s explicitly to keep the wealthy propertied Few in controlling power over and against the property-less and property-poor Many. I do not wish to defend “the power and duties” of the U.S. presidency, an office whose occupants have committed war crimes and other crimes against humanity on a vast scale for many decades. Let the imperial presidency collapse. I hold both major capitalist U.S. political organizations in total contempt. I agree with the American expat playwright John Steppling when he writes that “The strange sight of liberal America participating in a neo-McCarthyite assault on Trump appointees, not on the grounds of their inherent racism and stupidity, but because they have contacts with Russia, is among the more surreal spectacles of modern political history… the result of this new Russophobic hysteria is to create a precedent for the CIA and even more shady and shadowy forces to unseat an elected President…common cause is being made with the worst actors in American politics.” And I am no fan of the lethal white Christian nationalist Mike Pence, who would become president if Trump were removed.

 At the same time, it strikes me that a national ruling class with any reasonable sense of duty to the entity called the United States – or with any serious concern at least for the public relations image of the United States – would push now for the permanent 25th Amendment, sec. 4 removal of the noxious racist idiot Donald J. Trump from the White House.

 The Open Madness of Candidate Donald

 Of course, candidate Trump gave numerous glaring indications that he was unfit for the job, which includes putting at least a veneer of decency and sophistication on the highly indecent, brutal, and exploitative system of American Empire and Inequality at home and abroad. The unabashed madness of candidate Trump was epic. Herr Donito the presidential contender:

 + said that immigrants from Mexico are rapists and murderers and went on bizarre rants claiming that “criminal aliens” are wreaking havoc in the United States.

 + first rose to political notoriety as a leader of the insane “birther movement,” which claimed that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

 + accused fellow contender Ted Cruz’s father of being linked to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

 + suggested (against all evidence) that Blacks and Latinos would commit massive voter fraud.

 + attacked a Mexican-American federal judge for ruling against the scam “Trump University,” attributing the magistrate’s decision to his ethnicity.

+ advocated banning adherents of an entire world religion (Islam) from the United States.

 + offered to pay the legal bills of a white man who viciously sucker-punched a Black protester at a Trump rally.

 + failed to properly distance himself from the Ku Klux Klan.

 + responded to the racial turbulence sparked by repeated video-captured police killings of Black Americans by calling for “a national stop and frisk law” – that is, for a declaration of national racist martial law.

 + continued to defend the railroading of the “Central Park Five” – five young Black men who were wrongfully convicted (with Trump leading the charge) of raping a white woman in New York City in 1989. (The subsequently exonerated five spent years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit).

 + engaged in the ugly racist imitation of an Asian accent in front of a hot microphone.

+ mocked a disabled reporter in a chillingly juvenile way in front of a hot microphone.

+ called climate change “weather,” saying that global warming was a hoax perpetrated by Chinese to harm U.S. manufacturing.

+ promised to honor the results of the presidential election only if he won, egging his more extreme backers to engage in violence if the count didn’t go his way.

 + called his political opponents “losers” and gives them nasty, juvenile nicknames and

+ insulted the looks of a fellow Republican presidential candidate and those of other candidates’ wives.

 + behaved like a lazy and boorish adolescent during his “presidential” “debates” with Hillary Clinton – events for which he openly failed to prepare.

 + followed his first hideous “debate” performance by going on a bizarre Twitter tirade the next the morning against a former Miss Universe he once labelled “Miss Piggy.”

 + wondered aloud why the U.S. couldn’t use nuclear weapons and says it might be good for Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Japan to be equipped with nuclear weapons.

 + advocated the use of torture and even the killing of terrorists’ families and relatives in the U.S. war on (of) terror.

+ boasted that he’d “shoot” Iranian naval ships if they ever again interdicted “our beautiful destroyers with their little boats.”

 + questioned John McCain’s status as a war hero, saying that he preferred military personnel “who don’t get captured.”

+ claimed that he too had “sacrificed” by employing “thousands and thousands of people” while feuding with the parents of a Muslim U.S. soldier killed in Iraq,

+ said this to a military veteran who give Trump his Purple Heart medal, given to those injured in “battle”: “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier” – a remarkable statement for a Vietnam era draft-dodger like Donald.

 I could go on.

 Insane Clown President

 Perhaps you thought it was all some crazy comedy act, calculated to win the election with the moron vote, and that Trump would become presidential when he became president.

 Wrong. Since taking the oath, Insane Clown President (ICP) Donald Trump’s presidency has been a great homage to the American reality television series “Jackass.” The witless Big Brother -in-Chief:

 + spent his first full day in office claiming like a petulant grade-schooler that the media underestimated the size of his Inauguration crowd.

 + complained about the above alleged media slight in a weird, rambling Day 1 speech to the Central Intelligence Agency – a speech in which he told stone-faced intelligence officials that the U.S. might get “another chance” to go into Iraq and “get its oil.”

 + replaced the White House website’s climate change page with a pledge to drill for oil on federal lands.

+ has repeatedly claimed, against all evidence, to have won the popular vote in the presidential election (by as many as 5 million votes, he ludicrously purports) and to have been cheated of a popular vote victory by voter fraud.

 + created an absurd diplomatic crisis with Australia by complaining publicly over a private phone call with that nation’s Prime Minister.

+ has brandished openly bogus crime data in making authoritarian, not-so subtly racist calls for “law and order.”

 + farcically threatened to send the U.S. military down to Mexico to “deal with some bad hombres.”

 + went on Twitter to complain about how a major U.S. retail firm dropped his daughter’s losing perfume brand.

+ ordered an ill-prepared, un-vetted, discriminatory and unconstitutional travel ban on Muslims, eliciting mass protests and judicial veto.

+ referred to a distinguished federal jurist who blocked his travel ban as a “a so-called judge,” something that even Trump’s own Supreme Court nominee called “discouraging” (Trump then denied that this nominee opposed his attack on the courts).

 + chillingly framed judicial review of presidential actions as a threat to national security and as a sign of national decline.

 + violated court orders against his moronic travel ban.

 + conducted a nuclear strategy session with Japan’s prime minster not in the White House but in the public dining room of Trump’s Florida resort.

 + allowed one of his super-wealthy resort guests to post a picture to Facebook of the Army officer tasked with carrying America’s “nuclear football.”

+ trashed a key nuclear arms treaty (New START) during a call with Vladimir Putin — this after putting the phone down to ask his advisers what that treaty was.

 + allowed his press secretary Sean Spicer to claim that Iran had committed an “act of war” against the United States.

+ upbraided Spicer for being impersonated by a woman (Melissa McCarthy) on Saturday Night Live.

+ appointed blithering morons with no serious knowledge of relevant policy subject matter to Cabinet positions (examples include Betsy DeVos [Education], Ben Carson [Housing and Urban Development], and Rick Perry [Energy]).

+ barred CNN, the New York Times, Politico, the Los Angeles Times, and other mainstream media from a White House briefing – this because these media outlets were considered too unfriendly to the White House.

 + referred to the nation’s mainstream media as “enemies of the people” (an accurate enough description from a democratic left perspective though that’s not Trump’s perspective, to say the least).

 + approved a poorly planned, mass-murderous, and child-killing commando raid in Yemen over dinner.

 + distanced himself from the Yemen operation after it went bad (even while claiming it as a great success at his opening de facto State of the Union Address).

 + said this to an assembly of the nation’s fifty state governors in support of his preposterous call for a 10 percent increase in the hyper-bloated Pentagon budget: “We have to start winning wars again…We never win…When I was young, in high school and in college, everybody used to say we never lost a war. America never lost. Now, we never win a war.”

 + said this about the great 19th century Black abolitionist and social critic Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) in comments on Black History Month: “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I noticed… And he’s continuing to do an amazing job, I noticed. Good” (It sounded like the president thought Douglass (a) is still alive and (b) might do well on “Celebrity Apprentice.”)

 Saturday Morning Meltdown: Bad Grandpa Launches PhoneTapGate

 Dunce Cap Donald has continued with his malignantly childish and narcissistic habit of serial Tweeting in pouty and undignified ways that help make a joke out of the U.S. presidency. In his creepy quest for constant attention, he persists in making outlandish claims like a teenage “mean girl” going after her enemies online.

 The president’s latest Tweet storm is the wackiest yet. It’s like something out of the Bad Grandpa movies. Without evidence, Trump accused his predecessor Barack Obama of having wiretapped his telephones prior to the 2016 election. Trump made no effort to offer any proof to support the allegation. He said that “bad” and “sick” Obama’s alleged bugging of him was a scandal on the scale of Richard Nixon’s Watergate.

The next day, the White House wheeled out a junior spokesperson to walk back the orange-haired beast’s latest online meltdown. The spokesperson could only say that the raging Twitter Twit in the Oval Office “believes” the bugging occurred and that Congress should investigate. FBI Director James Comey (who helped elect the Trumpkin last October) James Comey has asked the Justice Department to repudiate the fantastic allegation made against Obomber44 by Trumpenstein45.

 Bad Grandpa says he doesn’t believe Comey’s denial of any knowledge that a FISA judge permitted the executive branch to tap Trump’s phones.

 Even if Trump has some hint of evidence consistent with his charge (unlikely), it is ridiculously inappropriate for him to have a teenage Twitter Tantrum over such a – one would think- grave matter of high state conduct.

 If it came out that the Obama administration did have a FISA wiretap on Trump, that would show that a high-level federal judge agreed (speaking of McCarthyism) that the campaign had suspicious links to “foreign agents.” Either way, proof or no proof, Trump shows that he’s a certifiable dumb-ass.

 It’s like having your demented old uncle who watches FOX News and listens to raving right- wing talk radio lunatics like Mark Levin all day in the Oval Office.

 For what it’s worth, Trump followed his remarkable Twitter-launched charges against Obama (who I have also long loathed for different and evidence-based reasons from the left) claims with the following Tweet the very same morning: “Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me. Sad end to great show.”

 Insane. Clownish. Unreal. Dystopian. The world’s and history’s top Superpower has “commander-in-chief” who goes on Twitter to make wild accusations against the previous White House occupant and takes a Tweet swipe at a reality television personality in the same online breath. Aldous Huxley and George Orwell could have an interesting email exchange over that.

 As Joseph Welch, chief counsel for the U.S. Army, said to said to the drunken, power-mad Joe McCarthy in 1954: “at long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

 A Great Regressive Opportunity

 So when does the wise, benevolent, and far-seeing American ruling class, gravely and properly concerned for the legitimacy and outward decency of the American System, make use of the Constitutional Amendment that Lyndon Johnson gave them to get rid of the outrageous, knuckle-dragging atrocity – the abject national embarrassment – currently occupying the White House? Three things stand in the way of rapid removal. First, the remarkably unpopular and indeed widely loathed party in Cabinet and Congressional power cannot resist its current opportunity to ram through a right-wing regulation- and tax-cutting, pro-business agenda in the name of the “free market.” It doesn’t want to blow the current shining moment in its longstanding battle to smite the common good and the hapless Many yet further in service to the nastiest among the wealthy Few.

 The short-term, bottom-line benefits of the current deregulatory, tax-cutting and diversionary, populace-dividing and public -degrading promises on offer from the unexpected TrumPence-Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell moment are very attractive indeed for much of the business class.

 It’s got nothing to do with decency. Quite the opposite. Decency went out the door a long time go in this nasty neoliberal age.

 Bad and Distant Entertainment

 Second, it’s not clear that an adequate mass of the U.S. populace is sufficiently agitated or equipped to wade through all the bizarre nonsense and force the matter from below. It’s all just a blur to most ordinary Americans, who are too busy trying to keep their heads above water in the current “long depression” to try to figure out what in Hell the ICP and the rest of political and chattering classes are going on about. “What’s a FISA court? He said what? What’s that she said? Oh well.” Life goes on. It all seems pretty removed from relevant daily experience and struggles – kind of like, well, like some stupid reality television show. It’s bad entertainment and background noise for millions.

 One of Trump’s greatest assets has always been the (ex-?) citizenry’s systematically encouraged disdain for – and inability to understand and engage with – the purposefully noxious idiocy of U.S. politics. The right has long been working with often unwitting allies in the corporate media to turn the reigning political culture into an endless senseless freak show that threatens the mental health of anyone who focuses on it to more than a passing extent. Untangling the cobwebs of madness behind the constant “ThisWeekInTrump” (Ted Rall’s clever phrase) spectacle takes time and energy few Americans possess, preoccupied as they are by absurdly long working and commuting hours and often by multiple low-wage jobs. The Latest Trump Abomination Report is just another soul- and brain-deadening energy suck. Call it the banalization of dystopia. Brave new shrug.

 What Benevolent American Elite?

Third, it’s not clear that the ruling class I posited three paragraphs above exists anymore if it ever really did. A “business elite” that truly cared about the United States of America and its future would never have let the nation become mired in many years of mindless ideological debate promoted by religious and social conservatives over things like creationism versus evolution. It would not have allowed U.S high school math and science capabilities fall through the floor. It would not have let the nation’s public investment in social and technical infrastructure decline to the current breaking points.

 It would not have permitted religious fundamentalists to mount serious political challenges to stem cell research. It would not have let Big Oil wage a disastrous propaganda war on climate science. It would not have let the county be plagued by endemic illiteracy and innumeracy. It would not have permitted levels of historical ignorance so extreme that most Americans can no longer tell you who fought on what side during World War II or when or why the American Civil War was fought. It would not have allowed millions to become addicted to violent video games and attached to terrible pre-fascist television spectacles like “The Jerry Springer Show,” Maury Povich (the inner-city-shaming paternity test king), and pussy-grabber Donald’s “The Apprentice.” It would not permit elections to fall to the level of beer and car commercials and, come to think of it, the Springer Show.

It would not have permitted the nation to become saturated with assault weapons even as it throws millions out of work and shreds mental health care services. It would not permit the nation’s waterways to become hopelessly polluted with industrial and agricultural run-off. It would not make health care unavailable and un-affordable to millions of its citizens. It would not have let the so-called land of liberty become history’s greatest monument to mass incarceration and home to a giant, still burgeoning militarized police state. It would not have presided over the destruction of basic living and working standards for millions upon millions of ordinary Americans as wealth and power concentrated upward to the absurd point where the top tenth of the upper U.S. 1 Percent owns more wealth than the nation’s bottom 90 percent.

 It would not let the “world’s richest country” rank absurdly low in basic measures of social and physical health, including life expectancy, infant mortality, drug addiction, violence, suicide, inequality, social mobility, and poverty. It would not have let the nation’s political and policy systems be turned into an openly plutocratic oligarchy transparently beyond the influence of citizens (regardless of which party or party configurations holds nominal power). It not have turned the Democratic Party into a pathetic junior partner in the full Wall Street-led corporate takeover of politics and policy.

 As Noam Chomsky told Occupy Boston five and a half years ago, the financial elite atop the corporate sector and the political system has been de-developing and dismantling the United States since the 1970s. The harsh reality in the neoliberal era is that the economic elite that rules America is global and transnational and feels much more in common with fellow opulent masters of capital in other nations than it does with ordinary folks in “the homeland.” It is all too willing to let much of the ever more poisoned and used-up national territory that is the United States sink in the mire.

 Perhaps He’s Gone Too Far?

 Still, even this neoliberal and transnational ruling class can’t have the United States – still very much the world’s most powerful and governing, system-underwriting capitalist state – become an openly Kardashian farce. Along with real policy concerns over his promises to normalize relations with Russia and launch an economic nationalist agenda, that’s why it overwhelmingly supported the far more boring but Establishment-vetted and reliably ruling class, Yale Law-trained, and Council of Foreign Relations- and Brookings-approved arch-neoliberal candidate Hillary Clinton over the Orange-Tinted Twitter- Addicted Circus Freak in the election.

There were, perhaps, some hopes that the Madness of King Don could be contained after he seemed to have calmly read a seemingly ruling class-approved, NATO-backing teleprompter speech to Congress on the first Tuesday in March. The 70-year-old Toddler-in-Chief even won praise for seeming “presidential” from silly liberal pundits like Van “Man Ho” Jones on the Trump-demonized network CNN. Maybe, it seemed, the beast had been drugged and tamed, brought to heel.

 But then came the wild, recklessly un-and anti-presidential Saturday morning Towergate assault, followed by the weird further attack on poor steroid-poisoned Arnold. It was perhaps the craziest Trumpenstein moment yet – and that’s saying quite a bit.

Thus, I am not surprised to hear well-placed rumors that “a bloc is forming between Republicans and Democrats to remove Trump because he is viewed as incompetent and mentally unstable” (Louis Proyect via “social media”). Or to read a March 7th Time Magazine piece by two Yale Law students telling readers about Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, arguing that “it is important to understand the constitutional mechanisms that would allow removal of a president if a broad bipartisan consensus emerges that he or she is unable to lead our nation.”

 President Jackass has gone too far, perhaps, even for an American wealth and power elite that has been giving American and world citizens the double-fisted middle finger(s) for as long as we can remember (From the beginning really, but with special viciousness since we so ungratefully rose up in many-sided democratic rebellion during the 1960s, that scary decade of democratic protest that the top corporate attorney and future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell wrote a famous ruling class memo about [and against] and that presidential candidate and current Richard Branson kite-surfing pal Obama [recently rewarded for his dedicated service to the nation’s unelected dictatorship of money with a $65 million contract to write his third book – his third book about himself – along with Michelle Obama doing a book about herself and Barack] made sure to distance himself from while praising Ronald Reagan.)

 We shall see. I’m not holding my breath.

 A Ruling Class That Deserves to Die

What about us, we the people, the working and ever more lower-class majority in whose name the U.S. government acts? What do we need. If the oligarchy’s masters won’t remove the nation’s eco-exterminist president, the orange-faced Ignoramus-in-Chief, then we’d have to do that ourselves, through mass rebellion. But if we developed the capacity and willpower to unseat this nauseating petro-plutocratic/Exxon-plagiarizing jackal, what would the point and purpose be? To install Mike Pence and a new coalition of Christian white-nationalist neocons allied with neoliberal imperialists to ramp up the New Cold War with Russia, flirting with catastrophic consequences? To bring back the same old warmongering, Russia-hating dismal dollar Democrats, who serve capital and empire with a different, more politically correct and multi-cultural and bi-coastal and metropolitan mask – and whose right-leaning failures recurrently return visible state power back to the evermore wacky rightmost party after one or two presidential terms?

 No, our goal should be something far more meaningful, radical, and democratic. A system that posits the choice between outwardly liberal corporate-imperialist populace-betrayers like the Clintons and Obama on one hand and wicked Republican thugs like George W. Bush and Donald Trump on the other hand is a system that deserve to be overthrown in the name of (imagine) popular sovereignty (the U.S. Founders’ ultimate nightmare). A ruling class that degrades political discourse to the current new Springer-Trump low and grants us either the “lying neoliberal warmonger” Hillary Clinton or the malignant pre-fascist and geocidal narcissist Donald Trump as our “choices” for president is a ruling class that deserves to die. A ruling class that is willing to let the Earth be pushed past irrevocable tipping points of environmental destruction is a ruling class long past it moral expiration date. We need to organize not just to bring down an administration and a government but to bring down ­the government and the broader domestic and global profit and empire system the U.S. government both reflects and serves."


Wow, well while we watch the United States decay at an even more rapid pace, what's up with the drug war that no one seems to want to talk about?  Locally in Tijuana, the month of February closed out with 108 executions which puts the total dead from this clash between the titans (CJNG + CAF vs. Sinaloa)  since the first of the year in Tijuana alone at 211.  So, any hopes of a cease fire or accord were dashed.  And, March is on a roll, can't seem to get off that freeway.  I'll be back with the details, plus pics of the flooding here and home damage at SADM from the torrential rains.  Of course, no one is going in the ocean water (haaha remember - that was the reason we moved here, oh brother), I'm seeing more people on bikes though.

Asesinan a tres en TIJ; van ya 211 en el ano

Here's one for sweet Paris, gawd I cannot believe she's still taking a nap.