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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spooky Thursday In Baja California - Eight Bodies Strewn Across Ensenada - More in Rosarito and TIJ - At 8:10am PGJE Reports 84 Dead in TIJ This Month; Total for TIJ 1,353 And The Numbers Just Keep Coming In - UPDATE 10/20: Look Who Was Back In Town: James Tyler Yaegar !!!

All news agencias have reported the dead naked bodies of six men and two women showing signs of torture began to be discovered throughout the Municipality of Ensenada shortly after 1:00am:

1:25am:  Naked and tortured body of a man located in colonia Esperanza.

1:26am:  Naked and tortured body of a man located in Villa Fontana.

2:06am:  In the Playa Ensenada neighborhood on Blvd. Las dunes, naked and tortured bodies of a man and a woman located.

2:26am:  Naked and tortured bodies of two men located in colonia Artesanal.

7:18am:  Naked and tortured bodies of a man and a woman located in the upper part of Maneadero.


Amanece Ensenada con 8 Ejecutados
por, Cesar Cordova


Early this afternoon Frontera reported that the Procuradora de Justicia del Estado, Perla del Socorro Ibarra Leyva announced that at least six of the eight victims were deprived of their liberty (kidnapped) on Wednesday night and the investigation by the PGJE is in full swing:


Seis de Los Ejecutados en Ensenada Estaban Privados de Su Libertad: PGJE
por, Erick Reynaga


A bit later this afternoon, Zeta reported an interview with Mayor Marco Novelo of Ensenada where he noted the alarming discoveries,calling the combined executions a "foco rojo" (flashpoint or red flag) and that meetings have been scheduled with Perla Ibarra, Governor Kiko and Daniel de la Rosa Anaya. The Mayor is confidant the corporations are working in unison although any information on these recent cases at the moment is hushed.  When questioned about the cause of the more than 150 murders in Ensenada and San Quintin this year he had no specific answer but did question the recent release of 800 prisoners from local prison (s) and their potential impact.


"Si es alarmante, es un foco rojo", admite alcalde Novelo sobre los 8 ejecutados encontradis este jueves en Ensenada
por, Juan Carlos Dominguez

So, at this point that's all we know - no one is sure if this means an even more bloody intensification and further extension of the current drug war into the other Municipalities.


Tijuana - At 8:10am PGJE reports 84 executed in Tijuana this month of October with a YTD total in TIJ of 1,353.  Angel Gonzalez covers where we left off last blog...


Incontenible Ola Homicida 
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

However, since that report there have been three more....also note the narco-mantas (remember, narco-mantas=problemas):



Rosarito - there were three killings in Rosarito today:

 - Two encobijados located 2:40am on the free road to Ensenada @ Puente Rene's:

Encuentran Dos Cadaveres Encobijados en Carretera Libre a Ensenada 
por, Carmen Gutierrez

 - 4:00pm one man shot and killed by carload of gunmen in Colonia Independencia on the road which leads to the Convention Center:

Ejecutado en La colonia Independencia de Rosarito 
por, Carmen Gutirerrez


  Paris had a really bad reaction to the anesthesia yesterday, she was sick all day.

Over and out for now.


Updates/edit 10/20:

 - Ensenada:  Frontera recaps the Ensenada events giving more details; victims sustained gunshot wounds to heads and necks, a location map where the bodies were discovered and the official number of executions YTD in Ensenada stands at 156:

8 Ejecutados en Ensenada; 6 Estaban Plagiados - 10/20/17
por, Cesar Cordova

 - Ensenada:  Two more dead; these were the bodies of a man and a woman located inside of a house which was being used as an office.  Another man located in the house attempting to set it on fire.  Ensenada is now up to YTD total of 158:

Encuentran dos cadaveres dentro de despacho en Ensenada - 10/20/17
por, Cesar Cordova

 - Tecate:  I'm adding this because obviously some type of positioning is happening along with more threats to the authorities.  Tecate stands at 42 executions YTD, three police officials executed.  Pasted translation:


Dejan Cabeza Humana y Mensaje a Metros de la Policia de Tecate - 10/20/17
 por, Isai Lara Bermudez

"A cooler containing a human head and a message supposedly signed by the Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) cartel was abandoned just 300 meters from the offices of the Public Security Directorate.

The finding was recorded minutes before one o'clock on Friday, October 20, on Culiacan Avenue in the Industrial Colony in Tecate; way used to go to the gate with the United States.

The head belonged to a man about 30 years old. It was inserted in a red plastic icebox, next to this was placed a message written in fluorescent cardboard.
"This is going to happen to all the chapulines and those who do not line up here strip the dick. CJNG atte El Puma " , reads on the card.

In June the head of Jose Alfredo Pereira González "El Churumbelo", identified as a hitman of the Sinaloa Cartel was also abandoned along with a cardboard box next to the home of Francisco Castro Trenti, director of Security in the Magic Town and brother of the Mexican ambassador in Switzerland and former candidate of the PRI to the governorship of Baja California.
Here the note:

Only this morning the government of Nereida Fuentes sent a statement in which appears the director of Security ensuring that acts of corruption will not be allowed in the corporation.
"According to the Citizen Security Plan drawn up by the Mayor, Nereida Fuentes from the beginning of his administration, fostering a change of attitude and behavior in the police action, the Director of Citizen Security of Tecate, Francisco Castro Trenti carried out in the facilities of the municipal command the list pass to the elements of the address in the presence of high and middle managers where he said that "no acts of corruption or abuse of authority will be tolerated," the statement said.

So far this year, there have been 42 homicides in Tecate. And as far as the PRI administration of Fuentes (from November to the present), 3 active municipal police officers have been executed."


 -Tijuana:  Ya'll remember James Tyler Yaegar, right?  Almost twenty years ago, old timers down in Punta Banda warned us that these Gringo criminals and con men never go away; they always come back.  Fortunately for us nowadays immigration and records are computerized and there seems to be a more coordinated effort in rounding up the parasites.  Here is the report from Zeta:


Ex Marine Liberado en Tijuana es Detenido Por Cruce de Indocumentados 
por, Ines Garcia Ramos - 10/20/17

Pasted Translation:

"US citizen James Tyler Yeager, who was accused of robbing a house with a firearm in San Antonio del Mar in Tijuana and being released by a judge in that city, was arrested at the San Ysidro International Crossing for attempting to enter a an undocumented Chinese citizen.

According to the indictment filed by the Southern California District Attorney's Office before the Federal Court in San Diego, at about 6:44 am on September 10, the former Marine was driving a 2006 Ford Focus vehicle with California license plates and applied for admission to the American Union.

However, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent proceeded to refer him to secondary inspection because Yeager did not present any identification and spelled badly on his surname.
Although the ex-Marine asked the officer not to send him to secondary inspection because he had spent three hours there two days earlier, it was in this area where the car was checked and a man was found hiding in the tire compartment of spare in the trunk.

During the interview with US agents, the migrant identified as Han Wu Chen stated that, from China, his family would pay $ 7,000 in exchange for being taken to the United States.

Months prior to this, Yeager was identified by residents of the San Antonio del Mar residential as responsible for at least ten thefts, as captured by security cameras. Eventually, the American was arrested in flagrante delicto while committing a robbery to house room, on Sunday, April 23, 2017.

The State Attorney General's Office (PGJE) reported after his arrest that he was also linked to a double homicide committed in the same residential area, located on the Tijuana-Ensenada highway.

Although the victim of the robbery made his statement and agents of the Federal Police observed how Yeager fled the residence and threw the shotgun used to threaten the owner who was inside, Fernando Benítez, a defense lawyer of the American argued that he was never provided an expert translator to explain the charges he faced.

Thus, on April 30, Judge Leticia Larrañaga Vizarra determined to release the American during the bonding hearing due to the "formal vices" committed during the process that violated his human rights.

After being released on that occasion, the former Marine's family claimed that Yeager would enter a rehabilitation center in the United States for treatment to combat his drug addiction.

According to documents filed before the Federal Court in San Diego, Mr. Yeager pleaded not guilty to the charges of trafficking in undocumented persons he faces, despite the fact that the migrant has already testified against him, and is currently under arrest and under criminal prosecution ."