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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Latest On Trump's Frivolous Outrageous Lawsuit Claims of Fraudulent Election - Roger Stone - The Trump Cult - We Love You Agnes Blalock !

Pro-Trump Rallies Today...Partially Brought To You By Assorted Racists, and...


...Roger Stone, former adviser and confidante to President Donald Trump, was sentenced on February 20 to 40 months in prison. Trump later commuted Stone's sentence. Report here.



 My pre-surgery Covid test was changed from Friday to today, so once again we were up in the states all day trying to accomplish a million things including taking Paris to the" beauty parlor." That's what she calls it - not the "groomers" or even Pet-Co. This is turning out to be a hassle, and it starts all over again in about 10 to 12 weeks for the other eye. Meanwhile, we didn't even hear about the pro-Trump rallies and anti-Trump demonstrations until after we came home.

Which brings me to what seems to be the defining word of both the GOP party and the Trumpistas: they are a cult. 

One of my goals is to read the authors on that last link so I can better understand the concept and know what to expect. Many people are terrified and almost frozen in fear of the possibilities of a never ending and expanding Trump Cult.  Many others dismiss the idea totally, believing that he will just fade away.  But its existence added with the fact that Trump is playing chess board with the Pentagon, DHS and our National Security, certainly gives reason if not for panic for at least a long pause. 

So here's what I came up with on his BS lawsuits:

 ~ From Politico:

'Purely Outlandish Stuff': Trump's Legal Machine Grinds To a Halt

"So many lawsuits have been filed in so many state and federal courts that no one has an exact number. The campaign has lost nearly all of the cases that have been decided so far."