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Monday, January 18, 2016

Baby Princess Freida aka "The Muffin"

Good morning. One of the things that kept us going living in this shit hole of war, organized crime, impunity, violence, pollution, a place where sincere Mexican environmental scientists, geologists, social activists, journalists and political oppositionists either are compelled as the case of Javier Sicilia to hire bodyguards for protection, spied on, hacked, threatened, silenced or murdered; where intellectuals, poets and writers have left and live in self exile out of fear, a place where we watched the unplanned urban sprawl with little or no infrastructure spread like a cancer, a place where we witnessed outrageous human suffering and disgustingly unjust and unfair labor practices, a place with complete economic disparity resembling a feudalistic state but much worse, human and drug trafficking, child and women sex slavery, barbarianism, lies, danger, deceit, death and filth for ten years and eight months of her life was Freida Muffin.  She also became the object along with us of vile and cruel attacks from the idiot and greedy promoters, crooks and liars aka the LOL schadenfreude nimwits which were  hateful and hurtful and untrue in nature (which I will never forgive or forget ) who most likely due to their low self esteem will be celebrating after this news.

Of course I am referring to Linton Robinson aka "Fulano" who on several occasions made  malicious, demeaning or disparaging remarks about the Muffin - and I have copies.  Well, since this asshole hates little animals so much, I think he should move out of the Ramona Country Estates and down to be with his friends at Campo La Joya in Punta Banda who he supports and they can all go together out to the old dump where people abandon their dogs and the dogs are used for target practice; or maybe he will get real lucky and Lou Gaziou (best friend of Mike Pabloff) and he can put out poison INSIDE the camp for stray dogs and watch them go into convulsions and slowly die while they pat each other on their backs and howl with laughter.  When we lived there, six dogs were tortured and murdered this way - in the "temporary zone" where the idiot Marine who was arrested in Ensenada is trying to sell property.  It is true, their owner was into some shady deals but why kill the dogs? They didn't do anything wrong. There wasn't a humane way to deal with this situation ?

We were hoping that the outcome of her recent tests would be treatable but that is not the case. Freida has an aggressive and large neoplasia (tumor) or nasal carcinoma.

The impending loss of Freida (although we are exploring University of Davis vet medicine programs especially " transnare cryoblation" which as far as I can see is not available in San Diego or LA) is so devastating that for the time being I am quitting the blog - our goal is to get the hell out of here and there is work that needs to be done to this house to sell it - if it sells at all.

What am I saying?  Of course it will sell - already there are three (maybe more) properties here at SADM which the developers (including gringo crooks) have turned into two and three story condos or apartments and obviously have made a lot of money doing so.   This is the trend at SADM and it began several years ago (even though we along with many Mexican homeowners tried to stop it and failed, our homes and vehicles vandalized with obscene graffiti) when the cagey real estate developers (including gringo crooks) took off the books that no development or construction could block views or house more than one family. It is all about making money and ruining a neighborhood just when most of the elitist gringos had left. Pretty soon, SADM will just be an extension of the Playas de Tijuana which we all know is feo and a total disaster. In a sense, at SADM it is a seller's market so don't feel too bad about it, you can potentially stick it to the developers who are hot to buy up properties and lots under these conditions converting a nice neighborhood into just another eyesore. Meanwhile it would probably be a good idea to keep up with your taxes and trust fees because we know one family who has had a difficult time keeping up and were notified by the bank, a notice placed on their car windshield of past due amounts.   The outcome is  unknown (whether or not this family actually loses their home), but someone is watching those fees very closely now unlike in past years and given the state of corruption and collaboration between the hungry wolves, who is to say what could be in store for you. So, what was supposed to have been a promising and happy, healthy life adventure doing the things we loved the best on the ocean and the quickly vanishing open space (not only vanishing but unsafe) far from the maddening crowds of Southern California turned out to be instead a real eye opener, a sick nightmare and innocence lost from Ensenada to Tijuana - and if you don't believe me, you move down here. However, I will come back at some point and leave the important links for you which may or may not temper the billion dollar lies which are being fed to you on a daily basis on the conditions in Mexico, particularly Baja California.

P.S. I told you guys Donald Trump was an asshole years and years ago when the infamous "Trump Towers" were being planned for the Punta Bandera area (and was blasted and branded for doing so) with the blessings of the San Diego media, hot shot millionaires from Mexico, the United States and especially Canada and bullshit US run Baja promotional forums which are still in existence. We are also planning to write in Noam Chomsky for President. Oh and by the way, a promotional "deal" is being offered of a substantial price reduction if you do your FM3's for three years, actually it is quite a savings of several hundreds of dollars.  We didn't go for it, just did the one year, but this "deal"  kind of insinuates or at least infers that there is desperation in getting the gringos to sign up for legal residency, doesn't it? I wonder why.