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Friday, January 25, 2019

USA: Slip Slidin Away

The partial government shutdown is over - for now.  As America wallowed in a toilet of overflowing shit imposed by Donald Trump and his sycophants it suddenly ended.  And yet, as Trump made the announcement earlier today, the Republicans stood behind him and cheered him on, clapping like maniacs.  Mike often refers to Trump and his family and his closest allies as" White trash greasy gangsters from New York." And, he is correct in doing so. 

My question is, is it considered criminal to hold people hostage as in the case of the Federal workers (but also includes the massive ripple affect throughout society) and deny them their wages in turn creating extreme hardships for them from not being able to afford medical prescriptions, food, gas for transportation, rent /mortgage payments, utility bills, and credit obligations to psychological trauma? Additionally by imposing a government shutdown to advance political schemes, Trump basically endangered millions of people throughout the nation.

It was encouraging to see so many private individuals and groups providing assistance to the furloughed workers in the form of food banks - it was a reminder of a natural attribute of Americans from the Great Depression days.  People who lived through that time period would say, "We helped each other out." Unfortunately for America, there were millions in the Trump base who could have cared less over the plight of the Federal workers, and that is shameful.

You can think what you want, but this latest hostage holding ordeal, the government shutdown to me was just another example of America imploding. It would be naive to think given the sadistic nature of the current Administration torture imposed on people will end any time soon.  This is how they operate, who or what groups will be the next victims?  We are all hostages, including the environment.


Just a couple of more important points of the day:

 - From Truthdig

Bernie Sanders Warns Against U.S. Involvement in Venezuela 
by Jon Queally/Common Dreams - 01/25/2019 

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Uruguay Diverges From Mercosur, Aligns With Mexico On Venezuela Crisis 


Locally, there has been a moratorium doing this blog due to my surgeries and back and forth to the States. Next Wednesday we'll find out if I have to continue the compression wrap treatments @ the Kearny Mesa Wound Clinic which are time consuming but have to be done. The next blog will re-focus on the end of 2018 summaries from Zeta & Frontera regarding the drug war here and the January 2019 figures which are already high (over 200 executions just in TIJ this month), and another Caravana on their way....

Bye for now, Paris says woof ! Daca Bob is going to try to fix the small print, I hope he doesn't screw it up.