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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Jeff Beck Is Gone

Early Years: Jeff Beck With the Yardbirds Play it !

I suppose the best spot for me to be in right now would be sitting on the beach at Sennen Cove and having a good cry.

 ~ From Sky News:

Legendary Rock Guitarist Jeff Beck Dies Aged 78


Here's a blast from the past: I noticed later this morning the New York Times report (one of many, many on Jeff Beck)and to my amazement, one guy commented from NELC to which I responded.

Here's the NY Times report with the comments, just found out they liked our comments and published them. Hope the link comes up, you really don't have to subscribe, but it seems like a fair price:

~ From the NY Times:

"Jeff Beck's 10 Essential Songs"

Aha ! The comments ! C'mon you guys, we all smoked pot back then during the turbulent 60's, what's news? Actually, I quit a few years after 1965 so I could keep up in school and surfing and working on the chain gang.... but what a blast, what a time !

I remember going to the Shores in very late 1969 during one of our "Indian Summers" and there were carloads of surfers in the parking lot getting loaded .You could just walk through the parking lot and get stoned the air was so thick.  At that point, I wasn't smoking anymore and I thought...outasight, I have the waves all to myself !! Unfortunate for me, Margo Godfrey was also out that day, oh well.But I had a few good off the lips, and it was pure Shores glass.

Los Comments:

Naval Electronics Laboratory Center
FORACS, Ballast Point, Topside, Bayside4h ago

“something far more urgent” So great to read and hear the tributes to Jeff Beck pouring in, like the rain storms marked his passing. His guitar could pierce through the noise on the tarmac of the Billboard charts and soar above. Rolling Stone Magazine should make the new case to the saying “I plead the FIFTH…!” One period of time I had the good fortune to work in an industrial aerospace manufacturing and testing facility. We had a fully staffed machine shop and test lab, where there was a lot of droning of machines that could hog out deep swaths into soft aluminum alloys, or to mill to some Ti and SS to very tight tolerances of 0.0005” if required. One day a newly refurbished Bridgeport mill appeared for delivery. It just so happened I was playing JB’s “Who Else!” from 1999 and the machinery movers were rolling it into place when “Space for the Papa” cranked on. It was a pure and sublime poetry in motion to greet this new beefy addition to the shop floor. We also had a staff of two metallurgists and the lead I jokingly called him the “urgent metallurgist.” Beck’s connections and influences to his genre could be said to be the great shaper, and Royal Urgent Metallurgist of his generation. I doff my hat to him and his close family and friends.


Marjorie Drake-Grisak
TIJ, Mexico1h ago

@Naval Electronics Laboratory Center, Hilarious because it reminds me of way back in the 60's my Mom was working at NELC Point Loma, San Diego CA. Poor Mom, there was really only one radical progressive radio station back then in SD: KPRI FM. If we needed to use the car to go surfing, we'd have to drive her into work, with KPRI blasting...the YARDBIRDS ! As if that wasn't bad enough (especially during the Vietnam Era) once there was an anti-Vietnam War protest scheduled for NELC. This is factual, we made brownies for her to pass out at the gates...but man they were were loaded with Acapulco Gold. And no one was the wiser. Just a bunch of groovy kids dancing to "For Your Love" with the Guards at NELC. All true. Peace.

So many...thousands - this is one of my most faves:

" Jeff,

Why not come up to LA and take the guitar up professionally ?



Take care y'all...except for the punk hackers who think they are groovy and cool.