Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fuck Trump's Zero Tolerance & The Separation of Families - March in San Diego Saturday the 23rd ! - UPDATE/EDIT 06/20; SADIST TRUMP BACKS DOWN THE WHOLE WORLD WAS AGAINST HIM HE HAD NO CHOICE - UPDATE/EDIT 06/21: YES THE MARCH IN SAN DIEGO IS STILL ON FOR SATURDAY THE 23rd

You have seen the pictures of the the children in the cages, torn from the arms of their parents and you have read the horrifying reports from across the nation and the denials from the White House.  After shock and tears comes the anger.

This is the latest from Common Dreams with links:

New Video and Audio Captures 'Horrifying' Reality of Children Taken From Parents as GOP Pressed to 'Find their Conscience' 

by, Jake Johnson  - 06/18/18


There have been protests and marches throughout the United States against Trump's evil sadistic policy.  It is way beyond time to actively resist:

"Stand up with us to demand better treatment for immigrant children and their families.

Endorsed by San Diego ACLU, who will be speaking, as well as the California Teachers Association, local border organizations, and local unions.

We will bring chalk for children and adults to draw their families and messages to leave behind at the civic center/city hall.

After the rally, we march 3 blocks to ICE office in federal bldg - where there will be indigenous dancers who will do a Cleansing Ceremony with sage and dance in full ceremonial clothing.

Providing yellow bracelets to ~500 participants as well as take-home sheets with 3 calls to action."


Woody Guthrie

What would Woody say? I don't figure he would mince his words much. Although "Deportee - Plane Wreck At Los Gatos" deals with another brutal aspect of immigration to the United States, I chose this version as an historical and emotional reminder that this shit this abuse of human life by the US Government and the rednecks of the United States must end.  So, play it loud and put it on full screen - these kids did a great job...hope to see ya'll on Saturday at the March:


UPDATE/EDIT 06/20/2018:

As you are probably already aware, the sadist Trump has backed down from his policy of separating families...for the time being.

I think he backed down because he was probably informed there would be massive violent riots across the nation, although this has not been mentioned in the press.  Still, have to hand it to the MSM, they have been running with this story, we just hope they don't let go and we just hope they hound the bastard.

Here are some links - these have been taken from MSN:

 New York Times

Trump Retreats on Separating Families, but thousands Will Remain Apart

 The Washington Post

The Trump Administration Changed Its Story On Family Separation No Fewer Than 14 Times Before Ending the Policy 


Trumps Immigration Order Replaces One Crisis With Another

Keep an eye on the pros:

Democracy Now ! 

The Intercept 

Meanwhile, the white supremacists are at it, does anyone get the feeling that this whole disgusting mess was pre-planned with Bannon calling the shots ? These assholes have got to go.


Organizer of Deadly Virginia Rally Plans Folow-Up In Washington


Update/edit 06/21:  Late last night I wrote we were not going to attend the March in San Diego because we assumed it had been cancelled.  It has not been cancelled at all we learned today while up in San Diego.  I double checked their site and it was confirmed the March is a go.

end edit.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Updates on Trump's "Zero Tolerance" Border Policy - DREAMer Murdered in Mexico - - Groovy Films & Documentaries - Contamination Rosarito Beach - More to come

Some brief updates because it is late and Bob has to go into Dr. Silva's in the morning: G7 is a bust, Trump is not participating, Trump's trade war is believed to have had an adverse affect here in Mexico already (even though they flipped him the bird and raised their own tariffs) with the gas prices going through the roof and peso inching past 20, unbelievable.

 But to me, the most vile, cruel, ghastly and disgusting Trump act is his "Zero Tolerance" Border Policy.  Here is Ryan Deveraux's latest report on recent events and do not miss the related articles following his report:

From:  The Intercept

1,358 Children and Counting - Trump's "Zero Tolerance" Border Policy Is Separating Families At Staggering Rates
by, Ryan Devereaux  - 06/08/18

Everything here:

Democracy Now ! 

Including this headlined report from 06/08/18  which I swear I did not read in the MSM, maybe I missed it, anyone?

Courtesy Democracy Now !

 Iowa Teenage DREAMer Murdered in Mexico After Losing DACA Status

JUN 08,2018

"Meanwhile, a high school student from Iowa was found murdered in Mexico’s Zacatecas state in May, just three weeks after he left the United States under threat of deportation. Manuel Antonio Cano Pacheco was found with his throat slit, in what his family believes was a gang-related murder. He was just 19 years old. Cano Pacheco was brought to the U.S. when he was just 3 years old. He’d previously been granted protected status under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which President Trump has been working to phase out. After he was convicted of two minor drug charges, he lost his DACA status and chose to enter Mexico as deportation appeared likely."


    - Contamination in Rosarito Beach: (We'll come back to the crime, like the balacera at Pabillons, etc)

Just another heads up, there has been even more ocean contamination...this time in Rosarito Beach:

Courtesy Frontera 

Derrame de Aguas Negras contamina Playa Colindante Con Arroyo Huahuatay
Por, Carmen Gutierrez

Pasted for you:

ROSARITO, Baja California (GH)
For more than 4 days a blackwater river flowed directly into the sea, contaminating the sand and water of the beach that adjoins the Huahuatay stream, due to a fault that occurred in one of the carcasses that lead to the treatment plant that they give service to Rosarito.

This World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5, but the beaches of Rosarito were littered with garbage of all kinds thrown into the sand, and traces of the remains of materials used to make bonfires are everywhere, despite the announcements they prohibit them.

In addition to the garbage, the stretch of beach near the stream Huahuatay presents a problem, because according to José, a local, the pestilent water began to concentrate on the sand from Saturday, forming a lagoon that prevented people from I'll cross over there, without having to get dirty.

He said that a ditch was opened so that the water would not grow contaminating more sand, but it goes straight to the sea without anything has been done about it.

The smell is foul and this is just the prelude to diseases, said José, while inspectors from the Conagua arrived to collect samples of the water to let them know if the beaches are suitable for the visitor who arrives in the city in summer.

In this regard, Giovanna Guadarrama, coordinator of Environmental Management of the City Council, said that the report was already made before the Cespt, because according to a route it is presumed that the spill comes from a strainer that is located on the scenic highway, but said to ignore when the damage could be repaired.

P.S. We had another stinky night here at SADM. 


 - Groovy Films & Documentaries 

A couple people asked me, "Well since you hate it so much here, why don't you just leave?  Good question.  Probably because the USA scares me too, we cannot afford it and it is creepy.  Have any of you guys seen this yet ?

Eugene Jarecki's "The King"


Pretty much how I feel about the USA. Here is one review:


By, Amy Taubin



 - From Counterpunch

The 2018 Human Rights Film Festival 
By, Louis Proyect - 06//08/18


I promise to be back with the stats, Tijuana YTD is well over 1,000 people executed  with Tijuana ranking top most violent city of Mexico - I've ordered  from Amazon "Los Carteles No Existen: Narcotrafico y Cultura en Mexico" by Oswaldo Zavala but am noticing not a great deal of coverage or discussion of his latest book locally. 

Take care, buy nose plugs if you live here or near Arroyo Huahuatay - I guess that is the best we can do.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

SADM: We Were Hit With Yet Another Sewage Dump From Tijuana

Since no one else is talking about this and the weather is warming up,  in case you might be thinking about going for a nice dip in the ocean out in front, maybe you better think twice.

UPDATE: Friday June 1, 2018 3:30 am:

We are about four houses south of the baranca on the North end of SADM.  At approximately 3:30am on Friday morning we were awoken by the pungent smell of untreated sewage which permeated throughout the inside of our house and the outside atmosphere. Walking down to the baranca was nearly impossible - you could not breath the smell was so overwhelming.  This was not a broken sewer line within SADM, this smell was coming from the baranca.  This smell was coming once again from untreated or raw sewage flowing down from Tijuana, through Real Del Mar, through our baranca, on to the beach in front of us and into the ocean. Just a heads up everyone.

Just like old times.



I'll be back over the weekend with the latest stats, according to Zeta there were more than 200 executions in Tijuana alone during the month of May.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Whatever You Do, Other Than Never Moving to Mexico - Do Not Fuck With the SADM Real Estate Mafia aka Scavengers i.e. Talk about Blocking Views, Executions, Violence in Baja etc.

I almost did not want to post this, but here goes. (We just came back from a second trip since last Friday to the VCA for Paris who has been vomiting blood and also today blood in her runny stool.  We think this last time with antibiotics the issue has been resolved, hopefully - but it has taken forever.

So actually we thought we were being good neighbors to the people  (Alan and his wife) who owned the vacant lot next to us which they are now building on.  They never came down to pick up the trash or weed eat the tall weeds on that lot, never. Or even tried to keep out parked vehicles. Mike offered years ago to do this not only for them, but to keep the neighborhood tidy, and he did it religiously. They never thanked him, and they never thanked Reuban for taking down the bogus for sale sign posted on their lot just a few months ago by some fly by night real estate agents. We should have just left it up and let them get fucked.  Oh well.

Now that I think about it, WTF do they want to live here for with fecal material flowing into the ocean and a completely polluted and contaminated beach in front of them ?  Too bad they were not here over the Memorial Day Weekend to smell the raw sewage, I'm serious.  It stank awful.  Just another reminder that raw sewage is still being dumped into the ocean in front of us.

Anyway, at first the big shot Tony wanted ( he said  this to Mike) between 800-1,000 dollars from us for some construction on our house wall to inhibit rain water coming from our roof onto their property.  Mike told him to give us a written estimate, which he never did.  But then the story changed.  No he said, we're not going to build a privacy wall, there will be a walkway in between the houses so that you will have access to your wall, eaves, etc.  Great.

So that meant we thought that this elusive 17 inch space in between houses really does exist, despite the fact that none of the other houses these yahoos have built adhere to that old SADM code.  Don't get your hopes up, the code does not exist anymore at all.  These guys do whatever they want. Tony also told us he was going to make a drain pipe for water coming off the patio which has been there for about thirty years, but we don't believe anything Tony says anymore and you shouldn't either. Knowing full well we had a water line running next to the our house wall instead of asking us to turn off the water his crew breaks the line.  We had not moved the line because Tony told us we didn't have to move it, they would just concrete over it.  Absolutely no communication. This construction project can aptly be described as a Chinese Fire Drill.

To have some reassurance, Mike approached the owner Alan to verify that we would have access to our side of the house that there would be a walkway.  Alan told him that we would. OK, next we make arrangements with Ephraim to finally start on the eaves on the side of the house.  Ephraim is completely honest a really good guy and also does work for Reuban and put on William's roof. Our work had been postponed for months due to Alan's construction, but Alan doesn't give a shit.

Over the weekend, I finally made it outside to water my remaining plants. ( Remember, Tony told Mike we would have time to remove the plants from the side of our house but his crew piled up materials so high we couldn't get through, then they were all bulldozed and Tony LIED again to Mike saying he knocked and knocked on the door trying to get ahold of me as they were being bulldozed.  Bullshit.)
What I saw just blew me out of the water.  The wall they were building completely closed off our access plus it is attached to our house wall and eaves.

So, they all are liars.  As far as Alan and his wife actually living here, I doubt it.  It's a pinche little house with no fireplace and no closets.  You can barely turn around in it.  Alan even told Mike two weeks ago it would be ready in three weeks, not even close. "The inside will all be done in three weeks", he said.  Could it be that Alan and his wife who don't seem to mind the contamination here or the crime and  violence are really Gringo Speculators planning on renting it out?  Who knows, but we know not only did Alan lie to Mike he really isn't very bright.  He told Mike regarding the construction of his chicken shack, "It was soooo expensive!"  How could that possibly be we both thought, unless they got soaked by a bunch of con artists? (which is probably the case)

So, here we are with no access to repair our wall (which they damaged with  concrete) or fix our eaves and a piece of shit wall attached to our house, man I gotta tell ya, sure looks like Tijuana.

Oh here's another Tony lie (maybe Trump can give Tony a job):  When Mike asked him who was going to take  care and clean up he street, Tony said "The City will take care of it."  Laugh my ass off, the City of Tijuana will take care of it ?  Since fucking when ??

Here's a list just in three blocks of the people who want out of SADM:

1.  Mario and Peg put their For Sale sign up (three lots, beautiful house). they've been here for about thirty years.

2.  Pete and Phyllis put their For Sale up again (beautiful house right on the ocean).

3.  No For Sale sign up yet, but Reuban told us a few months back they want to leave they are sick of it - at first they were going to rent it but now he is saying he is going to sell it.  So add Reuban and Carmen to the list. BTW, she's going to Spain next month.

4.  So I said to Mike I screamed to Mike "...those assholes all of them lied to you ! We have no access to fix the side of the house which they damaged or the eaves and there is a shitty wall attached to our house! And he said, "Who Cares....  These are the same people who promoted the Trump Baja Towers ! they Lie !"  And it is true, they are like wounded beasts, vicious and really really fucking stupid, but it's all they know how to do. He hates it here completely, just like me.

Bombay Beach

 Let's face it, SADM is a wasteland, it reminds me of Bombay Beach on the God forsaken and polluted Salton Sea despite the fact that Bombay Beach is now considered "cool" and "artsy" , especially to be part of the colony of fatalistic Angelinos living and creating at Bombay Beach.  I'm still not clear what exactly their message is, something like, 'accept the apocolyptic with it'  ?

 Better yet it is exactly like Peg said to me: "How did I ever end up here?" Don't be too hard on yourself Peg, we all fell for the bullshit dream not only here, but up and down the freaking coast. Gosh, maybe Alan and his wife will become actively involved with the Mexican environmental and political groups...NAH, I seriously doubt that. DOH.

I'll be back with the stats, out of control here, we are over one thousand executed in Baja California YTD. If you didn't get a chance, read it:

Mexico on the Edge of a Dystopian Cliff
by, Alejandra Gaitan Barrera

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Second Mexican Presidential Debate - Starts at 7:30pm !!!

courtesy Animal Politico

 I haven't been covering the Mexican Presidential race at all - the reasons being that if you are a foreigner living here, by law you cannot be involved in Mexican politics and I'm still upset that the local coverage of Bernie Sanders actually mirrored the US Corporate/ MSM's coverage of Bernie; he was basically shunned and minimized.  There was a clear option to the two US dangerous predators, but down here you would never have guessed it.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.  None the less, tonight at 7:30 pm the second Mexican Presidential Debate airs from UABC, Tijuana so this is just a heads up. As you are probably already aware, Marguerite Zavala is out of the picture, there are four candidates remaining. Meanwhile, things are heating up close to UABC with two demonstrations in progress.  One is sponsored by the Angeles Sin Fronteras led by Sergio Tamai drawing anti-Trump/Wall attention and calling on the Mexican candidates to address "The Wall."

They used to say that Rosarito was a hotbed of political activists, however these days it looks as though Mexicali takes the title.  The Comunida Mexicali Resiste is the other group demonstrating.  These people are completely anti- Governor Kiko, anti-Pena, they question why it is the local Law Enforcement defends the interests of the USA  and not their own, and they want the release of Leon Fierro.

It would be fair to say that both groups are obviously anti-neo-liberal.  Here is an interesting report on the Mexican Presidential Election 2018, keeping in mind this was written prior to Marguerite's pull out - and more interesting reports at the end of the article:

 - From : open Democracy

Mexico on the Edge of a Dystopian Cliff
by, Alejandra Gaitan Barrera - 05/03/18


So, watch the debate ! - (05/21: The Ejectometro is back up)


Update/edit 05/21:  For highlights and fact checks on this last debate, go here:

Animal Politico

end edit.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Black Monday, and They Are Saying Today Will Be Worse - The "Ejecutometro"

Before we left the house yesterday morning I was able to catch the headlines of the slaughter of the Palestinians at Gaza, yet no one was talking about this at the places we stopped at in the States.  I noticed yesterday evening after we came home that there so far have been no editorials in the local Mexican press reporting the audacity of Trump's big opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem (or the collapse of the Iran nuclear Deal); well, at least Mexico did not participate in the event or send representatives to participate in the event.

So, Stormy is taking a backseat for time being - we are not laughing now, we are basically in shock. Here is one of the best reports I've seen so far:

 - From open Democracy: (More good ones on their sidebar)

In Palestine: self-dehumanisation against the disreguard of human value
by, Omar Talab and Bertie Wnek - 05/14/2018

(And BTW, they had a great piece on Trump and populist politics a few days back if you're interested:

Populism, Trump, and the future of democracy
By, Michael J. Sandel -  05/09/2018 )

Adding this:

Democracy Now !

Israel  - Related Topics on the sidebar

Update/edit:  Correction on local Mexican coverage and editorials:

Zeta with video -  05/14/18 9:55am

Ivanka Trump y Jared Kushner Inauguran Embajada de EU en Jerusalen; Ejercito Israeli Mata a 41 Palestinos

Por, Carlos Alvarez


Short and sweet and to the point: "Instead of seeking peace, Trump provokes violence.  He has dementia.  He is a madman, to be for the others."

end edit.


After the 207 executions in Tijuana last month, I finally burned out and needed to take some time out.  I kept wondering, how do the reporters down here do it ?  Day after day, killing after killing, grinding away at the unspeakable which truly is not spoken about and never really addressed in the United States these days at all...which is just fine with the Tourist Industry, Speculators and the Real Estate Industry - who cares, right ?

So we started the third season of  "The Durrells" and their lives on Corfu from 1935-1939 in all of its innocence, which reminds me so much of innocent times in Mexico when I was growing up.  I'm not sure how this season will end, but the truth is I don't think it will end good for the Durrells, their little paradise eventually was ended by Hitler and the great Word War II - much the same as Mexico has been brought to her knees by the Great Failed Drug War completely supported by the US government.

A note on the Ejectometro:  it will be down until after the debate.

Meanwhile in case you had not noticed, Frontera's front page has been running the latest execution stats for Tijuana with their "Ejectometro" - at this hour this month of May, we are up to 82 executions. (Zeta has a higher number) Check it out:

I'll be back with more stats and details and some great articles from Zeta, also still painting the walls here.

Friday, May 4, 2018

"The Stormy Watch": Or, Just Another Day With The Gangsters Running Washington D.C.: UPDATE 05/05: SNL "Michael Cohen Wiretap Cold Open" Freaking Hilarious !

I just can't let this one go...and, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of coverage of the Stormy Daniels-Trump affair in the local Mexican press.  Plus, we need a lot of comic relief around here, especially after last month's total of executions in Tijuana at 207...which I will return to.

 Also, a quick update on Paris and Bob: we are tapering back the prednisone for Paris, she is now on one and a half pills only once a day instead of twice a day then next week she will be on one and a half pills every other day.  At that point and after the last week of pills, she returns to the VCA Eye Clinic. However, we did have another emergency.  Last weekend I baked a chicken for Paris and Bob. After it cooked, I took it out of the pan and put it on a plate on the counter.  When my back was turned for just a two seconds, she grabbed the chicken, I screamed, too late, she had devoured a drumstick. Mike rushed out of the shower while I was screaming and slipped.  He's okay. We took her into VCA for x-rays; luckily no splinters showed up. Other than that episode, she is improving.  Bob left his girlfriend he says, we didn't want to pry. The painting around here is going to take until doomsday to finish.

We all know Trump is a dirty old man, besides being a lunatic and a liar. Here are some of the best links and videos regarding the latest in the Stormy Daniels affair so far:

UPDATE/edit 05/05: Hilarious SNL "Michael Cohen Wiretap Cold Open" !! (Stormy Daniels appearance freaking outstanding) I can't believe Mexico is missing the boat on this one....oh well....

end edit ! (;

UPDATE/edit: Mexico did not miss the boat on this one (and others) at all !

 - From Frontera - AP:

VIDEO:  Stormy Daniels Se Burla de Trump en Saturday Night Live 

end edit.


 - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

"Rudy Giuliani Made 'Hannity' Watchable" 

 - From The Daily Beast:

Rudy Giuliani, the Mob-Buster, Now Sounds Like a Mob Mouthpiece
By, Michael Daly - 05/04/18 

 - From The Washington Post: 

A Sour Smell of Panic in the White House as the Law Closes in
By, Eugene Robinson  - 05/04/18

  - From the New York Times: Includes video of Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah

Jimmy Fallon Says Maybe Rudi Giuliani Should Be Paid Hush Money
By, Giovanni Russonello - 05/04/18 

 - From Politifact:

The Timeline of Donald Trumps Explanations for the Stormy Daniels Payment
by, John Kruzel - 05/03/18 

 - From The New York Times: 

Trump Is Said to Know of Stormy Daniels Payment Months Before He Denied It
By, Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman, Jim Rutenberg and Matt Apuzzo - 05/04/18 

 - From Counterpunch:  (Lucky for us, Jeffrey St. Clair covers the whole ball of melting wax)

Roaming Charges: All The President's Lawyers
By, Jeffrey St. Clair - 05/04/18

But it's not just Stormy:

 - From USA Today:

Meet 19 Women Who Claim Affairs With Trump or Accuse Him of Unwanted Advances
By, Jessica Estepa - 03/20/18


 So, who will be next Mr. Asshole Trump ?