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Looks Like The Senate Republicans Are Madly Practicing the Limbo Rock !! How LOW Can You Go?

I'm still trying to remove the soot & dust from the walls, everything is a disaster! Meanwhile, some updates on the Impeachment Inquiry:

Roger Stone:  The Senate Republicans idea of "Moral Integrity"

 I like David Brooks a lot, even though he is a Republican.  Of course, I love Mark Shields.  Here is last Friday's roundup of the last week's Impeachment Inquiry, and  I agree with David Brooks (and many others including Dan Rather)) that the GOP Senate  will not vote to impeach Trump.  I asked Mike what gives with them?  Why are they sticking to Trump like glue?  He said, "Because they don't have any balls."  Oh, you meant they have no moral integrity?  Eyes Rolling.



From Counterpunch: - 11/18/19

Stefanik Stands By Her Man and Roger Stone Gets Convicted On All Counts: Impeachment Day Two
by, Ron Jacobs 

"The myth that the United States is a nation of laws provides the context for Friday’s hearings, if not for the entire process. The most obvious irony is that this occurs while lawless acts by the president of this nation of laws are being discussed. It is the trumpist belief that Trump either did nothing illegal or that even if he did, it doesn’t matter because he is president, As this process moves forward, it becomes clearer that many trumpists have little understanding of what is illegal. This is more than apparent just in their demands to name the whistleblower, which would be a blatant violation of the law should someone do so. Never mind their obfuscation of the particulars in Trump and Giuliani’s actions. Or, as far as the US government goes, the criminality of its foreign policy. The question in the Capitol is not, nor will it likely ever be, a question of who the nation’s laws serve. However, how those laws are enforced will become clearer as the process continues. If Trump and his co-conspirators get away with this, then it will certainly be clear who the nation’s laws do not apply to.

 Trump, still unable to keep his fingers off his phone, begins the day with a threat to Ambassador Yovanovitch, opening up the possibility of a witness intimidation charge being added to the list the Judiciary committee will ultimately present to the full House. Watching the hearings, Trump’s distaste if not hatred of women who are not only smarter than him, but also willing to oppose him becomes more than just apparent over the course of the day.

The Ambassador herself looks like a twenty-first century Western diplomat. Short hair, conservative but not too conservative clothing. Her demeanor fits the archetype of the professional woman: intelligent, firm in negotiations and diplomatic in every public way. She has a bit of the air of a bureaucrat with essentially no flamboyancy, not even in the manner of George Kent’s bowtie at Wednesday’s hearing. Her approach assumes the correctness of the US involvement in overthrow of the Kiev government in 2014, the rightness of the Ukrainian military’s battle against separatists in the Donbass region of Ukraine, and the assumption that Russia is a greater imperialist nation than the US if only because Washington’s motives are like religious beliefs to her—freedom, justice and the American pursuit of markets. It’s not that those beliefs are unique, certainly not among those in that room in the Capitol Building. After all, it’s not US diplomacy, its motivations or its goals that are in question here. It’s the misuse of US diplomacy for personal gain by one Donald Trump and his co-conspirators that has these folks going at it.

The substance of today’s appearance by Ambassador Yovanovitch is about Trump’s attacks on her professionalism, her career, and her person. The understanding by those who called the hearings is that Trump fired her from her position in Kiev because she would not go along with his attempts to extort the Ukrainian president. In other words, she was blocking his conspiracy to get Kiev’s Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for military aid and a personal invitation to the White House. The trumpists on the congressional committee seem unable to wrap their brains around the connection between her dismissal and Trump’s conspiracy. Then again, there are several things they can’t seem to wrap their brains around. Consequently, their ranting revolves around the right of a US president to reassign diplomats at will. By completely ignoring Trump’s request to Zelensky to join the Trump campaign’s investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and reframing the reassignment of Yovanovitch as part of Trump putting his own stamp on US foreign policy, Jim Jordan and the rest of the GOP trumpist chorus hope to convince their sycophantic, and uncomplicated-minded supporters that there’s nothing to see here. If that fails, the chorus’s constant demand to bring the “whistleblower” to the stand serves to convince those trumpists in the television audience that Trump is being persecuted like the poor little rich man that he thinks he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if that “whistleblower” does appear somewhere down the line either before this committee or the Judiciary Committee after the process moves there. It will be fun to see Jim Jordan and Representative Stefanik sputter, spit and lose the cool they never had on live television. Stefanik, a right-wing lady from upstate New York, ran for election to the right of Donald Trump. Her commercials were a combination of half-truths and pictures of white people going to church, among other such tropes. Her district is known for the Adirondack Forest and big prisons, including Dannemora, the site of an infamous escape that resulted in a television series and involved a female civilian working in the prison helping the two prisoners escape. Watching Stefanik outdo her fellow Republicans on the committee defending Trump, I can’t help thinking she’s doing something similar for Donald Trump as he tries to avoid being kicked out of office. There is a similar sociopathy found in billionaires and murderers.

Speaking of that criminality, Trump took time today to overturn the war crimes convictions of three US troops. Trump’s remarks at his rally in regards to his pardon were, “We train them to kill, then we convict them for killing.” The first part of his sentence is an accurate description of the process. Yet in this supposedly civilized world even the military has some rules when that killing crosses certain lines. Crossing those lines are what we call war crimes. In some parts of the world people get hung for such crimes. In a nation where Lt. Calley was a hero to millions for killing hundreds of Vietnamese civilians while most of his superiors got off scot-free, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump and millions of today’s Americans would have no problem with pardoning convicted war criminals, if only because of the uniform they wear.

Another headline in Friday’s daily crime report concerned a man named Roger Stone–the scumbag who thinks he’s the cleverest man in politics and that he’s in charge–just got convicted on all counts. What more deserving fate than prison can there be for a guy who’s got a Richard Nixon drawing inked between his shoulder blades? There’s that nation of laws thing again. Sometimes writing about these people is just too easy. There’s a truism that smart criminals don’t get caught. That says something about the trumpist gang. Between their arrogance and stupidity, it’s amazing they got this far, unless you consider the trumpist nation. You know, those voters who put him in power and excuse his every insult, abuse, and now his crimes, all because there’s nothing a nation of rubes (thanks Hunter S. Thompson) likes better than a con-man who cons them all. Stone thought he was the guy to do that. So does Trump. One hopes for an ending similar to Stone’s for Mr. Trump."

Ron Jacobs is the author of Daydream Sunset: Sixties Counterculture in the Seventies published by CounterPunch Books. His latest offering is a pamphlet titled Capitalism: Is the Problem.  He lives in Vermont. He can be reached at:


On to the here and near future:

 ~ From CNN:

 Upcoming Testimony - and watch for Sondland (on Wednesday) who has already changed his story twice.
  ~ From CNN:

Latest Impeachment Inquiry Updates 

 ~ Democracy Now|Impeachment 


We finished BBC's Doc Martin and now are starting The Crown  - both are stress reducers.  Locally, TIJ is inching its way up to almost 100 executions this month, Ensenada has surpassed last years figures, AMLO rejects Javier Sicilia, etc.  Back I promise later.  Oh no shit, imagine if you will Mitch the Turtleman doin the Limbo ! No balls, errrr....sorry, no moral integrity.

How Low Can You Go ???


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H2O Situation SADM - Impeachment Links - Proceso On Cartel Children Murder In Mexico - Our Stats Coming Up

I'm completely confused, we're not supposed to have H20, but I just checked a bit after 1:30 pm and I have water, which means I can rinse the clothes and the patio.  Here, maybe you can figure it out.....

 ~ From Zeta:

Aqui El Listado De Colonias De La seccion 3 en Donde CESPY Aplicara Tandeo De Aqua 


Hat tip to "sheislittlebutsheisfierce" of Instagram

 Yesterday on our way up to the states to get my double injection cortisone shots in the knees, we were able to listen to part of Day Numero Uno of the Impeachment Proceedings, and I was awed by 
Ambassador Taylor's statements, as was most of the world who is watching. Here then are the latest updates:

 ~  From CNN: 11/14/19 : with video

The Latest On the Trump Impeachment Inquiry


Brian Stelter points out the opposition's take, which was not to be unexpected  but also notes most western world countries are covering the proceedings - unfortunately, I have not noticed any coverage of these historic events locally, which is a shame - the emphasis here is on the coup against Evo Morales, inspired by the OAS (USA backed) findings on electoral fraud.  And a note that it seems to be mum's the word on Evo in the USA (so far) or USA's involvement in this coup:

 ~ From CNN:

Reliable Sources


Here are some links on where & how to watch/listen to the upcoming events:

 ~ From CNN:

Public Impeachment Hearings Schedule For This week: Here's What You Need to Know 

 ~ From Democracy Now !

WATCH: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearing 

 ~ From PBS: 

Impeachment Inquiries

Adding more from Counterpunch a bit later.....


 Because the Le Baron Massacre is or should be haunting most of us, here's a little reminder - this is only a clip of the report, you'll have to subscribe to read it in its entirety - but then just think, you'll have an edge on what is really happening down here: 

 ~  From Proceso:

Asesinato De Ninos, Nueva Tactica De Los Carteles Para Sembrar El Terror 
Por, Jose Raul Linares 

"Mexico has become one of the most dangerous countries for children, even above nations that have been experiencing declared war situations for years, such as Syria and Iraq. Only in the first 10 months of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the murder of 796 children and adolescents been reported. According to experts consulted by Proceso , it is a behavior that organized crime began to use notoriously since 2017, to intimidate rival groups or the authority .
CITY OF MEXICO (Proceso) .- During the first 10 months of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador 796 children and adolescents were killed. The figure represents that every six or eight hours on average - according to various sources - the murder of a minor is committed.

Those numbers make Mexico the fifth most dangerous country for children, surpassing nations like Iraq or Syria that have suffered declared war conflicts for years.

According to specialists consulted by Proceso , as well as official statistical analyzes and non-governmental organizations, the recent killing of three women and six children of the LeBarón family in Sonora reflects a constant violent behavior, whose growing spiral of death and terror began in 2017.

 Only as far as the López Obrador administration has been reported between three and four murders and four daily disappearances.

“Homicides of children under 18 have been increasing,” laments the head of protection of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Mexico, Dora Giusti.

“Between 2015 and 2017, the trend was upward drastically and worryingly; It represents an increase of 29.43% that has been maintained since then, ”he says in an interview.

The executive director of the Network for the Defense of Children in Mexico (Redim), Juan Martín Pérez García, warns in an interview that what should be highlighted in the murder of minors is that “criminal groups have adopted this pattern to generate terror in their adversaries: other crime groups and security forces. ”
( Fragment of the special report published in Process 2245, already in circulation )


Locally it is true there was a decline in the overall numbers of executions in Tijuana during October, but Ensenada has increased their numbers.  I'll be back with those stats and recent November numbers ~ we're back to several killings over few hours a day or days, then a lull...same as before.

I'm making Hunter's Chicken, because "...Hunter's always seems to have mushrooms", it's really good and the evenings are chilly.

Wait...let me go check the water.....

At around 2:30 pm City Water is on full force.


Friday, November 8, 2019

I Am Concerned For His Safety

 ~ From Animal Politico:

Con AMLO el pais sufre el mismo dolor y la misma muerte que con Pena y Calderon: Sicilia 

"This government is the same story, repeated, but with euphemisms, of what we have lived with the Peña Nieto and Calderón regime," Sicilia accused.

One day after nine members of the LeBarón family were killed, including six minors, the poet and activist Javier Sicilia criticized that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador applies the same failed strategy against violence as previous administrations, now with the Army "Disguised as National Guard." 

In an interview with Elisa Alanís, of Milenio TV , Sicily lamented the murder of the relatives of Julián LeBarón, with whom he shared the struggle of the Peace Movement with Justice and Dignity, and accused that with events like that the country is “in the same place where we were standing in 2011 ", the most violent year of Felipe Calderón's six-year term. 

"This government is the same story, repeated, but with euphemisms, of what we have lived with the Peña Nieto and Calderón regime," Sicilia accused. 

"We are facing one more lie, of a new regime, which says that it will change things, which really only accumulates pain, suffering," he added. 

Sicilia insisted that the López Obrador government has tried to “make up” the same strategy, in the face of organized crime and violence, trying to make it look “prettier”, however in essence it remains the same “and the consequences there they are ”, it is “ the same pain, the same death ”. 

López Obrador, Sicilia said, promised to implement a comprehensive transitional justice project, very complex and with the support of the international community, to give a true response to the country, but "betrayed us" and returned to the same strategy. 

"They are reproducing what they hate, what they have hated the most," he said in the interview. 

"Calderón also said that they would respect human rights," he criticized López Obrador's insistence that his government would apply a different strategy, without emphasizing violence, although in his opinion the same results have been observed. 

At what level of horror and horror do we have to descend?

This government, accused Sicilia, has applied with the Peace Movement what Carlos Salinas said, “they neither see us nor hear us”, this is because they have not resumed their proposals to pacify the country.

“That they do not come to us that is the inheritance of the past, this is the inheritance they assumed and that is their responsibility now. Faced with the inheritance of the past and those responsible for the past, there is justice, call them to justice. But with respect to the problem that they have to face and that they inherited, that is what we have to demand from them ”. 

In a letter to Julián LeBarón, Sicily questioned whether after the “horrific massacre” it is not time for the people of Mexico to demand “a true policy of truth, justice and peace, for which you and so many others have fought tirelessly, a policy with which Andrés Manuel committed himself, which over a year of betrayal betrayed and is measured by hundreds of thousands of dead, missing, of which the women and children killed in your community are the new tip of the iceberg". 

“Or at what level of horror and horror do we have to descend so that this country, this town reacts again? Do you and the community of Le Barón have the word to summon the country's moral reserve, that word that 25 years ago had the Zapatismo and 9 years ago the MPJD? 

I do not know. In any case, while I hug you painfully, I keep asking myself, asking you and asking everyone if, after so much pain, after so many children, women, men and elderly people killed and disappeared; if after so much accumulated rage, after saying so much "Enough is enough!", of so much demanding "No more blood", of so much "Being up to the mothers", if it is not already time to put a real stop to so much pain, to so much death, to so much humiliation, to such a lie; if it is not already time that in suffering the heart beats again and the earth can flourish; Time for it to be time. ”


 ~ From Proceso:

Carta de Javier Sicilia a Julian Lebaron 
Por, Javier Sicilia

"Dear Julian, my brother, my friend, my partner:

 I don't know what to say in the face of the horror that ten years after the murder of your brother Benjamin and your brother-in-law Luis Widmar has fallen back on the LeBarón family. The dimension of crime - another that adds to the long chain of horrors that the country does not cease to suffer from - causes language to fail. In front of it I have no other word than my deep, painful hug.

In that hug I remember the month of March 2011 when you came to the Cuernavaca base to hug me, as I do now with my heart from this same state in which ineptitude and crime dominate day by day; I remember the beautiful letter you wrote to my son Juan Francisco, the dignity with which you took your place in the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) and carried the Mexican flag demanding peace and justice. I remember your direct, profound, human word, in each city visited, in each temple raised; I remember your way of facing criminal and political power and remind you of the latter, fundamental truths that you had forgotten and continue to forget.

At that time, dear Julian, we thought we could stop the horror. It was not like that: power, with other faces, with other names, with other ways, continues to lie, covering up reality, consenting to the barbarism that, as we said then, is encysted in the State as a disgusting mud. 

 The horrific massacre that the LeBarón community has just suffered, makes me wonder, if it is not time for the people of Mexico - of which the current President is talking so much now - to congregate to sit in power, not to demand him, but to force him to carry out a true policy of truth, justice and peace, for which you and so many others have fought tirelessly, a policy with which Andrés Manuel committed himself, that over a year of mandate betrayed and that measure with hundreds of thousands of dead, missing, of which the women and children killed in your community are the new tip of the iceberg? Or at what level of horror and horror do we have to descend so that this country, this town reacts again? Do you and the community of the LeBarón have the word to summon the country's moral reserve, that word that 25 years ago had the Zapatismo and 9 years ago the MPJD?

I do not know. In any case, while I hug you painfully, I keep asking myself, asking you and asking everyone if, after so much pain, after so many children, women, men and elderly people killed and disappeared; if after so much rage accumulated, after saying so much "Enough is enough!", of so much demanding "No more blood", of so much "Being until the mothers", if it is not already time to put a real stop to so much pain, to so much death, to so much humiliation, to such a lie; if it is not already time that in suffering the heart beats again and the earth can flourish; Time for it to be time.

 I do not know. What I do know is that in this hug and my questions, I tell you how much I love you, how much your women and children hurt, how much I take you with me, soul mate, partner.

For the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity,
Javier Sicilia"

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Water Situation @ SADM|TIJ - Update: Scheduled Distribution of H20 (and rationing) In TIJ & Rosarito Beach Begins Next Monday

Hands are tied here trying to clean up after the fires, a black soot covers everything inside the house and I mean everything, also trying to get together supplies for the victims of the fires.  Meanwhile I saw this article a few days back which obviously explains the water shut down (at least in SADM) since yesterday.  I told Mike we need to get a hold of a water truck to fill the pila like in the real olden days. Our pila is about 3/4 full at this point. Looks like I can't mop the floors though. BTW, if you don't have a pila, well estas jodido.

~ From Zeta:

Tijuana Se Podria Quedar Sin Agua En Diciembre, continuaran Los Tandeos
Por, Manuel Ayala 

"Rigoberto Laborín, director of the State Commission of Public Services of Tijuana (Cespt), said this afternoon that there are great chances that Tijuana will run out of water in December, due to the conditions in which the administration left the institution , the lack of payments and the excessive consumption of the citizenship, reasons for which at the moment several colonies are suffering shortage.
After the meeting he held with municipal authorities and residents of the Verona subdivision, he explained that after a review carried out at the institution, they detected that there was “a total neglect” of the aqueduct, which was not invested “a single peso” in maintenance for the past five years.
To this he added that the El Carrizo dam is “at historic levels without water”, below the limits for the water purifier to reach them, in addition that the water pumps 4 and 5 are damaged and that since June it was not paid to Mexicali farmers to pump water to the city.
Given these circumstances and while each of them are being resolved, the official said that at the moment the only immediate solution is that “the Tijuanense be in solidarity” to use less water for a couple of months, that is, not to waste it or be excessive, otherwise the month of December Tijuana would suffer a total shortage.
He stressed that pump 4 has already gone through a series of revisions and repairs, so this afternoon they would be testing to see if its functionality is already in line with what is required, otherwise they will continue with the repairs.
The pump 5 for a year was broken and already tendered, it will be repaired at a cost of 250 thousand dollars, but they have no repair date.
On the water that is intended to buy from farmers is 1.1 cubic meters per second to be able to send to Tijuana the amount that the city requires, with which it intends to return a little to normal in the distribution in the various colonies, for this you have to pay a total of 18 million pesos.
Regarding the awareness of people to not spend too much water but only enough, he shared that it is difficult and there is not too much awareness in it, but they will continue to ask them to do so because “it is a reality that we can run out of water in December".
“The El Carrizo dam is lowering its capacity one meter per month… right now we have below 17 million cubic meters of capacity, being that it should be at 40 million cubic meters, and the last phase is mud, then if that does not exist awareness, and one meter is lowered per month, and we don't get the water or the repair of the pumps we have no capacity for more than two months, ”he said.
Meanwhile, he stressed that during the following months the colonies will continue to be undergoing tanning, therefore everything in the city will be running out of water on certain days of each week, as has been happening for a while since the bombs stopped working.
However, he pledged to publish daily what will be left without the service for the community to prepare."

* Well the last I heard this is November and not December.  Anyways, there it is. 

 ~ Update/edit : Here is the latest update on this situation, our water miraculously came back on around 4:45pm, so I was able to rinse off the patio and do several loads of laundry without depleting the pila; so get ready for rationing:

 ~ From Zeta: 

(VIDEO) Proximo Lunes Inicia Tandeo de Agua; Cada cuatro dias Habra Suspension Por Un Lapso Maximo de 36 Horas:CESPT
Por, Isabel Mercado 

"The scheduled distribution of water for all the colonies of Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito will begin next Monday, November 11, every four days the water supply will be suspended for a maximum period of 36 hours, provided that no contingency occurs, Rigoberto warned Laborín, director of the State Commission of Public Services of Tijuana (CESPT).
To achieve the water levels required in the water treatment plants as well as in the dams, which allows the necessary pumping to supply the population's demand, therefore, it is necessary to carry out these distributions, at least until the month of April 2020, noted the official.
This implies, he explained, interrupting the water supply every four days, alternately, in each of the seven districts into which the drinking water system is divided, an interruption that will take place for a period of 24 hours, leaving 12 more hours for the recovery process, which gives a maximum of 36 hours that users could run out of service.
All districts will restrict water supply at the same time in 20% of their colonies, which they will divide into five zones. The suspension of each area will be announced the day before, for an orderly 

In addition to this measure, the population is required to contribute by reducing the consumption of the vital liquid by up to 50%. With the population in solidarity and these measures are adopted, by the summer of 2020 the problem of shortage will be restored, guaranteed.
He indicated that, as far as possible, the parastatal works to correct and renovate the infrastructure, being the repair of one of the two pumps that are not working, of five that would have to be operating.
In a meeting with managers and representatives of the media, held on the morning of Wednesday, November 6, the new director of the parastatal said that this water crisis is a deliberate problem that was allowed to grow during the last five years to promote construction of the desalination plant.
The neglect of the infrastructure mainly affected the dams in the region, whose vessels store water below their levels, with a deficit of up to 18%, a situation that has triggered a severe impact on the infrastructure of  CESPT, such as the collapse of the two pumps, he detailed.
Finally, the parastatal explained that the water distribution will be scheduled, so that the colonies where there will be shortages will be alerted in time in order for the population to be prepared."

end edit. 


 ~ Impeachment Updates:

Live Impeachment Updates: CNN 

 ~ Syria, et al:

Informed Comment 



Will return with Carlos Alvarez's reports on the Le Baron Massacre  who is covering everything on Zeta and our statsAnd some interesting reports from Proceso of past violent conflicts only just a year ago between the LeBarons and the Barzonistas and the Ejidians where people were actually killed.... did not see that one at all in the USMSM.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Is Anyone Else Creeped Out By This Santa Ana ? Some Reports on the Relationship Between Climate Change and The Santa Ana Winds & Fires - Don't Miss Esquire Article - UPDATE @ 7:07 PM BIG FIRE BEHIND COLONIA CONSTITUCION IN ROSARITO BEACH - TOWN FULL OF SMOKE - PEOPLE WEARING FACE MASKS - BUSINESSES ARE MOSTLY SHUT DOWN - ZETA HAS THE UPDATES

 - Update/Edit @ 7:07 pm:

Mike just went into town to pick up some mole, restaurant was closing down due to big fire to the east, behind Colonia Constitucion.  Half the restaurantes are shut down and most of the business are shut down, thick smoke in Rosarito, people on the street are wearing face masks. He could see flames. 

 So, be careful out there you guys, guess we're going to have leftovers yuck, I was looking forward to the chicken soup with special chile mix and lime, oh well.  Here, winds were very high all morning since 6:00am with a brief respite for a couple of hours now they are building high again, dirt and dust everywhere. 

Also, Mike notes electricity to the east of us on the other side of the Highway is out...we're good so far,  WiFi internet back on but don't know for how long.



 End edit.


 It's 1:50am and we're nervously waiting for the winds, which are supposed to be worse than the last set. So far, nothing .  The focus yesterday was to get prepared just in case we have to evacuate, which doesn't seem really likely however you never know...and the last time around let's face it, we were on our own. So maybe the worse scenario will be power outages, no internet and more dust to clean up.

A few years ago we had a very strong Santa Ana and a few fires down here and I had mentioned the relationship between this "natural" event and climate change - which then we were calling "global warming".  That went over like a lead balloon down here.  La Loca is at it again OMG ! So, here are some short articles and studies:

An oldie but a goodie:

 ~ From Yale Climate Connections:

The Many Ways Climate Change Worsens California Wildfires
by, Dana Nuccitelli


 ~ From Times of San Diego:

Scripps Scientists Predict Climate Change Will Cause Later Fire Season
 by, Chris Jennewein


 ~ From National Geographic:

Climate Change Is Contributing to California's Fires
by, Alejandra Borunda


 ~ From UCLAloES:

Alex Hall: How Climate Change Is Fueling Southern California Wildfires
by, Alison Hewitt & Karen Lefkowitz

~~~~~  I could not resist this one......

 ~ From Esquire:

Someday, They'll Be Amazed We Didn't Impeach Trump Over the Climate Crisis
by, Jack Holmes


Impeachment Updates

Impeachment Tracker 

Syria - Informed Comment 


Take Care Everyone... 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

That Was Too Close For Comfort - Fire Pics From No. End Of SADM

There are many displaced people from the horrible fires here, we were lucky and escaped harm.  The minute I find out where to go to help these folks out - with anything - I'll post it. By now you have already seen scores of pictures, here are just a few more from our neighborhood:


 ~ Thursday the 24th around 3:00 am awakened by thick smoke and a cramp in my leg.  I got up and opened the front door to see the hill directly behind us on fire, flames leaping to the sky.  I screamed to Mike to get up, there is a fire right behind us. Panic, Paris barking, Daca Bob crying, running in circles grabbing important papers, medicines, vitamins, cat food, unlocking the vehicles.  Luckily the electricity was on so we could open the garage door - but no internet.  At about 3:20am we walked  through the smoke and hot dry winds down to the barranca and it was obvious the TIJ Fire Department had the hill under control, still the smoke was choking.  William next door came out and said "what's happening?"  We had no idea that Real Del Mar had been evacuated or the extent of damage, chaos and terror Tijuana, Rosarito , Ensenada and Tecate were experiencing. I went back to bed with Paris. Mike took this picture which is from the street, you can still see the fire burning the hills further north in Real Del Mar:

Around 4:00am

 ~ Shortly before dawn Mike woke me and said, "Get up, the fire has moved to the barranca, we are moving hoses and buckets, get up. "  Everyone was busy attaching hoses or bringing buckets, so no one was really thinking about taking pictures, but flames were coming up from the barranca, which is about two blocks away from us.  Here is one pic to give you an idea of the thick smoke, and this pic really doesn't show how thick the smoke had been:

Another...the hill directly in the back ground had completely burned, that was the one I saw out the front door:. 

I can't name all the folks who came out to help, but they were great and I wish this brigade could all get together and go out to dinner some where nice.  There were five hoses attached from five houses running for about four hours straight: the street below Reuban's (this was Pete & Phyllis), Reuban & Carmen's, ours and our two new neighbors who are sweethearts.  A darling girl was passing out face masks, William did a double take as if he had been  struck by lightening and I told him to get her phone number, one man  ran over from the Highway & alerted us that many homes had been lost pointing east.

 ~ Dawn and everyone is still at it, hoses still running; in the second pic you can clearly see the plume from Punta Bandera in the ocean:

 ~ So they are saying we are going to be hit from both offshore and onshore winds on Sunday, unknown how strong they will be.  WIFI is back up, but unsure about Telnor, we saw them working on the poles this morning.

Take care everyone ! 


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Updates: Syria & Impeachment - Latest Stats For TIJ From Zeta: 107 Killed So Far In October; 1,806 Killed YTD - - Problemas in CANTU-Super Close to Punta Banda - UPDATE 10/23: UH OH Folks, This Happened At La Joya - Denise Dresser: Full Lecture en English On Current Affairs In Mexico & Panel Discussion On Immigration From Berkeley !!!

Hope you are all surviving the Santa Ana heat and bad air. Let's get going here with the current updates on Syria and the Impeachment Inquiry:


  ~  Absolute best information, hands down: 

Informed Comment 
by, Juan Cole 

 ~  And the train kept a rollin':

 ~ From CNN:

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 ~ Culiacan Updates Which Will Lead Us In To Local Events Of The Drug War: 

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Riodoce is the third source (that I've seen) who published the following report on the ranking of the States in Mexico in regards to the drug war violence.  Zeta published a similar report several weeks back, Animal Politico published another similar report about a week back. So far, the Riodoce report covers the entire nation.  Keep in mind the rankings were based on fatalities from January this year to the end of August this year:

Estos Son Las Estados Mas Violentas En Mexico
Por, Alejandro Monjardin

:While the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection Alfonso Durazo Montaño stressed that the trend in malicious homicides had reached a turning point, in Michoacán 13 state agents were massacred.
The next day, 14 alleged hitmen and a military man died in a confrontation in Guerrero and Nuevo Laredo, four alleged criminals in a shooting with soldiers; on Wednesday a confrontation left four suspected criminals and a policeman dead in Michoacán; and on Thursday a wave of shootings, blockades and vehicle fires broke out in Culiacán due to the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán.
During the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday, the security cabinet gave a security report.
Between January and August of this year, 23,724 wrongful killings have been committed, of which 41 percent are concentrated in five states.
In Guanajuato, 9.2 percent of the murders were committed, in Baja California on 9.1, in the State of Mexico on 8.3, in Jalisco on 7.2, and on Chihuahua on 7.2.
Considering the population of each state, Colima is the state with the highest rate with 56 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, Baja California with 48, Guanajuato with 29, Guerrero with 29 and Chihuahua with 37.
Sinaloa records a rate of 17 murders per 100,000 inhabitants with 606 homicides during this year.
The violent Tijuana
In Baja California since 2016 there was a resurgence of violence.
In the state, violence is concentrated in Tijuana, where more than 70 percent of homicides are committed.
In that the border city the cartels of Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación fight the distribution of drugs; and also an internal fight is being waged in the CJNG.
The state kept the homicide rate below 600 murders a year, but in 2016 they shot up to 1,80 thousand, in 2017 they doubled and there were 2 thousand 95, 2018 closed with 2 thousand 824 and until September of this year they go 1, 991 thousand.
Tijuana, considered the most violent city in the country, went from having 872 homicides in 2016 to 2,253 in 2018; and in nine months of 2019 they add 1,559.
Headquarters of the most violent cartel
In Jalisco the Jalisco Nueva Generación, Nueva Plaza and Sinaloa cartels fight a fight that this year has left 1,444 murders.
The entity accounts for 7.2 percent of the murders committed in the country.
The entity is the headquarters of the CJNG considered by US authorities as one of the most violent in the world.
In March, 19 bodies were located in a canal in the municipality of Ixtahuacán de los Membrillos and two months later, in June, three clashes between criminal groups and agents were recorded, leaving two alleged criminals and two dead agents.
In that state on May 10, they located 35 clandestine graves in three farms; the largest was in Zapopan where there were 27 bodies.
Edomex invaded by cartels
In the State of Mexico, the local Prosecutor's Office recognizes that La Familia Michoacana, Los Rojos, Guerreros Unidos, Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, Cartel Nuevo Imperio, Unión Tepito, Cartel del Tláhuac and the Los Mazos band operate.
The groups are distributed throughout the territory dedicated to the transfer and sale of drugs, theft of fuel and extortion.
In that state, 822 murders were committed, representing 8 percent of those registered throughout the country between January and August.
The early morning of May 25 in Coacalco, students were surprised at a party by three armed and hooded men who opened fire; The balance was five dead young people.
Guanajuato doubles homicides
In Guanajuato, violence escalated with the lawsuit between the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.
In three years the homicides doubled from 961 in 2016 to 1 804 so far in 2019.
Guanajuato with is the fourth state with the highest murder rate with 29 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants.
On April 5 the state lived one of the most violent days with 24 murders the same day, of which eight were in a clash between civilians in Apaseo el Alto.
In March an armed group broke into a bar and opened fire on the assistants, leaving a balance of 15 dead men and three injured women.
The sea entrance
Colima is one of the places of greatest interest of the cartels for having the main seaport of the country.
Manzanillo enters the drug brought from Central and South America, chemical precursors to make synthetic drugs and recently Fentanyl from Asia.
The dispute between the Jalisco Nueva Generación and Sinaloa cartels made Colima the state with the highest homicide rate in the country, with 56 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.
Between January and August in that state 435 murders were committed.
Always violent warrior
The state of Guerrero is among the most violent in the country with 1,993 murders.
For every 100 thousand inhabitants in the entity 29 murders are committed.
The Jalisco Nueva Generación, Sinaloa, Guerreros Unidos, Los Granados, Los Rojos, Acapulco Independent Cartel cartels operate in the entity.
Just last Tuesday a confrontation between military and suspected criminals left a balance of 14 civilians and a dead soldier in the community of Tepochica.
One of the massacres that occurred this year was the afternoon of May 26, when eight bodies that presented traces of beatings and torture, two women and six men, were abandoned inside a van with a report of theft in Chilpancingo.
Old Violence
The state of Chihuahua has been submerged in a wave of violence for decades.
7.2 percent of the murders that have been committed this year were in that entity.
In eight months, they count 1,479 crimes, making Chihuahua the third most violent in the country with 37 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants.
Among those victims are three 4, 13, and 4-year-old sisters and a 23-year-old man, killed when they were at a ranch and a command entered and fired more than 100 times in Ciudad Juarez.
Article published on October 20, 2019 in the 873 edition of the weekly Riod."


 And yet this current month of October seems to be showing a slow down of the executions in Tijuana. Everyone around here is wondering if this is an indication of a potential cease fire on the one hand; on the other hand, people are wondering if we will see a flurry in activity and killings the remaining days of October. 

 ~ From Zeta :

Homicidios a La Baja; Robos En Incremento; Jorge Ayon - 10/21/19
Por, Manuel Ayala

 " The Secretary of Security and Municipal Citizen Protection (SSPCM), Jorge Alberto Ayón Monsalve, stressed that since the entry of the new municipal administration, in Tijuana homicides have been reduced by 24%, however the crime of robberies has increased by 7% , for which they are already implementing action measures to inhibit them.
He stressed that during this weekend there were only six malicious killings, due to the greater police presence on the streets, the increase in patrols; as well as better coordination between the three areas of government. In October, 90 homicides have been registered.
Ayón said that among the most relevant cases of theft, he highlighted the one presented this weekend at a casino in Playas de Tijuana, where a group of hooded people extracted money directly from the box, without knowing, so far the amount they took.
He stressed that during the robbery there were no victims of theft, nor injured.
The secretary also highlighted a robbery that was given to the facilities of the consulate of the Czech Republic, where it is being monitored; In addition, this Tuesday they will hold a meeting with diplomatic personnel in order to have greater coordination.
He also pondered that some areas will be restructured in personnel matters to solve those that address the theft issue, with the objective of being able to reduce crime."


Then this morning a slight uptick in the stats with an October tally and a YTD number for the homicides en TIJ: 

 ~  From Zeta:

"Just over two months after the end of the year, until the morning of Tuesday, October 22, the Office of the Attorney General in the State, records 1,806 murders in Tijuana during 2019.
The last four malicious events were dated Tuesday, October 22.
First at 07:05 hours, the emergency center was informed that inside the house located on Ruiz Cortines street lot # 15 of the La Cuesta neighborhood, there were the lifeless bodies of a man and a woman. Upon arrival of police elements, the bodies of the couple were visible with visible injuries from gunshots.
The victims were identified as Esmeralda Marisela Cortez García, 47 years old, and Arturo Fernández Montaño, 53. Expert officers located four .30 caliber shells at the scene of the crime.
At 1:42 p.m., a group of activists in search of missing persons, located in a neighborhood road to the La Presa vessel in the Valle Bonito neighborhood, skeletal remains belonging to a human body, which had deteriorated clothing. Two .40 caliber caps were packed on the scene
On the Arroyo Verde street in the Las Delicias subdivision, a human skull was found, which could not determine sex and age. The head was found a few meters from an on wheels.
So far this October, 107 wrongful killings have been recorded."


Ensenada....Just passing this report along, so many more covering events in Ensenada from Zeta, will be back at some point (??) with those.  Meanwhile...problemas en Cantu: 

courtesy Zeta

  ~ From Zeta:

Por, Lorena Lamas y Marco A. Flores 

"The preliminary report indicates that it was a confrontation between elements of the 67 Battalion and armed civilians aboard a vessel, allegedly in possession of drugs.
ENSENADA.- After a confrontation with gunfire between soldiers of the 67th Infantry Battalion and armed civilians, a man was injured by a gun projectile during an operation in El Ejido Esteban Cantú, municipality of Ensenada.
According to the report received in the emergency number 911, around 01:04 hours on Tuesday, Mexican Army personnel had a confrontation with subjects "who were aboard a vessel apparently in possession of drugs", in El Varadero in the area known as Rincon de Ballenas, Ejido Esteban Cantú, towards La Bufadora.
The C-4 report states that at 1:27 p.m. Red Cross paramedics arrived to treat the injured civilian, a man, between 40 and 50 years of age, who presented blows to the face and active bleeding, as well as two chest shots The injured was consciously transferred to the General Hospital for medical attention.
The first data of the State Attorney General's Office (PGJE) indicates that for this fact an 
 investigation folder has not been opened because the Ministry of National Defense failed to report to the Ministerial Police. However, SEDENA has not issued information in this regard."

So we will have to wait and see if more information is forthcoming.


Update/edit 1/23 :  Well I don't think a heck of a lot of people are surprised, but this happened at La know, "paradise".

 - From Zeta :

Asegurardon Una Tonelada de Marihuana Tras Enfrentamiento en Ensenada
Por, Mario A Flores

"Soldiers and armed civilians were engaged in a gun battle on Tuesday morning, in the area of ​​ La Joya, where the Army secured a drug boat and injured one of the alleged criminals'
  After the confrontation with bullets early Tuesday between soldiers and armed civilians, the Army announced the assurance of a ton of marijuana in a boat.
In a statement, the 67th Infantry Battalion explained that, within the framework of the La Joya operation, in the La Bufadora area, soldiers found a boat stranded at the edge of the fishing field, as well as four men moving packages from the panga to a parked vehicle.

When approaching to verify the legality of the landing they realized that the civilians were armed, so they were ordered to surrender, however, the military personnel were attacked and initiated the exchange of shots, according to the official version.

Three of the attackers managed to escape between the houses, while the fourth was hit by the soldiers' shots; According to the 67th Infantry Battalion, the man received a bullet rocket in the jaw, a version different from that of C-4 that reported the man with two thorax bullets.

The injured person was transferred to the General Hospital, where the military personnel safeguards their safety and once the provision is completed, they will be handed over to the corresponding judicial authority.

As part of the operation, the soldiers found within the boat 27 packages tied with glass rubber and black nylon, subject with rope; inside each package were smaller packages, all with marijuana, giving an approximate weight of 1,880 kilograms total..

A white boat, 20 feet in length, was also secured with two 200 horsepower outboard motors; a vehicle, cab-and-a-half pick-up type, gray, Ford F-150 brand, model 2000, without license plates, with theft report; a .9 mm caliber Beretta pistol with a magazine and eight useful cartridges."

*** Note: at around 3:30pm Wednesday 10/23/19 I am simply not seeing this story reported on El Mexicano Policiaca de Ensenada or El Vigia de Ensenada.  Hmmmm....someone loves Ensenada.

end edit. 


Denise Dresser...

These are long, but a must listen to...if you don't have time, download them from Youtube ! 

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Have a nice week.