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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Anastasio Hernandez Rojas - So Far Not a Great Deal Of Reaction Locally or Nationally to the DOJ Verdict - UPDATE 11/09 PROTEST DEMONSTRATION AGAINST THE VERDICT IN SAN DIEGO - More Executions In Rosarito Beach Two on Saturday, One on Sunday Dismembered & Burned

We have been waiting since the 11/06 judgement passed down by the DOJ on the Anastasio Hernandez Rojas case for at least a local editorial or some sort of public reaction to the verdict which found the US Agents involved not culpable for his death, not guilty of murder described here (Anastasio received only two taser shots ???!) by the LA Times. So far locally and nationally there has been no public reaction and with the exception of a few comments after the AFN article, it has been absolutely quiet. This is a dramatic change from five years ago when it seems that just about everyone in both countries clamored for " Justice for Anastasio" as we watched and re-watched the video of the event of him being surrounded, beaten and tased like a cornered animal by US Agents first published in Mexico and read the accounts of first hand witnesses.  It is unclear if any editorials on this judgement will be forthcoming from Mexico, and we have heard nothing from the social activists including Sergio Tamai.

There could be several reasons for this: perhaps people fear that saying anything might compromise the civil suit being pursued by Anastasio's family, perhaps the drug war and the anomalies taking place in Mexico have taken precedence, and the worse possibility expressed by one of my neighbors unfortunately is that too much time has passed and no one cares anymore. That is difficult for me to believe.

Still, locally "just the facts" have been covered by JornadaBC (Note title), Frontera , AFN (Note title) and Radio programs.  Only time will tell if this verdict which was reached by the DOJ has created  another festering indignation among the Mexican people towards the United States.

Courtesy Frontera

UPDATE/edit 11/09:  Frontera reports there was a protest demonstration against the judgement of the DOJ in San Diego this early evening in front of the Federal Building.  Maria Puga, the wife of Anastasio and Bernardo Hernandez Rojas, the brother of Anastasio addressed the crowds of people (100+) expressing their revulsion and disgust of this judgement in favor of the  "uniformed murderers."  Bernardo said that justice was denied in this case to the family, that clearly by watching the video and listening to the witnesses and taking into account the autopsies which declared Anastasio's death a murder, justice was denied. He also stated that the family simply does not believe there is insufficient evidence (as they have been told) to bring the officers to trial.  Maria Puga thanked the audience for their support and vowed to continue fighting for justice.  Their civil case is being appealed by the defendants.

Here is a panel just two months ago of HNBA on the subject "Police Excessive Force Policies: Have US Latinos Become the Invisible Majority?" which references the Anastasio case.  My feelings are that at a time when we have come to depend on the US Agents (despite their "Hall of Shame") particularly in the face of  dangerous organized criminal activity and terrorist threats, the Agency has received a black eye in this case and it is difficult to say when they will be viewed as trustworthy again.


UPDATE/edit 11/09:

We are not receiving information on which groups are fighting in Rosarito Beach, but altogether over the weekend three are dead and there has been no official information if more violence is expected.  On Saturday very early in the morning town was quiet, although because of the road construction traffic started backing up quickly.  Later in the morning we spotted Marinos at the big Calimax (who could have been just shopping), several Municipal Patrol cars and at least two motorcycle cops.


11/08:  Both Zeta and Frontera reporting on Sunday afternoon on a dirt road leading to colonia Volcanes the dismembered and burned body of a person located.

11/07:  Frontera reports on Saturday two men killed by gunfire in Rosarito Beach: In the morning in colonia Lucio Blanco police respond to gunshots and locate one man who Frontera states was riddled with bullets from a .45.  In the afternoon, one man located inside the trunk of an abandoned vehicle, dead shot in chest.  This was in the Puesta del Sol neighborhood, south of the city. I've only seen this reported on Frontera so far.