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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Surfside, Florida - Reactions to Kamala's "Do Not Come" - USA Crime With An Eye Opener From Capeheart - Local TIJ Stats

Just as we are slowly stepping away from the Pandemic (with the exceptions of the  Southern good ole boy network led by weird Republicans who still refuse to be immunized), another disaster; the collapse of the Surfside Florida Condo building. Everyone wants the occupants to be located and survive, in this case, it will take a miracle. But, how did this happen ? What was the cause or causes ?

 ~ From NBC: 

“It’s a tough conversation to have, but the building shouldn’t have been there,” Pilkey said, “along with a lot of other buildings. We’re due for a real awakening.”


Cause Of Miami Condo Collapse Unclear, But Experts Say Barrier Islands Present Risks 



You have most likely read, seen or heard of the harrowing jungle crossings the migrantes make in search of the Promised Land. Here is the latest report from the Rio Grande Valley which basically validates the Harris point that it is simply too dangerous a journey to undertake, don't do it.


 ~ From: The Rolling Stone 



The Coyote Cartel


"In the Rio Grande Valley, human smuggling is overseen by a powerful crime syndicate, forcing the migrants arriving in record numbers to put their lives in violent hands "




Central American Migrants: They’re Here Because We Were There

"Southwest Harbor, Maine (Special to Informed Comment) – Democrats claim to defend an honest rendition of US history, one that will be attentive to the injustices inflicted by slavery and racism. Unfortunately, however, that honesty stops at the water’s edge. While the president prepared for and conducted a widely- covered summit that among other things warned Russians not to interfere once again in US elections, Vice President Harris was sternly admonishing Central American to stay put.

One strand that unites Biden’s chastisement of Putin and Harris’s blunt command is their historical amnesia. They chastise Russia and Central America from an assumed stance of moral purity. Nonetheless, their version of American exceptionalism won’t survive even a casual examination of recent US dealings with Russia or the triangle states of Central America.

Vice President Harris has received some praise for acknowledging that surges in migration are a reflection of underlying causes. Poverty, violence, and corruption are most often cited. Correct as this observation is it fails to acknowledge US responsibility for those causes. Violence poverty, and corruption are treated as free- floating maladies that just happened and around which US policy must navigate. If things go badly that is because violence and corruption were too great.

Dana Frank, emerita professor University of California/Santa Cruz points out: “people are very much fleeing poverty. But that poverty, again, is not a natural disaster. It’s the direct result of the post-{US-backed ]coup policies.” Neoliberal faith in markets destroyed the state, which is the only barrier to the excesses of the market.. In addition “ state services have been destroyed because the elites that run the government are just robbing it blind. For example, the president and his party stole as many as $90 million from the national health service in 2013 to pay for their campaigns, and so then there’s no national health service that functions.

Frank observed that while then Vice President, Joe Biden wanted to give a billion dollars to the governments of the so-called northern Triangle of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in order to stop migration and address root causes, “If you look at that, it’s pouring precisely into the same security forces and sectors of the economy that are causing the very repression, the very destruction of the economy that people are fleeing.”

That sort of amnesia seems well distributed in DC., as was demonstrated in the press conference following the summit. Here is President Biden’s remarkable revisionist history:: “get this straight: How would it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world as interfering with the elections directly of other countries, and everybody knew it? What would it be like if we engaged in activities that he is engaged in? It diminishes the standing of a country that is desperately trying to make sure it maintains its standing as a world power.” In response to this absurdity the DC press corps lent its tacit ascent by remaining silent.

What is involved here is more than an academic controversy over recent Central American history. As the editors of NACLA point out: “memory can be leveraged as a tool of education, political action, and alternative building, while its antithesis, forgetting, can serve as a weapon to impose silence and erasure.

Joe Biden is notoriously muddleheaded. Perhaps the most charitable way to regard these words is as another incoherent rant. If policy choices are guided by a conviction of US innocence and even international faith in that innocence, more self-defeating atrocities marked all over with the USA brand will likely emerge."


John Buell has a PhD in political science, taught for 10 years at College of the Atlantic, and was an Associate Editor of The Progressive for ten years. He lives in Southwest Harbor, Maine and writes on labor and environmental issues. His most recent book, published by Palgrave in August 2011, is "Politics, Religion, and Culture in an Anxious Age." He may be reached at



Meanwhile back in the USA, everyone is talking about the gun violence...and yet everyone knows not mucho will ever be done to curtail guns in our society due to the powerful gun lobbies.  The best news  is that.....


 ~ From CNN:

9th Circuit Appeals Court blocks the overturn of California's assault weapons ban

Updated 12:53 AM ET, Tue June 22, 2021


Speaking of gun violence, here is this evenings Brooks and Capeheart, where Capeheart makes a remarkable comparison to the actual decrease in gun violence since the 1990's...although not until almost the end of the show.

"New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week in politics, including the potential breakthrough on the road to an infrastructure deal, the justice department's lawsuit against Georgia's voting restrictions, and the president's plan to curb surging violent crime across the country. "



And locally at the moment, we are at 163 executions this month of June. Don't miss all the reports:


 ~ From Zeta:



Matan a cuatro en Tijuana;  a dos les dejan narcomensaje 


"Three men and a woman were murdered in the last hours in Tijuana. Two of the victims were left threatening messages by their killers.

According to police reports, it was around 06:00 hours on Thursday, June 24, when it was reported to the emergency center that on Héctor Luteroth and Julián Navarrete streets in the San Luis neighborhood, gunshot detonations were heard, for the municipal police they went to the place.

After a tour of the area, at a riding school, they observed that there was a male person with a gunshot wound to the head and a legend written on a white blanket with the legend that to the letter read: “ ESTO LE BA PASS ALL THE KAPOSYEN SUPPORT THE SINALOA YAP 8081 ″.

The unidentified victim wore blue jeans, a black jacket and was covered with a blanket.

In the afternoon, it was reported that the lifeless body of a woman was found on a stretch of dirt on Mar de Buena Vista street on the corner of Isla Coronado in the Buena Vista neighborhood. The unidentified victim, aged between 20 and 26, who wore denim shorts, a white hoodie, white tennis shoes and a tattoo on his arm, had blood spots on his head. Ballistic evidence was recorded at the crime scene.

 Later, in the trunk of a green Honda Accord, model 95, without license plates, the bound body of a man was found, which was semi covered with a blanket. The unit was located on Miguel Lira and Gómez Farías streets in the Morelos neighborhood, a few meters from the military barracks.

Information obtained by ZETA indicates that a wooden board was left on the passenger seat with a message that read: " AKI ALREADY HAS AN OWNER, FOLLOW YOUR CUATE C ALINIATE ATTN THE 4 LETTERS". 

It should be noted that the unit where the body was found had a robbery report dated June 17.

Finally, a man who was walking along Río Amacuzac street in the Mariano Matamoros neighborhood was executed by unknown individuals who shot him repeatedly from a moving car. The victim had several gunshot wounds. Witnesses report that the hit men were aboard a red sedan vehicle, which fled towards Hermenegildo Galeana street, without having been located to date. Seven ballistic evidence was found in the crime area.

So far, none of the cases are reported detainees.

Tijuana adds 163 intentional homicides so far in June."



The weather has been cool here, no heat wave so far. Paris had her cytopoint shot today, I'm still limping around and the feral cats knocked over two of my pots (masetas) on the wall. Going to make a big greek salad for over the weekend with some homemade bread since it's not hot.

Take care everyone.... light candles for the folks in Surfside.


Wow, not bad for a white boy...oh jeez it's you-know-who: 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Trump ThreatensTo Deploy The Military On The Streets Of Amerika !!! Or...." Who Let The Dogs Out ?" - John Buell On Trump's Reichstag Moment..... - Go Back To Your Bunker Herr Trump And Take Melania With You...In fact, Take A Cage For Barron...I'm Sure You Can Squeeze a Little Cage In ! Grrrr...Ruff ! Ruff ! Down WOOF !!!Paris !

From CNN - Wow, what an IDIOT ! Staged Publicity Stunt by The Expert....or...after 24 hours in the bunker Trump gets religion?  Nah, c'mon.....

Breaking from CNN...peaceful protesters assaulted in D.C., even staunch Republicans are rejecting his fascist moves, even the Bishop of St. John's said basically Trump is full of shit and many Governor's are rejecting his call to deploy the Military on to the streets of America:

Latest Updates From George Floyd Protests


More on Bishop Budde's reaction to Trump's Publicity Stunt:

'I Am Outraged': Bishop Overseeing Church Responds To Trump's Photo-Op [VIDEO]

 ~ From The Guardian : More Spiritual Leaders weigh in on Trump's Publicity Stunt:

Bishop 'Outraged' Over Trump's Church Photo Op During George Floyd's Protests
By, Mario Koran & Helen Sullivan


1933: Burning of the Reichstag

Although the Pentagon expressed concern over Trump's so-called control measures:

Pentagon Officials Express Concern As Trump Threatens To Use Military To 'Dominate' Protestors
By, Barbara Starr, Ryan Browne & Nicole Gaouette

The smart ones may be thinking...

 ~ From Informed Comment [with video hit the link]

Does Trump See COVID-19 And Protests against Police Brutality As His Reichstag Moment?
By, John Buell

"In a recent statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to the firings of [State Department inspector general] and the other inspectors general as ” dangerous.”

“The President must cease his pattern of reprisal and retaliation against the public servants who are working to keep Americans safe,” she said, “particularly during this time of global emergency.”

Like bullies on the playground Trump sits back and hollers :”see if you can make me.” Media and centrist Democrats resistance to Trump’s growing list of serious crimes has at worst been little more than admonishments and a best invocation of largely unenforceable Constitutional principles.

Johns Hopkins political theorist William Connolly warns us that : “Though the US differs in important ways from Germany in the thirties there are affinities that might lead us to see German experience as a cautionary tale “

Connolly points out that “Immediately after Hitler became Chancellor, Nazi use of the radio for national rallies accelerated, street violence increased, and defilement of opponents intensified. A three ring circus. The idea was to link all opponents together, above all to identify Social Democrats with Communists through invective and to treat Jews as the “red thread” tying both movements together ..”

Connolly emphasizes the ways in which agenda, narratives, and even bodily expression build on each other and in proper circumstances coalesce in a fierce attack on democracy. Trump has colluded with Russia, suppressed voting, shut down government, misallocated Congressionally authorized funds, tried to hide information about the seriousness of the Covid virus. He has advocated physical violence against political opponents and voiced support for such violence when it occurs. Engaged in an ongoing obstruction of justice regarding Russia and withheld publicly relevant information about his personal finances. Trump no longer runs with the benefit of a booming economy, but for that reason he is even more to be feared. He is at his worst and most vicious when cornered.”

Connolly offers no definitive prediction of a Reichstag event, the burning of the German legislative chamber providing Hitler with a pretext for martial law and a brutal crackdown on opposition parties. He does worry about the destructive, mutually intensifying interaction of climate crisis and global pandemic. Global capitalism’s expansionary tendencies exacerbate inequality., providing fertile ground for flourishing of this and subsequent deadly viruses. Should deaths make an upward spiral this summer, a real possibility given Trump’s determination to restart a normal economy that exists only in his mind, social unrest might follow. Trump, cornered, may authorize Barr to arrest some of those whom he routinely vilifies. In this context it is worth remembering that it was when the body bags started coming home on national TV that Lyndon Johnson lost support for the Vietnam War. Trump’s opponents best be aware of the many uses to which such a catastrophe could be put.

These considerations make electoral defeat of Trump imperative. A second term, especially if Republicans took the House, would leave him completely unconstrained. Franklin and Marshall labor scholar Van Gosse worries about the possible emergence of an “illiberal democracy,” (are we already partly there?). He describes the process:

1. The packing of the judiciary.

2. The planting of loyalists in all the key decision-making positions of the government.

3. Foment violence by paramilitaries.

4. Use police to take control of the state’s monopoly on legitimate violence.

Under such a regime it is likely that Social Security would be privatized, environmental and occupational regulations further decimated. Public health institutions and practices eviscerated.

But a return to the pre-Trump normal is neither possible nor desirable. For one thing there is no guarantee that Trump will accept results if he loses. In addition normal centrist Democrat agendas and narratives were insensitive to the anxieties that paved the way for Trump. Guard rails to save us from the likes of Trump were never adequate to begin with and have been largely obliterated. What was best in those rails were products of broad social movements. (Link to How DOES a Democracy Die? ) Now is the time to build a movement across race class and gender to democratize all facets of our social and economic lives. Such a movement is a long time project, but working toward it now may prepare us for some of the more ( aspirational-fascismimmediate dangers that lie ahead."

About the Author

John Buell has a PhD in political science, taught for 10 years at College of the Atlantic, and was an Associate Editor of The Progressive for ten years. He lives in Southwest Harbor, Maine and writes on labor and environmental issues. His most recent book, published by Palgrave in August 2011, is "Politics, Religion, and Culture in an Anxious Age." He may be reached at


 Speaking of "Fomenting Violence By Paramilitaries", how about this one:

 ~ From NBC:

White Nationalist Group Posing As Antifa Called For Violence On Twitter
By, Ben Collins, Brandy Zadrozny & Emmanuelle Saliba 


I  wish that he would have just kept walking when he was on his way to St. John's.  Actually, this guy has much better advise.  

However, someone other than me (because no one listens to me) needs to tell Trump to go back to his bunker - hey Trump, why don't you just end it there, like your buddy Adolf ?  

I'm glad I made dinner early tonight, chicken tomatillo...let me know if you want the recipe.

I'll be back, we're watching what the fat fascist will do next.....and Paris is pissed off ! WOOF !!