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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Well Shucks, Not Many Readers But I'm Back

 Probably first thing in order is to thank whoever it was that fixed the blog.Thank You. The Meme's are back a runnin', so far everything looks in order, the print is right, all the blogs, pics and videos seem to be here unscathed thank it's a happy relief.  I never did have time to contact Google about this mess and the weird gmail attributed to them, not to mention the porno spam. I did however have Jesus on the mainline.

So, you think ole Linton broke down and just fixed it because deep down inside he really is in love with me and has a soul and believes in karma ? Nah.

Meanwhile, I have been home for only a few hours; I had the 'Left Heart Catheterization With Possible Percutaneous Intervention' on Monday at SRS. A quick reshash; as you may recall, various tests were necessary to qualify for the knee replacement. One of these was an EKG where my Primary Care doctor claimed my EKG was "all over the place" and I needed to go to Cardiology.

Another hurdle to say the least - could not even get in to Cardiology for another month, this was a real time set back for me. After two appointments and many tests, the Cardiologist in charge, Dr.Gomez recommended the catheterization and possible stents. Keep in mind it was she who validated that the absolute pain in my knee caused my blood pressure to rise, which in itself causes heart blockage.

So I was out there in left field not knowing if I was in real trouble, and it was stressful. At one point I said to Mike, '...what if I'm like this for the rest of my life- I can't walk and I have a bad heart ? what if I have a bad heart and can't have the knee surgery ?...'

Despite my feelings towards SRS for this prolonged delay with the  knee replacement for almost two years now, I have to say the Cardiology Department does have their stuff together, they are top notch.

Upshot: Dr. Gomez announced yesterday at the end of the day: "There is nothing wrong with your heart, my EKG's do not show it being 'all over the place', it is perfect, you do not need stents, nothing. You are my best heart patient."

I started crying, but it also could have been because I was out on the slab sedated...and I still feel slightly sedated. The only thing I can't do is lift more than one pound with my right hand and arm for 48 hours because that's where they went in to inspect the heart.

Dr. Gomez, the heart wizard also notified the knee surgeons and told them I am ready to roll. So, one to six months on that surgery. I'm going to call them tomorrow.


Let's look at the weather first, and it looks as if we are in a drying out period before more storms hit us.

But, it is super cold, tonight it's supposed to get down to 44 degrees. Meanwhile, the big surf caused by the big storms. It was big down here too, below us the waves crashing would wake you up in the middle of the stormy night like in a 1940's film noir.  Here's the forecast:

 ~ From Accuweather: 01/18/23

California Set to Get Needed Break From Storms. How Long Will It Last ?

The big surf from the beginning of the got even bigger with each storm - go over to youtube and check it out:

............ ~~~~~~~~~~

The Ukraine

Roughly about a week prior to the Soledar "victory", every time I saw Putin's face in the news he seemed to be smiling, as if he knew things were going to go his way. When you think about it, Putin is always smiling when he knows he's going to murder more innocents, he gets off on it. Here are the links, pay attention to Kos:



We are up to 87 executions so far this month, details on that and the storm damage:

courtesy CNN: Elliot Blair

Although not a lot of folks down here are talking about this one....down the road at Las Rocas.....


AMLO was rather insulting to President Biden at the big meeting, scroll back for that one and everything else is here:


Classified Documents found At Biden's Casa ?

I need more information, but it sure doesn't look good for him to be saying nothing, not good at all...c'mon Joe.


Over an out from Stalag-17.

Good Lp out from Peter Rowen.....