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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Denise Dresser: Protected and Surrounded By The Mothers Of The Disappeared She Is Run Out Of the Protest March At The Zocalo By AMLO Supporters- Unfreakinbelievable !

Aloha y'all. One of the important things about subscribing to Pulse News Mexico is that you receive daily updates of their reports on your email,  the news some of which we are simply not receiving here at all. Denise Dresser is a case in point. I mistakenly thought she was still teaching upstate at Berkeley - but one thing is for certain, although we haven't seen as much of her as we did back in the mid-2000's along with Sergio Aguayo, Javier Sicilia et al, she is still an extremely formidable force. So, here's latest plus an english interview for you from The American Quarterly which lays the cards down right on the table:

The photograph from Informador:


Denise Dresser being protected from the AMLO crowd at the Zocalo by the Mothers of the Disappeared - she and her friends had gathered and were in the process of raising the bannerthey had marched with against militarization in Mexico; the demonstration was in memory of the Tlatelolco Massacre of 1968. 

 She cannot hide her distress - I imagine  if she is going to shed tears, they will be for her very ignorant brainwashed countrymen and her violence-ridden country.

What a demoralizing gut punch.

Just a note: the meaning of the green scarves or 'Panuelo Verdes'.

And, her attackers screamed at her that she was no feminist. Shame on them.


From Informador: "No permitiré que me corran, ni del Zócalo ni del país ni de la lucha democrática, más importante ahora que nunca", dice Denise Dresser. TWITTER   

Translation: "I will not allow them to kick me out, neither from the Zocalo nor from the country nor from the democratic struggle, which is more important now than ever"

 ~ From Pulse News Mexico:

 Protesters Kick Denise Dresser Out of Oct.2 Protest March in Zocalo



  Posted on


"A group of protesters who identified themselves as supporters of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) heckled, jeered and kicked out political analyst, activist and author Denise Dresser from a protest march on Sunday, Oct. 2, at Mexico City’s main square Zócalo.

Dresser, who has been a vocal critic of López Obrador, attended the march commemorating the Tlatelolco Massacre of 1968 — in which members of the Mexican Army shot at students who were demonstrating in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, which now houses a memorial museum and stone memorial in memory of the hundreds killed — but was quickly greeted with insults, before being expelled from the Zócalo by the protesters.

Video clips of the incident were shared on various social media networks. In the video, Dresser is seen avoiding a confrontation with the hecklers, who had promptly surrounded her and forced her to leave the plaza, between angry shouts of “get out!” and “she is a bourgeois!”

Dresser was escorted out of the Zócalo by a group of mothers with disappeared children, who wrapped their arms around her to protect her from the agitated protesters.

López Obrador is known to regularly mention Dresser in his morning press conferences at the National Palace, and has labelled the activist as a “political opponent.”



 Do I think this is scary ? Yes. Mob mentality is always terrifying. Hey, if they had been holding torches and it was at night, they could have tried out for parts in a re-make of Frankenstein, right? Gawd, poor Denise. Of all the people in the world to exclude from the demonstration, the last one ever would be Denise Dresser, the numero uno proponent and champion of the murdered students and their grievances the night of 1968. What in the heck are we dealing with here? Blind true believers who probably do not even know the meaning of "bourgeois" and simply parrot it because it is the cool thing to do ? So, are we dealing with ignorant fanatics? Or imbeciles? Or, both ? Hello Mexico.


 ~ From  Americas Quarterly: Click the link for a must listen:

  The political analyst on AMLO's attitude towards the US and Mexican domestic politics:


AQ Podcast: Denise Dresser On Mexico-US Relations and what AMLO Really Wants


August 4, 2022



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