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Sunday, May 21, 2023

The San Vicente Shoot Out - Attacks On Agents At San Ysidro POE

Paris had surgery on Friday, three more lumps removed which turned out to not be cancerous, but I've had my hands full. She is on antibiotics and pain pill and not feeling really great; her stitches come out in another nine days. Poor little thing (77 pounds of love).

So, I missed the big shootout in San Vicente. No one is saying right now who exactly was culpable, we can speculate but I wouldn't due to the changing dynamics of the cartels nowadays and their current alliances. However, from some of the photographs it looks as though El Trebol (CAF/AFO) a target, was prepared for are weapons he left behind in his race car:

There have recently been other CAF/AFO operatives executed and attacks in the Valley de Guadalupe, the Ensenada region and Tijuana; here is a synopsis of events from Valley de Guadalupe area - note the narcomanta left this morning:

 ~ From Zeta: (Note the connections between Maneadero, Valley de Guadalupe and San Vicente)

Valley de Guadalupe

Earlier last month:

Clausuran Restaurante en Valle de Guadalupe Tras Ataque Armado

Por, Lorena Lamas 04/12/23

Another CAF fatality:

Matan a "El Dani" Miembro del CAF


The question everyone seems to be asking is what will the repercussions be from Saturday's shoot out? Will there be full warfare between the "El Mayo" and "Los Chapitos" factions ? No one knows yet.

Adding these links which may help to piece together the puzzle:

 ~ From Insight Crime:



 ~ From Justice In Mexico:

This is a working paper, great source for CAF/AFO - Sinaloa-CJNG activity in our region. Follow the links and we are waiting on their updates:

Arellano-Felix Organization

Justice In Mexico Releases "Public Security in Baja California"



Currently, Tijuana stands at 108 executions this month of May. 


Lastly, the attacks on USBP which was reported by Zeta, with a good follow up by Channel 10, San Diego. However, I disagree with Jim Desmond regarding what he terms as a failure of the Federal Government to prepare BP for the ending of Title 42. No Jim...what happened dear is that the GOP blockheads in Congress refused to appropriate more funds for our guys, everyone at the POE knew what they were facing. Just the facts ma'am.

 ~ From Channel 10, San Diego:

Border Patrol Agents Report 2 Recent Shootings Near San Ysidro Port Of Entry

By, Pat Mueller


Over and out for now, Paris will probably push me out the bed again, looking forward like crazy

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