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Saturday, July 30, 2022

"Smug" ex-Pats ? - Margarita Is Alive and Well Thank God !


Playas de TIJ Courtesy the Reader


I read this report earlier today and was a bit miffed because we don't know any ex-pats who are smug and rollin in money. There were periods of time in the past in our area - back in the very late 50's and 60's & 70's where there were a lot of gringo alcoholics with huge amounts of cash from Orange County who built palatial homes on the coast. We would make fun of them as we surfed and camped down at 38 and called their RV's "Lumbagos". And they were cheap.

But most of them are dead and gone now. We have very few gringo neighbors left at SADM, but it is true that there are many younger white eyes ( 20 somethings) who work & go to school in the States who are renting here at SADM. These folks keep mostly to themselves (probably scared) and live here because it is unaffordable to live/rent in San Diego.

Most of the blonde hair blue eyed Americans in the upper Baja area left after 911, the outbreak of the Drug Wars, sketchy security and the consequences of lack of infrastructure; one of which are the contaminated beaches like where we live. Check out what's happening up the road from us, and thank God for Margarita:

From Zeta: 

Mar de Plays de Tijuana Esta Muy Contaminado: Proyecto Fronterizo 

 Noticias del día jueves, 28 julio, 2022 8:49 PM


 "Cofepris has a guideline that indicates that the level of enterococcus should not be greater than 200 in a 100-milliliter sample, however current levels are above 5,000.

This Thursday, July 28, the Tijuana Clean Beaches Committee was reinstated to begin planning work meetings and address the most urgent environmental issues in that area.

Margarita Díaz, director of the Border Project for Environmental Education, mentioned that the level of contamination in Playas de Tijuana has increased considerably since the pandemic, so it is no longer viable to use its waters for recreational use.

“The levels of pollution, solid waste and wastewater are very high. We have been monitoring since 2014 and before the pandemic we had acceptable levels of recreational use, after the closure of the city and when we went out to monitor we found very high levels, we had never been at levels of thousands in Playas de Tijuana, which It is the most visited area”, commented Margarita Díaz.

It is assumed that the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), has a guideline that indicates the level of enterococcus (bacteria that lives in the intestines) which should not be greater than 200 in a 100-milliliter sample, if thus the beach has to be closed, however, according to Margarita Díaz, the current levels are above 5 thousand.

“We have had 5 thousand, if with 200 the beach should be closed, with a thousand it should be attended. In 2020, former Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez declared the area of ​​San Antonio del Mar and Malibu an emergency zone, so we have a declared beach published in the Official Gazette and since November 2020 the Committee has not met”, declared the director of Border Project.

In this regard, Mónica Juliana Vega Aguirre, Secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development, said that the current administration headed by Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda is already considering some environmental projects, including an investment to improve the binational plant and the San Antonio plant. .

“Installing the Committee is a great achievement, they have never stopped working on the issue. We have a serious problem for years, it is important to remember that at the beginning of the current administration the EPA -Environmental Protection Agency- announced a millionaire investment for the two most important plants in this area, which are the binational plant and the one in San Antonio, that is one of the most promising projects”, said Mónica Vega.

To close, Margarita Díaz warned that the fact that the current levels of enterococcus are detected are synonymous with the fact that the treatment plant is not working and in addition to said bacteria there could be others that are harmful to those who fish in the polluted waters or bathe in them.

“The plant is not retaining viruses and bacteria, there may be E. coli, hepatitis, typhoid, in short, a thousand bugs and the indicator is that if the plant works there will not be enterococcus in the water, if it does not work there will be ”, concluded the director of the Border Environmental Education Project.

At the end of the event, the Committee agreed to have its first meeting on August 15 to analyze the current situation of the beaches and initiate actions to combat environmental pollution."

 So it's pretty bad living in an emergency zone and watching in horror as the trawlers pull in at night in front with their search lights on and lay their nets reeling in their catch of shrimp & squid for the local restaurants and fish stores. Truth is, we simply do not buy or eat any fish from this area. Don't kid yourselves, Ensenada is just as bad if not worse.


The author also states that, " Half of middle-class San Diego seems to have retired to an apartment in Rosarito or Ensenada." Really ? There aren't any white eyes in Rosarito anymore - and if there are, they are hiding. There are tons of Mexican-Americans( many with their families )on the streets of Rosarito during the American holidays dressed to the nines and having a blast, even though underneath it all the natives are not real crazy about them.  At least the Spring Breakers are gone forever.

As far as the accusation that "They're emblematic of the type of people I call California quitters: privileged people who want all of the easy and none of the hard and decamp for what they think is the better life at the slightest hint of inconvenience." 

Truth is, as a foreigner living here, you are not allowed by law to become involved with anything political here, or even vote. Further, this is a closed set, a tribal society where you just do not assimilate, period. Also, everything just about is an inconvenience here. We are surrounded by the drug violence and crime, surrounded. No one is immune.

So, here's the article, and click on the comments - I think this guy is a Nativist Morenaista/Putinista, misinformed and confused: 

~ From the Los Angeles Times via MSN: 

Column: The New Generation of Smug American Expats in Mexico Needs To Face the Truth 

 Opinion by Gustavo Arellano - 8h ago



So should I write a letter to AMLO ? Nah ...apparently he is going to send a letter to Biden defining his position once again on the USMCA. Un otro tiempo: Aye-yai-yai !

Knee is killing me.

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