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Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane Patricia

It's just so huge

We'll come back to the drug tunnel, which from what I've been reading was an almost exact match to the tunnel El Chapo used to escape from prison, and now the PGR is investigating whether or not this tunnel actually belonged to the CJNG -  and to the executions, which have been non-stop including in Rosarito Beach.

Here is the weather channel with all recent news, maps and pictures of Hurricane Patricia on the mainland.

And, Aristegui.

In 1983 we were caught in a hurricane in Puerto Vallarta, nothing at all like this one but the flights were cancelled and the only way out of town was taking an old school bus which we did and ended up in Sayulita which was at that time just a tiny fishing village with a nice little reef break. Once a week at night, old cartoons and films were presented outdoors with a white sheet attached to wall acting as a screen and using an old 16mm projector. It was heavenly. Hoping everyone is okay down there.