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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Continuation of Yesterday's Blog.....

 Apologies...last night when I blogged, I copied and pasted the email from Move On. Unfortunately, something is wrong with my code and doing that affects regular just blogging. Anything after the copy-paste is illegible.

So, here it is once again - that last bit I don't know how to fix it:

 ~ From Yesterday:

"I've been reading some misinformation which people against sending the 1,500 US troops to the Border areas have been spreading. One Representative from Texas said, "I saw that last time, those US soldiers were pointing rifles at the migrants!" And, she said that twice.

Nope, didn't happen. Due to our Posse Comitatas Laws, the US troops sent to the Border are unarmed.

However, noted this late afternoon on Avenida International alongside of the Tijuana River Channel, either Mexican Army or Mexican National Guard troops have been deployed, posted individually between Avenida International and the Tijuana River Channel...and these guys are heavily armed.

Just a note - careful as you go if you are headed down to Ensenada on the Scenic Highway. Carumba !

Over and out for now, we are all feeling uneasy over this situation here so adding a little tune to lighten things up a bit."


UPDATE: (today)

This has been confirmed, the troops on the Mexican side are the Mexican Army. This afternoon they were deployed in groups of three on Avenida International and the Tijuana River Channel. They appear to be stationary, some are undercover in the brush. They are heavily armed.

Well what would you do if it were you or me seeking asylum for our safety sake and trying to escape the evil? Heck if I was able, I'd crawl to the nearest train and jump it to get the hell out of Dodge.

Take care y'all.