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Monday, October 31, 2016

Those Darned Old Weinerman Emails ! Executions & Violence Skyrocket in Baja California

The Weinerman !

I have been painting the walls & trim downstairs and we are beginning a search for another pup (I still miss Freida baby), therefore absent from blogville.  We are considering a rescue dog, a rat terrier, a cardigan corgi and even a basset hound. None the less I am still trying to keep current on the U.S. Presidential election which now because of the Weinerman Emails has turned the fraud election process into virtual chaos.  Naturally, none of this is being reported at least on the local Mexican press, mum's the word.

When on last Friday the Weinerman emails were first reported in the US, my reaction was that these too would soon be a fart in the wind, that nothing given the outrageous corruption in the U.S. would ever result from their bombshell exposure; Hillary would still ascend to the throne.

However at least by the looks of things, that just might not happen. I said just might, by a hair. Both of the major parties (which are just the same really) are at each others throats, the FBI is deep in internal conflict, and basically people are losing their minds -  what little is left of them after this most disgusting U.S. election in  history.

For a bit of comic relief, you simply cannot miss these Weinerman-Hillary memes, hilarious:


Hillary Clinton & Anthony Weiner: Memes & Jokes You Need To See


In addition to verbal rampage and political carnage taking place across the nation, more and more people according to the social networks who actually despise Donald Trump are willing to vote for him in their belief that if he is elected, the system will collapse sooner.  From Christopher Ketchum's last June report, "Let the Empire Burn" :

"It may be that a Trump presidency, as Andrew Sullivan predicts in New York Magazine, will usher in the end of the democracy, the death of the republic, the rise of the hard totalitarian state.  Given that we are already living in what Princeton political scientist Sheldon Wolin calls a soft or inverted totalitarian system, an illiberal democracy, the transformation feared by Sullivan will be welcome, clarifying, a fresh breath of honesty, in which the trappings are tossed aside and the ugly reality is revealed.  Such a revelation, as the republic degenerates into tyranny, may inspire real resistance."

More here:

Collapse of Industrial Civilization

Liberty Through Better Shopping & Consumerism as Hegemony


Forgive us Javier, we voted for Jill Stein

 There have been calls for the American people to simply boycott the election, not to vote as a protest to the entire deranged system, just the same as Javier Sicilia advised the Mexican people not to vote in their last Presidential election.  Still, our absentee ballots are in the mail, we voted for Jill Stein.  It will be nothing short of a small miracle if they are counted given the millions of ballots which were not counted in California's last June primary.

Fighting the rip current of the prevailing chaos, here are the most current reports on all important matters of state, including the outrageous hard handed measures against the protesters/water protectors in North Dakota:

Democracy Now ! 

Don't miss....

The October Surprise: Michael Isikoff on the FBI's Clinton Email Investigation That Could Jolt Race

Oh and yet another WikiLeaks...... posted by Democracy Now !

"Clinton’s troubles came as WikiLeaks made public more hacked emails from the account of campaign chair John Podesta. In one email, campaign manager Robby Mook urged his staff to attack National Nurses United, which endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, as "fringe" and "not a real union." NNU in fact represents 185,000 members and is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. In response, NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro called the comment "a preview of what we can expect in the next four years and a reminder that—from day one of the Clinton administration—NNU and our allies will need to make our voices loudly heard to advocate for social, economic, and political justice."



Keep your head down Julian !


Another Wikileaks email concerning rigging, corruption and dirty politics:

The Hill

WikiLeaks email Suggests Brazile Sent Debate Question to Clinton Camp


  * Update: Ms. Brazile has resigned from CNN


Courtesy Telesur:  Fernando Aleman Banegas

Another murder in Honduras thanks to Hillary's 2009 coup: (report also carried by Democracy Now this morning)


"Son of Honduran Human Rights and Resistance Activist Murdered" 


I was slammed here for calling supporters of Hillary "stupid", but this site is irresistible, latest on the whole shebang:


Have not had time to check the Intercept - but you can, link on sidebar.


Meanwhile the drug war violence is getting a free pass here, the violence is soaring in our region making record strides; at this point we are up to over 680 executions including but not limited to body parts found in the Zona Centro in a tambo, a clandestine grave holding 14 bodies, a burned body among others in Rosarito Beach, numerous narco mantas  and a hand grenade (which seem to be precursors of even more violence) and another narco-tunnel.  I have no idea when I'll be able to document all of these, but I will.

Here's another Halloweenie Card for ya'll:

Scary, huh?