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Friday, October 19, 2018

Caravana Migrante Take Two....

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10/18/18, 6:23 PM
Pacific Daylight Time

Yesterday I finished the blog around 6:30pm, came back at about 11:30pm to add some more links and as I was editing, the entire blog just vanished. So, we'll try to pick up the pieces and BTW, it has been the Mexican News sources who have been covering the Caravana Migrante  for weeks, finally the US MSM jumped in very late in the evening...and with no explanations of why this is happening, so let's do a little refresher course:

Bolsonaro's Twin Brother

Good basic summary of historical events. Of course the US government will not address these issues, instead, today Trump called the migrantes "criminals". 

The Conversation
How US Policy in Honduras set the Stage For Today's Mass Migration
By, Joseph Nevins


Yesterday, La Jornada's Elio Henriquez reports a growing distrust of the migrantes towards the Mexican authorities, who at this point had flooded the area like gangbusters with two airplane loads of between 200-300 Federal Police to support the Immigration authorities.  And it should be mentioned that two of the leaders of the migrantes had already been arrested with reports coming in that at least one of these leaders was beaten along with the migrantes around him by the Mexican Federal Police.

10/18/18: 6:57pm

From La Jornada
Authoridades Ofrecen a Migrantes Entrada Legal a Mexico
Por, Elio Henriquez

Pasted for you:

Authorities offer migrants legal entry to Mexico

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San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chis. 

 The ambassador of Mexico in Guatemala, Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno said that "Mexico is respectful of the rights of migrants and mobility," so "we are offering under the Migration Law, a documented entry, with a passport and visa , and if not, an entry with the request for refuge and humanitarian aid.
In a collective interview, he said that from this Thursday "people can go to the international bridge", located on the border between Mexico and Guatemala, to be served.
Before the interview, the diplomat went to the park of Tecún Umán to provide this same information to the approximately 500 Honduran migrants who remain in that place waiting to make a decision and the arrival of more compatriots.
After hearing it, the Hondurans rejected the offer because they believe it could be a measure to "sign" them and deport them.
An activist who did not give his name said that "what the government wants is to have their data, their names, to pass that information to the United States so that, if any one arrives at the northern border, they will be signed" .
Lopez Moreno said that "it will be treated case by case, with or without immigration documentation. We would make the effort to attend to the largest number of people per day, but I can not give a precision of how many. "
- At the outset, the government had said that it would not allow the passage, except to those that presented the migratory documentation - a reporter told him.
-That has never been said by the government of Mexico.
- The commissioner of the Federal Police (Manelich Castilla Craviotto) said it.
- We talk about cases in which they do not want to follow the law's regulations, but they are opening the possibility that it is in accordance with the law that the procedures for entry into Mexico can be done on a regular basis.
Lopez Moreno said that in the case of people who request refuge, they may be in the immigration station when they are given the attention to continue the process. They would be as long as necessary.
"If they put up with us and give us the times, of course" Mexico has the capacity to give shelter to the caravan's members, he said.
-The governor, Manuel Velasco Coello said that there is free transit in Chiapas.
-Very simple: First you must go to the immigration authority to enter the country; will be served by Migration.


At about 9:00pm yesterday David Brooks summed up the day, including Trump's outrageous outbursts:

From La Jornada
Por, David Brooks 

Pasted for you:

Trump requires Mexico to stop the migrant caravan

New York. For the commander-in-chief of the United States, a caravan of families and their children are a threat to national security that warrants a military response and the closing of borders.
President Donald Trump demanded today that Mexico stop the caravan of approximately 4 thousand people from Honduras and Guatemala to Mexico in order to reach the United States, and threatened that if that does not happen it will send military troops to the border to close the line with Mexico.
In a series of tweets this morning, Trump accused the Central American countries and the Democrats, by continuing to use the issue of the caravan for electoral purposes. "I am watching the assault led by the Democratic Party (because they want Open Frontiers and the existing weak laws) on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing little to stop this great flow of people, INCLUDING MANY CRIMINALS, of enter Mexico into the United States. "
In response, he threatened: "In addition to suspending all payments to these countries that seem to have almost no control over their populations, I must, in the strongest terms, request Mexico to stop this attack - and if it is unable to do so I will call the military from the US and I WILL CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER! "
It concluded in a third tweet: "the assault on our country in our southern border, including the criminal elements and the drugs that are dumped there, is much more important to me, as president, than the trade or the USMCA. I hope Mexico will stop this onslaught on its northern border. It's all the fault of the democrats for weak laws! "
But tonight, Trump thanked Mexico in a tweet: "Thank you Mexico, we look forward to working with you!" He wrote referring to a video shared by Karla Zabs, a Twitter user who commented: "Two planes filled with anti-riot equipment landed near the border between Mexico and Guatemala this morning.
Meanwhile, Trump is sending Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Mexico this Friday to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto, Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and the next Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, where the theme of the caravan will be "prominent", according to high State Department officials.
The issue of the increase in the flow of immigrant families on the border, including the caravan, apparently provoked an intense shouting exchange this afternoon inside the White House between Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Advisor John Bolton. According to government sources, Bolton favors a tougher line and criticized Internal Security Secretary Kirsjten Nielsen (who was Kelly's second when he headed that secretariat), and Trump supposedly sided with Bolton, generating more speculation about the future of Kelly.
The issue has obsessed Trump who has said he is contemplating separating children from their parents again.
For its part, the government of Mexico today requested the intervention of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to support the attention of refugee applications in the southern border of Mexico.
Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray addressed the issue in his meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres this afternoon and in comments to reporters before the UN shortly after, stressed that the objective of this aid is to ensure "transparency" and promote a "humanitarian" solution with the help of the international community.
Asked about Trump's statements and threats, Videgaray minimized them, noting that "we must understand the political moment in which the United States finds itself and put President Trump's statements in this context," indicating that there will be intermediate elections in this country in three. weeks "I do not think we should give them more weight ... Mexico already has a lot of experience in understanding statements of this kind on the part of President Trump and we do not negotiate ... diplomacy ... through twitter. What interests us is that those who approach our border have the treatment that they should have under Mexican law and international law and above all, humane treatment. That's why we are here at the UN. "
He said that on Friday they will receive Pompeo and assured that "the relationship with the United States is much greater than an isolated event like this caravan". He stressed that the caravan "is very important for those who come in the caravan who are literally risking their entire lives for a better future" but that the bilateral relationship is "an unparalleled dimension" in the world "and therefore a single fact how can this not be the center or axis that determines what the future of the relationship is?
But Trump's anti-immigrant message has made the issue among the most important for Republican voters according to polls, and in the last weeks before the midterm elections on November 6 - when Republican control of both houses of Congress is at stake - Immigrants as a threat is part of the campaign propaganda of Republican candidates throughout the country. CNN estimated that candidates and party committees have spent more than $ 150 million on television spots related to migration (more than five times the total of the 2014 midterm elections)."


Which leads us to today's events, the storming of the gates by the migrantes - who were obviously spooked when the word got out that one of their leaders and some of their compadres had already been beaten up by the Mexican Federal Police in addition to enduring the burdens of tortured lives in their homeland.  Most recent reports at the moment are that order has been restored.  But not forgetting the past and present instances of the mano duro we need to really keep our eyes on this situation. 

Here then are pictures, reports and videos from today :

From Proceso:

Historical video for their progeny: 

 La Osadia Hondurena 

Migrantes Hondurenos Rompen Cerca Fronteriza, la PF Los Contrene, y Les Alistan "Visa Humanitaria" (Video)
Por, Isain Mandujano - 10/19/18 


From Aristegui Noticias:

All Reports & videos




La Jornada 


Feel free to add updates & reports; I'm a basket case; my knee is killing me and Mike gave me this horrible weird deep from the jungle cold probably from ancient bacteria released by stripping the rain forests and I haven't had a cold in at least ten years. Meanwhile, the bible:

From The Intercept:

The War On Immigrants

All eyes are on Saudi Arabia, hoping for some good interviews regarding the present Caravana Migrante:

Democracy Now ! 

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