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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Stein Recall - The Trump Appointments - The Blacklisted Sites - DAPL Status - Violence Continues Baja California

Adds for armored vehicles have been popping up all over the place the past few months

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I will come back to the violence in Baja California due to the territorial conflict between the CJNG allied with the Tijuana Cartel vs. the Sinaloa Cartel at the end of the blog which may be in few days. ..we are pup hunting which may include a trip up to "DaphneyLand". 

Briefly, there have been at least two dozen more executions since the 11/21/16  blog taking place in public including a burned body inside a burned car, bodies on the streets, reports of a record number of women being executed in Baja California; but also an armed attack on a "Calafia" (that is a small bus which transports folks & tourists around locally)  in Rosarito Beach and an armed attack on calle Sexta in the Zona Centro de Tijuana in front of a popular bar which is frequented by tourists.  I mention these because of the fact that although the violence here is the most we have seen in eleven years time, there are no visible Military patrols and no Military checkpoints. Many people are wondering if the CJNG (if in fact they were responsible for these public attacks particularly in the tourist areas) is pushing the limits to force the authorities to become involved.


The Political Mess in the U.S.: Jill Stein Re-call, Worrisome Trump Appointments, McCarthy Blacklisted Sites and the DAPL Updates

When Jill Stein announced her recount of the votes in the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, I was just as confused as many of you wondering why is she doing this?  When the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party became involved I started to see red flags. When at first Bernie Sanders poo-pooed the Stein effort and then changed his position, I wasn't completely surprised, Bernie changes on a dime. And when top members of the Green Party including Chris Hedges objected in writing to these re-calls I was really tilting my head.

 - A summary of the Jill Stein events , the worrisome Trump appointments and the unbelievable position of the Washington Post which participated in the McCarthy-blacklisting of "suspect" sites  are all touched on here, with video of the Paul Jay and Abby Martin discussion:

Truthdig - oopsie, looks like it is on the blacklist - but don't miss the other articles and comments while you are there:

Why Corporate-Owned News Id 'the Biggest Fake News That Helped elect Trump'

Emma Niles

 - The interview with Jill Stein on Democracy Now !

 Jill Stein: Recounts are Necessary Because Electronic Voting Invites Tampering, Hacking, Human Error


 - More on the Washington Post from Counterpunch :

The CIA and the Press: When the Washington Post Ran the CIA's Propaganda Network

by, Jeffrey St. Clair & Alexander Cockburn


The Insanity of the Trump Appointments

 - The one stop place for all of the insane fascist appointments & other atrocities here page after page:

Democracy Now!

Topic:  Donald Trump


courtesy truthdig

DAPL Updates

Three sources we are watching for the most current updates:

Democracy Now !

Topic:  Dakota Access Pipeline


Truthdig - great references & comments:

# NODAPL Live Blog


Unicorn Riot  It's a riot......


...You ain't Goin' Nowhere.....!

 - Meanwhile, CBS News reported a couple of days back that the protestors/water protectors were not going anywhere despite the orders from authorities to evacuate the area.  Wow, you know this was just another Obummer screw up, he did nothing.

That's it for now - I'll be adding the updates to the executions and November totals whenever we get back, careful on those Calafias.