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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Senate Impeachment "Trial" A Disturbing And Shameful Joke - Local stats: TIJ in 2019 Total= 2,185 - Baja California in 2019 Total=2,845 - Nationwide 2019 Total Highest Ever 34,582 Homicides/Exections - January 2020 we Are Up To In TIJ 124 executions - 2019 Ensenada Over The Top - - Javier Sicilia's March Coming Up.....

I am emotionally distraught over the Senate Impeachment "Trial" - so much so I almost could not bear to turn it on this morning.  I said almost. Mike is furious, more blunt; he said, "..this is bullshit!"

So, you can watch it here:

Democracy Now! 

Also here - and love the George Conway comments on sidebar: 


Here's a good one:

~ From MSN - Law & Crime:

 Impeachment Manager: Trump Just Confessed To Obstructing Congress
by, Jerry Lamb

Will return with the situation here, which is not good and begs the question, has the drug war become normalized at least in Baja California ? Kind of feels that way.

 P.S.  Blogs are appearing completely jumbled up and out of order on Google, appearing under fake sites, etc...ha ! Just like the old days.


I was able to pull up a few reports on the social violence here and nationwide in an attempt to make sense of the mess, but I really recommend  you keep in touch with the Mexican news sources like Zeta and Proceso, Animal Politico and Riodoce. The Guardian also has fabulous coverage, as well as Justice In Mexico.

Fifteen years ago, most of us who lived here and were paying attention to the drug war developments were in a state of unrest which some have described as a social-psychosis caused by the unfolding and constant drug violence surrounding us, which then was such a shocking aberration.. We're no longer traveling in caravans to go to the Playas or Ensenada, it doesn't seem that most people are holding on to their steering wheel so tightly making deep finger impressions in the hard plastic with eyes darting around to survey conditions or even following the directives and warnings from local authorities. In these recent times, there really haven't been any warnings from local authorities such as leaving at least two car spaces in between you and the guy in front of you in case of a shoot out so that you give yourself room to escape.

I'm finding that most of the Mexican Nationals I speak with- and this is north of Ensenada; I have no idea what folks are saying down in Ensenada - simply don't talk about the violence; but this time I haven't yet decided whether that is due to the overwhelming nature of the violence, fearfulness or the fact they have grown used to it. Overall I have noticed the jitteriness which was so obvious in the earlier years is non apparent. Of course, gringos are nervous over if or not they can sell their houses and leave.

The drug war violence is old news and doesn't seem to make the headlines in the States as it did several years ago except in select hideous massacre cases involving US citizens.  What impacts should we expect from non coverage ?

From Zeta, November 2019:

En 11 Meses 53 Masacres en Mexico

From Zeta , 01/16/20:

Agreden a Militares en Tamaulipus; 11 Civiles Muertos


Let's take a look at the local stats:

 ~  The month of December in Tijuana closed with 148 executions, bringing the YTD Tijuana total to 2,185 people killed.  This number  is actually 323 executions less than the YTD 2018 Tijuana total.
Baja California overall stands at 2,845 people executed in 2019.

From Zeta:

Suman 2 Mil 185 Homicidios en Tijuana al Cierre de 2019


 ~ In the beginning of this month, Zeta reported that there have been no positive results fighting the violence in Ensenada - 275 executions in 2019, not counting the human remains of the disappeared dozens of bodies and body parts located from Sauzal all the way down south, plus hundreds more missing; femicides on the rise, law enforcement infrastructure is weak, or even completely non-existent in the hundreds of cases of missing people, threats, extortions and kidnappings are on the rise, higher ups of Law Enforcement are pointing the finger at the Sinaloa Cartel who is fighting to retain control of the trafficking routes and the plaza - so not just the narcomenudo just like Leyzaola said.  A powerful report:

From Zeta:

Sin Resultas en Combate a la Violencia en Ensenada
Por Lorena Lamas


 ~ A summary of the Nationwide violence:

From Zeta:

  2019, Ano Mas violento de la Historia Reciente: 34 Mil 582 Homicidios
Por, Carlos Alvarez 

During 2019, 34 thousand 582 malicious homicides were registered, so the first year of Andrés Manuel López Obrador's government was the most violent in the recent history of Mexico, according to figures published Monday by the Executive Secretariat of the National Security System Public (SESNSP).

 The previous figure represents an increase of 2.48 percent with respect to the homicides that were committed in 2018, year in which 33 thousand 743 were registered. In addition, the Executive Secretariat, under the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), reported that there were records of 1,006 femicides committed during the past year.

 Also, during the past five years, murders have grown 93 percent, while femicides increased 136 percent and kidnappings rose 23 percent.

 Since 2015, when the new SESNSP methodology was implemented to date, malicious homicides have increased by 93 percent.

 In that year, 17,886 victims were reported. While in 2016, 22,554 were counted; for 2017, 28,871 were registered; and for 2018 there were 33,743.

 On the other hand, during 2015, 426 victims of femicide were reported; for 2016 it was 642; already in 2017 765 were counted; while in 2018 912 were registered.

 On the other hand, kidnappings also increased, since in 2019, 1,614 victims were counted, a figure higher than 1,559 in 2018.

 In 2017, 1,390 were reported; in 2016 there were 1,381 and in 2015 there were a record 311 victims."


What's Happening With The Violence? I'll be back with last month's report from Riodoce via Zeta of Luis Astorga who offers his perspective on the "non-security" measures in Mexico.  Most importantly tomorrow Javier Sicilia's march from Cuernavaca to Mexico City begins to support the victims of the violence and a call to end the violence.  It's safe to say that Javier is on AMLO's shit list right now and has been for months.

This should hold you over.

Have to run up to states tomorrow.