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Showing posts with label weirdness on the blog don't know if this is something technical or just another hack. Oh gosh. Show all posts

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ok I'm Still Here.....Mike Fixed It !

But pictures have been taken down of the asshole Trump one right after the other on the sidebar, plus pictures on the blogs themselves, plus blogs are not even showing up. I put some backup on the side bar and added a few new ones.

 I'll try to work on this, despite the facts that I can't see - I don't go in for the cataracts surgery until after the big testing late November, the cortisone shots in my knees in July didn't work out for one knee, so I have to go back next week to find out what's next and meanwhile I can't walk I'm taking the super 800mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours for pain and it is making me sick but I would die if I wasn't taking it and to top it off I'm doing the efudex on my legs so I don't feel real good. Plus I had my shingles shot today and it was horrible hot up in Otay, gads.

At least that is what is happening  using VPN at different locations in the United States; the same things do not happen using my Mexican server.  Still, it's weird.

Update @ 5:08 am:  OK so I waited for Mike to get up and he looked on his US Mobile phone and everything was coming up, all the pictures and all the blogs.  He thinks this is happening on the VPN due to Norton, I don't know what that means.  Anyway, I was thinking well I can't work outside in the yard on my little plants, I can't do anything , I can't walk I'll just try to fix the blog starting tomorrow and over the weekend...but it doesn't look as though I have to do anything. How crazy is this? 

He doesn't think this is sabotage and that's all for now I desperately  need sleep.


Update 3:05 pm :  well this isn't good: On my Mexican server (no VPN) the weirdness continues, everything is vanishing. I was so tired I didn't think to download the blog to save it on the Mexican server. Right now I'm in VPN coming from Dallas, and the vanishing act continues.  Haven't been ableto reach Mike to see if the blog is coming up stateside.

The other news here aside from the ongoing slaughter  and violence in the streets which no one up there is talking about  is that Susan had kittens.  She was hiding them but now they are running around.  I'm feeding them on the porch, they are darling and there are six of them.  We are trying to get a hold of the Animal Rescue in Rosarito through Dr. Silva to see if they will take them, of course we'll pay for everything and maybe we can finally catch Susan and have her spade.  Paris love them,  who knows maybe I'll really end up being the cat woman, I'll try to get a pic.

Meanwhile, trying to get a million things done around here on one leg, the H20 will be cut for three days starting tomorrow, here and in Tijuana and Rosarito.  The famous foul smells are seeping up from the beach, but at least there are contamination signs up...after like a zillion years.

Oh and here's a big plus..the music videos I have put up are all ending up switched around and coming up on blogs they were not meant to come up on.  I don't know, I smell a fuckin rat.  Maybe you know who just does not want anyone to know how he was holding Trump's little tiny hands during the Trump attempt to conquer Baja with one of his shitty resorts, ya think ? Pretty weird guy. But wow, the  San Diego Tribune sure loved him.

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Update 7:28pm:  Okay,on Mike's Samsung mobile phone with ATT service, the blog is coming up normally with all pictures in tack on the blog and on the sidebar. He put it up on the TV through his phone. He told me not to worry or try to adjust anything but I have to wait until Saturday for him to fix this.  He said again that the problem is the Norton Security blocking the blog.  He is going to take off the Norton and put another security thing on.  How this accounts for actual videos being moved around to different still existing blogs don't ask me. But I guess that unless your server is down here in Mexico and  you are using  Nord  VPN you won't even notice what's going on here.

end edit.


Final Update I Hope 08/24 @ 2:43pm:

Mike fixed it !  It was the Norton Security !  There was a conflict between the Norton (which came with computer) and the VPN.  It was not sabotage.  Mike took the Norton off and put a better one on, he was correct.  Unsure when I'll catch up, we're watching the economic meltdown and....


Thank You Mike and to the Los Angeles Daily News for the great China cartoon !

end edit thank god !