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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Love These Kids - Scheduled Anti-Gun Demonstrations In USA - 02/20/18 Update: Frontera Reports 92 Executions in TIJ this Month - More Damage @ SADM Due To Sewage From TIJ Being Dumped Into The Ocean On Isla (Where the Ricos Live)

Flags were at half mast up in the States today, I spoke with several people in the stores which were crowded because of the Holiday who in essence felt the USA was in big trouble - as one said to me, "...we are in a world of shit."

The big story are the kids who are standing up to one of America's most powerful and dangerous mafias, the NRA. It is Biblical, like David and Goliath. So far, not much coverage of this aspect locally:

Here is the latest from the Washington Post:

"Linda Finkel-Talvadkar, 66, an original member of the group, said the youths’ passion mirrors that of students in her generation who took to the streets demanding an end to the Vietnam War.

“That resulted in policy changes and a president not running again, so definitely these young people have the power to create the change we want to see,” she said. “They are our future, and our hope lies with them.”

Outside White House, Teens Demonstrate For Gun Control 
By, Rachel Chason

Here are the scheduled demonstrations:

USA Today

Gun Control Demonstrations Planned Around The U.S. After Florida School Shooting
By, William Cummings


As far as the gun violence locally, we are inching our way up to almost eighty people dead in Tijuana this month including a shoot out at the Soler turnoff which affected traffic on Avenida International, another body dumped on the Scenic Highway by Punta Bandera, burned and decapitated bodies;  Frontera has been reporting the killings in Rosarito and Zeta has been keeping up with those in Mexicali and many in Ensenada.

 More public information on the ocean pollution here at SADM from Frontera, where the deluxe houses on Isla are in peril due to erosion from uncontrolled sewage dumping coming from behind us with lax infrastructure. In the interview with one resident, he claims the smell is so bad in the summer he needs to close his doors and windows.  Actually here on the far North end, the smell is bad all year long. As far as gringos coming down like they used to in the old days over the weekends, we just do not see it, they are not coming down period.  So, it is depressing, you cannot even go to the beach. 

UPDATE/edit:  Frontera reports the PGJE statistics of executions in Tijuana @ 8:21am: There have 
been 92 which brings the YTD total in Tijuana to 277 in 2018:

Frontera - 02/20/18 8:21am

Descubren Dos Cadavers Mas
Por, Angel F. Gonzales 


We've been extra busy the past few weeks trying to catch up on many missed appointments and projects due to Paris's operation and convalescence. Speaking of Paris, she is back to full walkies (but not on the beach) and is as precious as ever. I'll try to get back here, in the meantime you can follow the local reports here:

Frontera  -   When you are there, check out Portada For All The News & Editorials

Zeta Tijuana


More news from the USA:

Democracy Now !

Of course.....

The Intercept 


I just am so proud of the kids, love em !