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Monday, October 29, 2018

10/28/18: Caravana Migrante Updates: More Caravanas Trying to Get Through - Looks Like Pena Is Doing Exactly What Trump Wants

First off and importantly the Fascist Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil, and check out the congratulations sent to him by Pena Nieto:

"On behalf of the people and the Government of Mexico, I congratulate @jairbolsonaro for his election as President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in an exemplary day that reflects the democratic strength of that country.
- Enrique Peña Nieto (@EPN) October 28, 2018"

So it shouldn't come as a complete surprise to watch Mexico under Pena, Honduras and Guatemala bend over to Donald Trump and harass the migrantes.

10/28/18:  Caravana Migrante Updates From Proceso:

 -  Segunda Caravana Migrante Sale de El Salvador Para Llegar a EU
    Por, Isain Mandujano 

Pasted For You:

TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis., ( .- Thousands of Honduran and now Salvadoran migrants continue to leave their countries, facing poverty, unemployment and gang violence.
"The digital newspaper El announced on its website that children in strollers pushed by mothers or fathers, young people with backpacks on their shoulders, even entire families with a suitcase left the different neighborhoods of the capital San Salvador, from the 20: 00 hours on Saturday, October 27.
The digital newspaper reports that a group of about 60 people had gathered around the monument to the Divine El Salvador del Mundo to begin its journey to the United States.
The group that has slept in the square bet on the ground floor of one of the nearby buildings, next to the Dollarcity store. Some slept on cement; others used black bags or sheets to sandwich something between their bodies and the floor. Some come from the interior of the country: Santa Ana, Sonsonate.

Still others come from Honduras. Some travel alone. Others, parents or mothers, travel with their children. Still others are complete families.
"I have come from La Paz because the thing is very difficult; My wife and I have no work and we have received threats of extortion. We do not have to pay the $ 280 they ask for, "said a 45-year-old man who travels with his wife and four-year-old son. While his father was talking, the boy tried to sneak out of his mother's arms to play, but the rain raged on them and on the few things they carried with them.
He says that the march started on the morning of Sunday 28, shortly before 8:00.
These groups are heading towards the border with Guatemala, which is emerging as the first hot spot in their flight and according to information originating from social networks and WhatsApp groups, another caravan is scheduled to start in San Salvador on Wednesday, October 31.
Similarly, hundreds of young people, women and men, left Catacamas, in the Department of Olancho, in eastern Honduras, with backpacks on their backs to seek to join the exodus of their compatriots who are already in Guatemalan territory. and Mexican.
The portal "Guayapetv Olancho" released a video in which young people are seen walking first to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, and then looking to reach the northern border of that country with Guatemala.
With the Honduran flag in front and singing the national anthem of that country, Hondurans began their trek to the Honduran capital, then ask for a ride in various vehicles.
Douglas Moradel, says in the interview, that they hope to do all day on the way to get to Tegucigalpa, and that no opposition party to the government of Juan Orlando Hernández is behind this massive exodus.
Luis Rojas, another Honduran immigrant, states that he is leaving because he has no other choice, that he leaves his mother and his family to get money and send them from wherever he is.
Honduras has one million inhabitants living in the countries of the North, mainly the United States. In recent years, the government has a record, that 400 Hondurans migrate daily, but this time, the figure has been exceeded by much.
Even though the migrant caravan of Hondurans is already in Oaxacan territory, it is estimated that some 2,500 more are in Guatemala waiting to go to the Mexican side.

 - Se Enfrentan Migrantes y Policia Guatemalteca En Frontera Con Mexico 
    Por, Isain Mandujuno

Pasted For You:

"TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis. ( - Some two thousand Honduran migrants who were in Tecún Umán, today broke the siege imposed by members of the National Civil Police of Guatemala, who with tear gas tried to stop them so as not to enter the Bridge that communicates to that country with the Mexican territory.
With a balance of three injured migrants and three members of the Guatemalan police injured, pushing and struggling, the contingent was able to break security consisting of a metal fence and hundreds of uniformed elements.
At the cry of "Honduras, Honduras, Honduras!", Men, women and children managed to enter the concrete slab.
On the Mexican side, some 500 members of the Federal Police were waiting for the caravan with fences.
In the Suchiate River, members of the Secretariat of the Navy began their patrols in inflatable boats to prevent the passage of migrants through the rafts.

In Suchiate, the first Mexican border town, hundreds of Honduran migrants walk through its streets and are in the square, waiting for more groups of their fellow countrymen to leave all together for Tapachula and then take the migratory corridor north of the border. country."


 - Un Migrante Hondureno Murio En Enfrentamiento Con Policias Mexicanos Y Guatemaltecas En La Frontera
Por, Isain Mandujumo  

Pasted For You:

" TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis. ( - This afternoon, hooded young migrants armed with sticks and stones attacked Mexican federal anti-riot forces on the Rodolfo Robles border bridge, better known as Suchiate 1.
After the brawl a young man died by the impact of a projectile launched from the Mexican side and that hit him in the head.
The migrant was identified as Henry Adalid Díaz Reyes, 26, from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
The authorities still do not determine whether it was a rubber bullet, the impact of a tear gas bomb or a stone.

  The National Civil Police and the Public Ministry are in the National Hospital attesting to the facts.
The young migrants knocked down the Mexican metal fence, but could not against the second fence installed by the Mexican side.
Government of Guatemala condemns violent acts of Honduran migrants
The Government of Guatemala through the Ministry of the Interior (Mingob) regretted that the members of the caravan of Honduran migrants have not used the opportunity to dialogue in order to enter the Customs office of Tecún Umán I.
He deplored that they have decided to violently break up destroying state property in a vandalized manner, wounding several agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) with the launching of stones and glass bottles.
Mingob asked the Human Rights Ombudsman (PDH), to participate in the supervision and protection of minors who are used as a human barrier, demanding that they cooperate in a dialogue with the migrants to avoid provoked confrontations and acts of vandalism like the one registered on this occasion."

 - From Aristegui Noticias: Pictures of the confrontation:

 - Segunda Caravana Migrante Intenta Dar "Portazo" En Frontera Con Guatemala (Galeria)
 Segunda Caravana Migrante Intenta Dar "Portazo" En Frontera


Bartolo Fuentes

 - Presidente Hondureno  Busca Meterme a Carcel Por Apoyar a Migrantes y Agradar a Trump: Activista
Por, Isain Mandujuno 

Pasted for You:

TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis., ( .- The Honduran activist, journalist and exlegislator, Bartolo Fuentes, whom the government of Juan Orlando Hernández accuses of gestating the exodus of thousands of migrants from that country, denounced that he fears for their safety, because they want to put him prisoner to please the government of Donald Trump.
In his social networks, Fuentes said he has never invited anyone to the mass exodus and that "it is totally false that he offered to take someone to the United States and give them asylum. It's the extreme poverty and the desperation that makes people leave. "
He pointed out that what he did suggest is "not to sneak away and choose better to appear before the Mexican authorities to seek refuge. This is an international right that people who feel their life in danger, for whatever reason, may use in the country where they reside and request protection in another where they believe they will be safe. "
"I'm in Honduras; but I'm not calm The threats from the government against me continue. Juan Orlando Hernández announced that they will go on to accuse those who are supposedly responsible for the mass exodus of Hondurans fleeing the misery and violence generated by the government, "Fuentes said.
He indicated that the government talks about a "criminal structure", but only he has been mentioned as an alleged member.
He said that people should not sneak away like hundreds of people have done every day in recent years.
"Leaving in large groups or caravans allows them to avoid police extortion, assaults, rapes, kidnappings, murders and other types of aggression. During the mandate of JOH the chancellery has repatriated one thousand six hundred corpses of migrants and in all the morgues of the migratory route there are bodies of Hondurans and Hondurans waiting to be brought to their relatives, "said the activist.
He points out that thousands of his compatriots died and were stuffed in the desert, devoured by birds of prey in some path or buried in a clandestine grave. Likewise, he stated that it is certain that among those that the authorities have buried in Mexico as strangers, there are migrants from Honduras.
He pointed out that he has never incited to commit crimes, but that he has oriented the workers and the migrants so that they know and defend their rights.
He stressed that since the Hernandez administration they are criminalizing migrants and want to imprison those who are in solidarity.
Explains that giving food, medicine, shelter or facilitate them to move is not a crime, but a humanitarian act.
He stated that the only way they can take him to jail is by inventing evidence or simply abusing his authority. "Both things I know they are capable of doing."
He thanked the solidarity offered and asked that they continue accompanying him, inside and outside of Honduras."


Well I think Bartolo Fuentes is lucky to still be alive.


And finally, some sanity from the other side:

 - La CDMX Tiende Puente Humanitario Para Dar Atencion a Migrantes Centroamericanos 

Pasted For You:

" MEXICO CITY ( .- The government of Mexico City and elected officials of the next administration sent brigadistas to meet the needs of the migrant caravan as it passed through Oaxaca.
In a joint work table, both administrations agreed on actions to support Central Americans seeking to reach the United States.
The elected head of government Claudia Sheinbaum said that the first action derived from the work carried out in this table is the implementation of the "Humanitarian Bridge of Mexico City, support migrant exodus", which will reach the caravan in Oaxaca , to provide accompaniment, in coordination with the CDHCDMX, from before entering the city.
"Based on the conviction of the officials who are here today, we have decided to establish this permanent work desk to receive the caravan and establish all the necessary conditions to leave Mexico City as a hospital city and attend to the migrants, "said Sheinbaum Pardo.
The head of government José Ramón Amieva reported that thanks to the participation of 306 brigadistas belonging to 11 government agencies and 47 mobile units, access will be given to food, social integration, health, disposition and sanitation of the water, as well as preventive medicine, mainly to the population in vulnerable situations that are in transit.
The president of the CDHCDMX, Nashieli Ramírez, assured that a phenomenon of human displacement of this nature had never been registered in our country, for which the humanitarian bridge will give attention to this migratory crisis.
Also, it was announced that in the 16 city halls of the city there will be at least one collection center so that people who wish to show solidarity with the migrants can donate supplies that the CDHCDMX will define."


Okay but whatever you do don't tell the President of Honduras, he might have you guys arrested.


I'll be back !