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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Mexico: Hurricane Orlene - September Stats: 186 Executions/Homicidios in TIJ - YTD TIJ Total = 1,479 - Missing Guerrero Journalist Found He Is OKAY

And then there was.....Hurricane Orlene, exemplifying an attribute of climate change/crisis: extreme rapid intensification:





 I never got around to making the tuna cakes, too busy watching and reading up on the Ukraine. I will be back with our stats for last month.  Meanwhile go here for the best on the Mexican News:

 ~ Pulse News Mexico



Did notice yet another journalist has vanished, last week it was one from Oaxaca now another one from Guerrero. Zeta has a new format, don't panic, it's nice...just hit the subject titles on top of the page:


  ~ Zeta Tijuana 




UPDATE: The Local Stats


Steve Breen: August 30, 2017 - A view of Tijuana

 We have returned to the super high numbers of executions-homicidios in Tijuana which are similar to the ones a couple of years back where after month after month of totals closing in on the 200 range, Steve Breen offered his realistic political view of the dire situation here  in Tijuana on the San Diego Union Tribune. The date was August 30, 2017, and at that point in time, Tijuana stood at 1,025 YTD executions. It should be mentioned that the prior year (2016) logged in 910 executions in Tijuana.

 The cartoon created quite a stir, the Mayor of Tijuana and Mexican officials requested that the cartoon be removed, and cartoons emerged from Tijuana depicting San Diego as a  wild eyed, drug consuming and savage city.

None the less, here we are five years later with not a great deal of improvement: this last month of September registered 186 people executed in Tijuana, with a  TIJ YTD total of 1,479 just keeps getting worse, and these days - as if an accord has been reached between the two countries, you won't be seeing any realistic cartoons or reading any of the current  execution statistics in the San Diego press. Correction: oh maybe once in a blue moon there might be one report from San Diego. I guess you could say, just as in the very early days of the drug war when mum was the word...the show must go on ! Keep those tourist dollars coming in - even though they aren't from the white eyes.

  ~ From Zeta:

 Hallan Osamentos, Aun con Ropa, Enterradas en El Ejido Francisco Villa



"In September, 186 homicides were committed in Tijuana, the month closed with two violent events, giving a total of 1,479 victims of violence so far in 2022.

The first of the reports on September 30 occurred around 9:30 p.m., where human remains were found two meters deep, according to the State Investigation Agency.

The State Search Commission, in the company of relatives of disappeared persons, found the remains partially buried in the back of an abandoned property on Vizcaíno Street, in front of #53011, Ejido Francisco Villa neighborhood, Florido Mariano delegation. The bone remains found were covered by a brown cardboard and still wore clothes.

The second report was at 11:40 p.m. Friday. During a tour of the Tijuana-Rosarito 2000 highway, in the neighborhood of Hombres de Reforma, Presa Rural district, the body of an unidentified man, approximately 30 years old, was found lying on the public highway. "



I think it is fair to say that was short and sweet - perhaps we have all become so conditioned by the violence it sort of is like water off a duck's back. Have we reached the point where it is having no effect or at least very little effect on us at all?

Meanwhile, October is off to a relatively slow start: 9 in Tijuana,1 in Rosarito Beach, and 1 in San Quintin which is bringing the Baja California  execution YTD total to 2,029.


 Matan a Una Mujer en Playas de Tijuana 


 Por Julieta Aragón


"A woman identified as Montserrat López Meleros was murdered in Playas de Tijuana, early this morning on October 2, 2022. Another person identified by the name of Richard Michell Arreola Villanueva was also injured in the attack.

According to the first inquiries, apparently the deceased was celebrating her birthday at a party organized at a home, located at 137 Enrique Luna Herrera Street in the Gran Tenochtitlán neighborhood, when she was shot. Her body had wounds to the abdomen and legs, and She was declared dead by paramedics who came to the scene to provide first aid.

Intelligence sources confided to ZETA that López Meleros' background is being investigated, since apparently she or her mother had been shot before, so work is being done to confirm said information and clarify the motive for last night's attack.

At the scene of the crime, elements of the State Attorney General's Office found several ballistic signs.

In these first two days of October (at the cutoff of 5:00 this Sunday) 11 homicides had been committed in Baja California, of which 9 were committed in Tijuana, one in Playas de Rosarito, and another in San Quintín .

From January to date, 2,029 intentional homicides have been committed. Of which more than 230 have been against women."


 UPDATE/edit: 10/03/22

Well, some good news:

 ~ From Pulse News Mexico

Missing Mexican Journalist found Safe and Sound 


Posted on


"Mexican journalist Jorge Luis Chew Cervantes posted on his official Facebook account that he is safe and sound, after being reported missing since Friday, Sept. 30, in the municipality of Taxco de Alarcón, in the southwestern Mexican state of Guerrero.

“Given the news of my disappearance, I want to inform my friends and followers who are worried about me that I am now home. I appreciate the support of Governor Evelin Salgado Pineda, the Prosecutor’s Office, the state police, the National Guard, the Mexican Army, the Municipal Public Security, as well as the Mayor of Taxco, Mario Figueroa, and his wife for the support,” said Chew Cervantes in a Facebook post on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 2. ”We will continue to work to keep citizens informed. For the time being, thank you very much for your support.”

According to a police report, at around 8 p.m. on Friday, Chew Cervantes went to cover an alleged armed confrontation between police and armed men, and since then he had not been reachable on his phone or his social media accounts.

Both the Guerrero State Attorney General’s Office (FGEG) and the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) of Guerrero reported that they called for a search in the municipalities of Taxco and Pilcaya to locate the reporter.

Chew Cervantes covers the police beat for the Taxco weekly newspaper La Hoja de Doble Filo.

Mexico remains a dangerous place for reporters, and has one of the highest murder rates of journalists worldwide, second only to Ukraine, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). On Aug. 27 of this year, the lifeless body of Sinaloa broadcast commentator Cándida Cristal Vázquez, 34, was found in a ditch on the outskirts of the coastal resort of Mazatlán. She was the 16th journalist killed in the country this year."


end edit.


Here is the report I mentioned a bit earlier on the vanishing journalists:

Reporten Desaparicion del Periodista Jorge Luis Chew en Guerrero  

 "On the afternoon of this Saturday, October 1, the disappearance of the nota roja reporter Jorge Luis Chew Cervantes was reported, in the Taxco de Alarcón municipality, Guerrero; Therefore, an operation was activated between the three levels of government to find his whereabouts, reported the Secretary of State Security.

The disappearance, according to local media reports, occurred when the communicator was on his way to cover an alleged confrontation between municipal police and an organized crime group.

The security authorities of Guerrero were informed from the first moment that the disappearance of reporter Jorge Luis Chew Cervantes was known.

Therefore, elements of the State Police, in coordination with personnel from the Secretary of the Navy and Municipal Police of Pilcaya, immediately implemented an operation to locate him.

The security deployment is maintained in different locations and areas of the municipalities of Pilcaya and Taxco de Alarcón, they detailed.

Chew Cervantes is an editor at "The Double Edged Blade"(La Hoya de Doble Filo) and deputy director of the southeast region of the World Press Agency (AMP), which produces content for print, electronic and social media.

Less than a week ago, on September 25, the disappearance of another journalist, Roberto Flores, was reported in Chiapas, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Both cases are added to the 15 journalists murdered in different states, such as Baja California, with the murder of Lourdes Maldonado and Margarito Martínez Esquivel in January; which keeps Mexico rated as one of the most dangerous countries in the world to practice journalism."



So, is this just the way it is ? Say it isn't so.

Worse than it was, but still the same.

 Take care guys.