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Thursday, September 3, 2020

A Little More Information On Missing L.A. Firefighter Frank Aguilar: The Aguilar Condo Is Located In San Antonio Del Mar, Tijuana - Not In Rosarito Beach - 180 Executions TIJ Month Of August - YTD Tijuana = 1,352 Executions


 Up until this early evening we had heard very little if anything about the case of missing L.A. Firefighter, Frank Aguilar missing from Mexico.  And, up until this evening, we were under the impression that Mr. Aguilar vanished without a trace from his condo in Rosarito Beach.  That is what the US reports had stated and that is what his family had stated - the condo was located in Rosarito Beach.

Tonight, Mike had Channel 10 San Diego on to catch the weather (we are in for a worse heat wave for the next few days) and a report on Mr. Aguilar came up.  Mike said of the video which showed where exactly the Aguilar condo was located: "That is NOT Rosarito Beach.  That is here at San Antonio Del Mar, which is in Tijuana."

I missed the Channel 10 video and could not pull it up on the computer, so I scouted around.  Here is another video which once again shows houses and condos here at San Antonio Del Mar in their report as the location of the Aguilar Condo:

 ~ From abc7 Eyewitness News, Los Angeles: With video:

Missing L.A. City Firefighter May Be Victim of Violent Kidnapping in Mexico Officials Say

By, Leanne Suter

In abc7's report it was noted the Aguilar condo was located near to Rosarito Beach...which is correct, but we are still in Tijuana.  So far, no local news coverage of this event.


  BTW, just a reminder...if you decide to come down here over the Holiday, don't go in the ocean here or Baja Malibu  or Rosarito Beach- ocean is still contaminated.



The Month Of August 

August  ended with 180 executions in Tijuana, making the YTD total for Tijuana 1,352 dead. These days, as we watch the number of fatalities from COVID, the execution numbers may seem small in comparison.  However with fracturing among some cartels, new players with ambitions to control the drug flow - even on the local street levels (narcomenudistas) the violence increases. Has this violence been overlooked because of the impact of the COVID-19 virus, or has it become acceptable for fear of consequences in attempting to curtail it, or because the drug trade itself embraces so many facets of society here providing employment  and income ? Eternal violence.

 ~ From Zeta:

 Cierra Agosto Con 180 Ejecutados en Tijuana 


 You can find complete descriptions of the mayhem by reading Zeta's Daily reports (Noticias del Dia).  Here are the reports from Ensenada which is also showing high numbers of violent executions (240-250 YTD !!!) within the city and further south, no place is exempt.  This is of course, the transit route for narcotics which like her northern sister, is torn apart by competing cartels and sub-cartels.



To fill in the blanks as in who is fighting who, I'll try to get back here with the investigations from Zeta which names the characters and organizations involved.  Depending on the heat  that is- they are saying this next heat wave starting tomorrow is going to be worse than the last one we had. I just fade in the heat. It would be really nice to go down to Colonet or Camalu and just jump in the ocean where it isn't contaminated, but not a good idea these days. In fact, that hasn't been a good idea for years now.

Meanwhile, stay safe guys.