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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I'm Weeping This Morning: Listening To Police Chief Todd Axell "Turn Your Badge In" - Charges Increased Into The Murder Of George Floyd, All Officers Charged !!! Espey Breaks With Trump - Violence Subsides and Trump Looks Like a Fool and a Rascist (which he is)

There is such a long way to go, but to me I'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. You might think I'm being naive, and I'm not sure if the tears coming out of my eyes right now are due to the so far positive breakthroughs we are seeing on the news or knowing and fully aware of the rocky road which lays ahead for all of us.

Here are the current updates, including the subsiding violence on the streets,  Espey breaking with Trump (so he'll get the axe in the next week or so), Mad Dog Mattis (Semper Fi) throws a one two punch at Trump finally, the amazing charges against the officers involved with George Floyd's murder, everything:

 ~ From CNN:

Updates: George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide 

Here is the video of Police Chief Todd Axtell: 

6 hr 31 min ago

St. Paul police chief to officers who think force against Floyd was reasonable: "Turn your badge in"

Todd Axtell, the police chief of St. Paul, Minnesota, said that if any officers think that the use of force against George Floyd was reasonable, they should turn in their badges. 
“We have been dealing with traumatic and challenging times, but…I want to make sure that all chiefs and sheriffs throughout this country join me in this clearing call to our officers. When they watch that video, if they think in any way, shape or form that that’s acceptable or reasonable uses of force — I told my officers, if they think that's reasonable, I want you to turn your badge in to me and do it immediately,” Axtell told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. 
Axtell said that there is systemic racism embedded in most systems in the United States. 
“It is not just in police departments across this country. My goodness, there’s systemic racism within pretty much everything in this country,” he said. “…If we turn a blind eye to that, we're never going to move forward together.”
Axtell marched alongside protesters yesterday. 
“It was such a touching moment for me personally to be in solidarity with a lot of the pain that's occurring throughout our city and throughout this country. Now is our moment to move forward together, use this tragedy as an opportunity to do what has been needed to be done for many, many years,” Axtell said. 
“I think it’s a false choice to think that you can't decry injustice within the criminal justice system and systems throughout this entire country and also support the great women and men of law enforcement throughout this entire country who are good human beings. I think we can do both,” he added.


Of course, 

Democracy Now ! 

 Y'all be safe and stay healthy.