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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Any Philatelists Out There? Remember Snake Island ! Oorah ! UPDATED With New Info on Where to Order ! UPDATE 04/16 They Have Lost Their Minds On EBAY !


 I came down here to try to soak my knee in the Dead Sea Salts, then accidentally found out that :


 ~ From Mezha:


 Ukrposhta Issues "Russia Warship, Go...!" Postage Stamps



"On April 12, 2022, Ukrposhta presented and put into circulation the first in martial law conditions postage stamps with a “Russian warship, go…!” slogan. This phrase is the response of Ukrainian border guards, defenders of Zmiinyi Island, to the Russian’s ship offer to surrender on the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. It became a symbol of courage and indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people in the fight against Russia. Unfortunately, the legendary phrase was censored for official postal products.

In Kyiv, a special cancellation with the First Day marking took place at the Main Post Office with the participation of Ukrposhta Director General Ihor Smilianskyi and the author of the phrase, the defender of Zmiinyi Island Roman Hrybov. At the same time, cancellations of special stamps “Russian warship, go…!” took place in all regions of Ukraine.

Crimean Borys Grokh, the author of the sketch of the First Day postage stamp and envelope and the winner of the people’s contest for the best postage stamp sketch, took part in the special cancellation ceremony in Lviv. Borys’s work garnered the most votes, with 8,000 Facebook and Instagram users voting for it. Until 2014, Boris lived in Evpatoria. After the occupation of Crimea, he was forced to move to Lviv.

“Ukrainian philately during the war is a reflection of the events happening to our state and our people. The phrase that inspired us to create a postage stamp has already become a symbol of the invincibility of the Armed Forces, volunteers, Territorial Defense, all Ukrainians in the struggle for their land and independence of Ukraine. I am sure that both Ukrainians and our friends from abroad will be happy to receive letters with such a postage stamp. And today, in such a postal way, we once again remind the occupiers that they should immediately leave our land and follow their ship, “said Ukrposhta General Director Ihor Smilianskyi.

Postage stamp “Russian warship, go…!” issued by Ukrposhta in two denominations – to pay for postal items in Ukraine (face value F, equivalent to UAH 23) and to pay for items sent abroad (face value W, equivalent to US $ 1.5). The corresponding First Day envelope was issued for the stamp in 20 thousand copies.

Buy postage stamps “Russian warship, go…!” available in Ukrposhta branches and in the philatelic online store.

Currently, philatelists from around the world seem to have almost overloaded the online store of Ukrposhta, it works very slowly."


 So, (and I'm not really a philatelist) I went hunting. The link from Mezha did not work for me. I found this link just by chance:


...which will take you  on a google search to...

Поштовий міні-маркет: КМД ПАТ "Укрпошта"

1$ = 29.25 грн., 1€ = 31.90 грн. Увійти в кабінет, Кошик. Кошик порожній ...



Unfortunately, it was jammed, but maybe you'll have better luck than me - I'll try again tomorrow. Despite all of the suffering and horror, everyone in the world wants one of these  for AMLO and the Putinistas.


*****UPDATE/edit 04/13/22: Okay forget about Ukrposhta, impossible to get through. Check this out: on ebay there are several people from Ukraine who are selling these stamps in sheets with six stamps, no folder/envelope included.

I chose the person (blackwhitefoto (82) 100% Positive feedback) with the highest satisfaction rating & ordered 4 sheet sets, one for us, one for Tom & Theresa, one for my Dermatologist and one for my knee Doctor. I sent a message asking if it was possible to get the folder/envelope and how much that would cost.

* well, the folder/envelope is available, but  the cost is pretty pricey- some of these are up to over $400.00  and not signed as in the Mezha report. Initially only 20,000 of these were printed - I was told it is possible that Ukrposhta might print more for the demanding market & if that happens, you could pick one up (unsigned) for a drastically reduced price. Yea, that price would have to come way down for me.

BTW, if you go back to the Mezha report, read about the hardware US is sending.

UPDATE/edit 04/16/22:

I just checked the status of the stamps and envelope over on ebay, and it is fair to say people have lost their minds. Three days ago, I did not have to bid on the sheets of stamps, I paid twenty dollars per sheet + shipping; the bill was less than a hundred dollars.

 Now, the same sheets with six stamps are selling for an incredible $400.00 per sheet - some are a bit less, like $300.00. This is because people are bidding on the sheets and are desperate. The envelope, which is not signed, is selling for a high of $1,500.00 - again, people are trying to outbid each other and these prices are going sky high. Only one store said the returns are going for the wounded in Ukraine.



I have only run into a situation like this once before on ebay - when I was trying to buy Edith Heath dinner plates - the 11" rimmed  redwood ones. Finally I gave up. Anyway, the Heath store is now open in San Francisco and they have brand new rimmed redwood 11"plates - they aren't oldies from the 60's, but they are beautiful...we'll see.

So, I haven't checked to see if Amazon has the stamps...but I would hold off especially on these prices and wait and see if Ukrposhta reprints these, I bet you they will.

Sorry😕 if you are disappointed because of the high cost, bummer. Unless you are muy rico of course.

end edit.


On ebay,do an ebay search for:

War in Ukraine 2022, "Ukrainian soldier sends Russian warship" full sheet "F"


 Delivery Information:


 "International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges.

Located in:
kiev europe, Ukraine
Estimated between Fri. Apr. 29 and Wed. Jun. 1 
Please note the delivery estimate is greater than 11 business days.



This is what the sheet of stamps from ebay-Ukraine looks like.




  Meanwhile, ebay does have the t-shirts with the Boris Groh (Borys Grokh) artwork and it is explicit, it does say what the Ukrainian soldier on Snake Island said to the Commander of the Russian ship: "Russian warship...go fuck yourself !"


Love those Ukrainians.   


Over & out for now. Hit cc on the bottom of screen for translation.