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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Ukraine Updates: 10/05/22 - Keep On Chooglin Ukraine !



 Are your hearts proud, overwhelmed and beating faster with every square inch the Ukrainians take back from the lunatic Putin? Good. Here are some current updates for y'all, just click the the links:

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 ~ From Sky News:  Video on the link:


Ukraine War: Russia Faces Prospect of Surrendering 15,000 Troops 


Wednesday 5 October 2022 16:42, UK


 More from Sky News: click the link



Terrific Summaries and Analysis: Years ago at the very beginning of the Iraq War, I heard /read that Daily Kos was full of Military & CIA people. There was general avoidance of this site due to the fact that our government was lying to us about the reasons for engagement in Iraq. It has never been established beyond the shadow of a doubt that the owner of the site and the participants are in some fashion related to the US government. However, after reading through the coverage and blogs, even if they are, they know their shit.  Have fun browsing and reading, you will be absolutely amazed at their coverage:


 ~  From Daily Kos #Ukraine:


Ukraine Updates: Ukraine Advances on Berislav in the south, and Svatove in the North 


 Mark Sumner