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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is Donald Trump Toast ? - Democracy Now ! Covers Latest Developments in the Anastasio Hernandez Rojas Case Described As An "Extrajudicial Killing" Also Interview with Anabel Hernandez Following The Murder of Journalist Javier Valdez - 05/18 Official Stats as of 8:14am 80 Executed in TIJ This Month - YTD Total in TIJ: 531

Is Robert Mueller the New Lone Ranger?

  Is Donald Trump toast? Well, maybe.  Just starting to read reactions to Robert Mueller being appointed as Special Counsel to oversee the Trump-Russia investigation, here are a few:

The Guardian

Why Trump Can't Fire His Way Out of 'Russia Thing' this Time
by, Julian Borger

The Guardian

Impeachment Seemed Impossible A Few Days Ago.  Not anymore. 
by, Lawrence Douglas

The Democrats are licking their chops.  And, unfortunately for us, even Hillary Clinton is getting in the swing, she is forming an "action group".  Just remember Mexico, she  was/is for the privitization of oil in Mexico.   But wait a minute .... what about this :

The Real News Network

Special Counsel Investigating Trump Campaign Has Deep Ties to the Deep State

This is interesting...found in the comments section of that last piece by Paul Jay:

How NSA Can Secretly Aid Criminal Cases
by, Ray McGovern

By the time you are having your coffee, more reactions here:

Democracy Now !

Okay, so it's a good thing to get rid of the idiot Trump, but what are we left with? Pence and the rest of the neo-fascist lunatics running the US Government.  How do we get rid of them?  Mike does not think Trump will be impeached, and I am having doubts. We'll see.


Democracy Now! discusses  the latest developments in the Anastasio Hernandez Rojas case with John Larson and Christian Ramirez and separate interview with  Enrique Morones of the Border Angels (for Spanish translation hit translation button top right hand of page):

Inter-America Commission on Human Rights to Probe U.S. Border Patrol Killing of Mexican Father

Border Angels Resist Trump's Immigration Crackdown with services and Water for Border-Crossing Migrants

While you are there, note :

Activists Sue to Block Plans to Bury 3.6 Million Pounds of Nuclear Waste Near California Beach 


Javier Valdez & Anabel Hernandez courtesy Democracy Now ! 

Democracy Now ! interviews Anabel Hernandez following the execution of the well loved Mexican journalist, Javier Valdez.  If you read nothing else or watch no other video, do not miss Amy Goodman's interview of Anabel Hernandez.

Anabel Hernandez on the Death of Javier Valdez & Mexican Journalists Confronting a Surge of Violence

Here is coverage of events in Mexico since black Monday of this week, includes link to the 2011 Javier Valdez Cardenas Award Acceptance Speech - please watch:

Saying "No to Silence": Hear Murdered Mexican Journalist Javier Valdez in His Own Words 


Locally, the executions are intensifying in Tijuana as well as Ensenada and two more in Rosarito Beach.  Additionally there have been shoot outs between Municipal Police and members of organized crime as well as an attack on a PEP officer.  To bring us up to speed this morning at 8:14 am Frontera reports the official (finally) count of executions in Tijuana this month stands at 80.  The YTD total for Tijuana alone stands at 531. Since this report, there have been more killings and more left wounded.  I'll be back with more details, the situation is obviously getting worse or at least there has been no improvement.


Localizan Cadaver de Mujer en Cobija
por, Angel F. Gonzalez


P.S. Democracy Now ! repeatedly refers to the drug war as "the so-called drug war".  What do you think they mean by that?  I think they are on to something.  BTW, more moves against Jeff Sessions coming up, I hope.  Paris is really having a difficult time adolescing.  She broke another lamp & when it fell it broke the glass table top of an end table.  She doesn't seem to want to discuss her behavior. 🐶