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Thursday, August 20, 2020

LMFAO - Steve Bannon The Dirty Nazi Is Going Down !! Hope They Nail Stone Too and All The Rest Of Them

Oh man...after Obama's speech last night where he jack hammered Trump and this morning's news plus it being a little bit cooler today, I am in second heaven. So, here are many links for ya'll...I'm trying to keep up on this and Paris is acting out because of the heat (lots of peepee). Poor Baja, someday I'll get back to it...but I do hope the Mexican people are whoopin' it up and  that this arrest is giving some relief to their hearts  and spirits.

~ From the New York Times:

 Steve Bannon Is Charged With Fraud In We build the Wall Campaign
by, Alan Feuer, William K. Rashbaum & Maggie Haberman 


All events as they are happening:

 ~ From CNN:

Steve Bannon Charged With Fraud In Border Wall Campaign 
by, Meg Warner & Melissa Mahtani 

Watch Trump try to lie his way out of this one:  who knows, after this... he might even drink a large glass of bleach & lysol, that would solve one problem: 

Fact check: Trump Knows Most People Involved In Private Border Wall Project, Despite Claiming Not To
by, Andrew Kaczynski & Em Steck 


Note this report.... 

 ~ From Truthout: 

USPS Sorting Machines are Still Being Dismantled Despite DeJoy's Promise to Stop
by, Chris Walker 

Of course they are, this is Trump's man, DeJoy is just another fat nazi.


Okay I'll try to get back.  Meanwhile, hey Bannon, need a drink ?