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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Still No Date For the Big Water Shutdown in TIJ and Rosarito Beach - Julian Assange Tells Us What to Expect From the Corporate Media In the Upcoming Days - The Russians Are Coming ! The Russians Are Coming !

Apparently there have been rumors circulating that the big water shutdown in our area for five days is due to begin this Friday the 12th.  Frontera has reported that this is a rumor, no definite date has been scheduled, a date will be announced in order to allow people to prepare. I'm not sure how you prepare for this without having a pila, that's a long time to be without water.

I'm going to skip the past nine days of executions and local drug war violence and go directly to the U.S. Presidential election.  On the sidebar I've listed links where you can browse the progressive outlooks and list just a few of my favs.

courtesy Democracy Now !

Most of the progressive sites have been covering the Green Party Convention, here is the interview
with Julian Assange - and for you Spanish speaking, you can click the top of the page at Democracy Now! to have the transcript translated into Spanish. I mention this because I am finding little in depth coverage of WikiLeaks involvement in this election...which I find strange, particularly since numerous news sites in Mexico have set up a system called "Mexico Leaks" based on the principals of Julian Assange.  This interview is important:

Democracy Now ! - More videos and interviews on the sidebar

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: Attacks Against Jill Stein are "Going to Go through the Roof"

Adding this because of mis-reporting in the U.S. press and under-reporting down here:

Democracy Now !

WATCH: Full Julian Assange Interview on WikiLeaks & Leaked DNC Emails


The Russians Are Coming !  The Russians Are Coming !

Bullwinkle !

To put the McCarthy era circa 2016 fear in perspective once and for all:

The Intercept

Democrats' Tactic of Accusing Critics of Kremlin Allegiance Has Long, Ugly History in U.S.
by, Glenn Greenwald


Oh, those darned Pussy Willows...I mean Pussy Riot ! Hit c/c on bottom for English Translation: