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Monday, November 27, 2017

Paris Update: The Fourth Week ! Melania Trump's Tacky Christmas Decorations ! - UPDATE 11/28: 8:00am Frontera Reports 141 Dead this Month of November in TIJ, The YTD Total Just in Tijuana Stands at 1,591 More Coming In By The Hour

Before we get going here, have any of you seen Melania Trumps version of decorating the White House for Christmas? I caught a glimpse this morning.

 My first reaction was Christ Melania, how many Christmas trees do you need ? Tacky !  Talk about ostentatious; but then here are even better reactions:


Everyone Is Roasting The Trump's Over Their Incredibly Dystopian Xmas Decorations
by, Tom Cliff 11/28/17


Paris Updates:

On 11/16 Paris had another xray and bandage change and check up at VCA in San Diego.  We had a consultation with Dr. Jackson who is pleased with the surgery outcome.  She is still on stilts, we had a week respite from appointments - are returning this week for another xray, bandage change and check up. She finished all of her meds with the exception of the pain medicine which has been cut in half and had to start apoquil again due to itching from the dust.

She does get up and walks around a bit, but cannot stand alone on all four legs for a long period of time, so the hand feeding/watering continues.  Our routine is that I lift her out of bed in the morning, lift her down the steps and outside where Bob the Daca cat is waiting for her and she goes tinkle. Usually during the day, I get her outside by lifting her down and up the steps at least three more times so she can practice her walking and get some fresh air. Around noonish she has a snack, but this is becoming a bit more difficult because she is beginning to show initial signs of displeasure or defiance and tries to jump off the sofa, wiggles out of her combat gear and growls. But I can't put her in the "cage" (I think it would freak her out too much) so this has become a full time job watching over her every minute. I honestly do not have time for anything else, including the last ten posts by Louis Proyect, etc. oh well. Dr. Beth told Mike this was a very serious operation and that no one can really tell you about the care giving for recovery until you've been through it yourself.  There has been talk about the government shutting down because Trump is such a flake (and now is blaming the Democrats who are also flakes) and I thought selfishly, oh good Mike can be home and help me - nope, his position is

She also becomes irritated by Bob who wants to play and we have to keep all doors closed so she doesn't fall down the steps - and she has tried to make a run for it several times. When Mike comes home, I get time out and take a half hour medio sueno, Paris hobbles down the hallway and gets into bed with me, darn cute.

In the evening we put her up on the sofa again for dinner, she likes to watch BBC News. There's a final trip outside then to bed with Mike.

 She gets a wipe-down every day and her ears cleaned, there is tons of dust here due to the construction around us.

So here are some pics:

11/16 visit at VCA

Designer Stilts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day with Bob downstairs

Bob wants her combat gear, says it is too scary to live here 

Bob is an incredibly bad influence on Paris, constantly urging her to break out, break on through to the other side, join up with his wild feral gang and be free. What are we going to do about Bob ?


What happened to the drug war ?

I will be back tonight after midnight some time ---correction this week at some point (we have three appointments this week)) to update more comprehensively the drug war/violence situation here which is  bad.


 -  Tijuana:  This morning Frontera reports the killings over last weekend and into the beginning of the week in Tijuana.  At 8:02 am the official number of violent deaths in Tijuana stands at 141 this month of November, bringing the YTD total just in Tijuana to 1,591 dead:

Asesinana a dos sujuetos con arma de fuega 
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

When you go to Frontera's Twitter and hit the link to the report, above the report is a ticker tape which brings you up to date with the current homicidio dolosos as they are coming in, these generally cover all of Baja California; included are shoot outs between armed groups of men and between armed groups (Rosarito) and the authorities:


 Rosarito Beach has had a rash of killings, another kidnapping, another killing in San Quintin and another clandestine airstrip located in Ensenada (K70).  Many seizures and arrests, but keep in mind, those are just the tip of the iceberg.